A Merry Leeds Utd Christmas And a Double Birthday Bonus – by Rob Atkinson


Merry Christmas from The Best English Club Team Ever

First things first; a very Merry Christmas and/or Holiday Greetings to all readers of Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything.  I hope that you’re having a great day, whether you celebrate Christmas or not.  Many of us will already be focusing on tomorrow’s live TV date at Blackpool – who incidentally provided our last Christmas Day opposition way back in 1956.  On that occasion, we travelled to Bloomfield Road and got a point in a 1-1 draw, courtesy of Harold Brook.  Naturally, we’ll be hoping for a win tomorrow.  I’ll be previewing the match later on in my good friend Andy Gregory’s excellent “We All Love Leeds” blog.

On Christmas Day it’s always worth sparing a thought or two for those unfortunates who share their birthday with a world-wide splurge of significant consumerism and therefore rather disappear into the background when it comes to celebrating their own special personal anniversary.  Still, they’ve never known any different – and they’ve only got their parents to blame for being bored, cold, or just plain randy the March before.  We have two of these Christmas Birthday sideshows in Leeds United’s recent history, two midfielders who, each in his own way, made telling contributions to our last two Championship titles, one of the second division and the other of the entire Football League itself.

First then, a Happy Birthday to Chris Kamara, who is better known these days for his Lionel Richie tribute act as he banters his way through various Sky TV football shows, not least Soccer Saturday where he crops up every two minutes to utter the immortal words “Unbelievable, Jeff!”  Unbelievable it certainly is that Kammy is actually 56 today, and you have to say he’s taken damned good care of himself.  He still looks fit enough to play, and the memories are vivid of the days in which he used to strike fear into opposition hearts wearing the white shirt of Leeds United.  Kammy it was who, famously, bent an outside of the foot pass into the run of the late great Gary Speed for the youngster to get the fourth against Sheffield United as we stamped our authority on the promotion race of 1990.  Kamara’s contribution that season was a highly positive influence in midfield, breaking up play, finding a fellow United man with accurate passes and cropping up with the odd goal.  As with all of those heroes who ended the Eighties Exile, Kammy is a true Leeds Legend.

Gary McAllister

Gary McAllister

Today’s other birthday celebrant is Gary McAllister.  Gary first came to my notice as I stood on the Kop watching Leeds play Leicester City in a vital promotion game in that 1989/90 season.  We were 1-0 up through Mel Sterland‘s powerful cross shot, when McAllister decided to do his best to ruin things.  First he blasted home a terrific equaliser that left Elland Road stunned – then he threatened to inflict further damage, hitting a shot of equal brilliance which – fortunately – thudded against the woodwork, leaving us weak with relief.  Leeds won eventually through Gordon Strachan’s legendary strike near the end (Have you ever seen a better goal?  Or one better timed??) – but Gary McAllister had single-handedly come close to shattering our hopes and destroying our season.  As I gazed balefully at his departing back, I hoped it would be a while before we saw him again.

History tells us, of course, that Gary Mac went on to become one of the greatest Leeds United midfielders of all, in one of the game’s truly great midfield quartets, the legendary Fantastic Four of Strachan, Macca, Batty and Speed.  It’s also worth remembering that he turned down a move to Clough’s Notts Forest in favour of joining Wilko’s Leeds revolution.  The memories are many of Gary’s superbly-struck goals and fine performances in a Leeds shirt.  He went on to serve Liverpool with equal distinction, as well as starring for Scotland, before returning to Elland Road for an initially-promising stint as manager.  Sadly, labouring under the merciless regime of Bates, Gary’s spell in charge of Leeds was not to be a success – but his place in the United Hall of Fame is assured.

Gary is 49 today and is now involved in media work connected to football after several unsuccessful attempts to return to football management.  Surely, he still has much to offer – although I’d have willingly seen him far from Elland Road on that day we played Leicester City with so much at stake, Gary has proved himself to be one of the game’s nice guys.  Always a professional down to his toes, he had to overcome personal tragedy with the loss of his wife Denise to cancer in 2006.  In an age when there are so many in the game who are impossible to admire, it’s sad that a man like McAllister is not more involved.

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to our two midfield legends – and Seasonal Greetings to everybody.  Cheers!


18 responses to “A Merry Leeds Utd Christmas And a Double Birthday Bonus – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Is this take over actually happening ? Getting concerned our friend S Harvey has put the blockers on it and thats why the talk from Leeds seems to have dampened down recently ? I mean im sure Harvey loves Leeds after all the abuse he received from Leeds fans….hmmm worry worry and more worrting


  2. Last Christmas day opponents you mean boxing day opponents…. yet again this idiot no one can’t even get trivial things right


    • You useless twat, Paul. You really are an embarrassment to anyone with any idea at all. Talk about showing yourself up, you hopeless bastard 🙂

      Merry Christmas to all non-trolls 😉


    • Paul , It is better to keep your mouth closed and be thought stupid than to open it and remove all doubt – Mark Twain

      Happy Christmas rob , on & on


  3. Mark carter

    Define troll rob please?are you meaning the fairy tale version,or the social media adaptation?merry xmas


    • The context should help you make your own mind up, and if you prefer to think of it as a fairy tale I wouldn’t wish to shatter your illusions. Seasonal greetings.


  4. Harold Brook, now there is a blast from the past. I saw him play many times in the mid1950’s and of course Gary Mac will always be remembered as a true legend.

    Belated Happy Xmas Rob!


  5. Just watched Leeds v blackpool rob ,, and they have the nerve to call us dirty Leeds


    • How many red cards?? And that bugger should have been off before he had the chance to clog Marius.


      • Mr orange

        I think marius is making a name for himself in the championship,, the red card against barnsley was for a bad foul on him ,, just hope one of these hatchet men isn’t successful in badly hurting him because I have a feeling he’s going to be a key figure in any promotion push , I think other teams do too and that’s why he’s getting targgeted


      • I guess it IS a tribute to him – he’s made a massive difference. Unlucky with the goal yesterday.


  6. good to see Hammers Fan get so many Xmas greetings from Leeds fans!


  7. Off the subject rob but , I’ve just read heidi haigh’s book , it was as you described it and I’d forgotten (almost) just how violent things were back in the 70’s


    • Glad you think the review was fair then Mr O – I enjoyed the book and it didn’t half take me back. Interesting to view it all through a female perspective, too.


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