Relief for Leeds Fans as Mirror Reports McDermott “Ready to Quit Elland Road” for Ireland Job – by Rob Atkinson

Despite worrying rumours yesterday that Leeds United manager Brian McDermott was a target for the Irish football authorities, looking for a successor to Giovanni Trapattoni, there is welcome reassurance this morning over McDermott’s own intentions.

The encouragement for Leeds supporters anxious over the possibility of losing their manager comes in the form of a Mirror article stating that he “would be willing to leave Leeds” and “would jump at the opportunity to replace Giovanni Trapattoni”. However, the use of accepted code phrases for a fabricated story “Mirror Sport understands…” and “…the former Reading boss has communicated this to those closest to him” will come as an intense relief to those with Leeds United’s best interests at heart who, but for the source of this story, might have been tempted to take it seriously.

With McDermott effectively confirmed as out of the running due to the Mirror’s intervention, bookies will be watching to see who else the former newspaper nominates as “certs for the job” so that they can lengthen those odds accordingly. This is reportedly in line with accepted policy, as in the case of the Mirror recently speculating that a weekend would directly follow Friday, causing odds there to drift out to as long as 150-1 in some markets.

In other news, rumours of a merger between the Mirror Group and a leading toilet-roll manufacturer could not be confirmed last night, though a spokesman in a shabby raincoat with beer-stained elbows stated that “the Group are always looking for strategic partners in closely allied fields”.

11 responses to “Relief for Leeds Fans as Mirror Reports McDermott “Ready to Quit Elland Road” for Ireland Job – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Newent white

    Lol ; )


  2. It must be the tracing paper toilet roll maker ‘Izel’


  3. Absolutely brilliant lol


  4. ropey wyla

    ah the mirror, only trumped for ridiculousness by the sport, the sun and the mail.


  5. Nice 🙂


  6. Well, Brian has confirmed at his presser today what I thought – that the M*rror were merely carrying on their long-standing tradition of pouncing on any news item that might upset Leeds United and its fans, being entirely ready to make up any old bollocks to fill in the gaps. It’s not a newspaper, it’s just grubbier than usual bog-roll.


  7. The last time i read the Daily Mirror we were being bought by a billionaire (cant remember which one) and there was a whole 6-8 page spread on the future of Leeds, new players, back to the premier league etc etc. It turned out to be complete rubbish (i went looking for the story anywhere but the DM but couldnt find it) so after getting my hopes up i won’t trust a dam thing that paper says again.


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