The Word on the Street: Cellino is OUT of Leeds United –   by Rob Atkinson

Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything has heard a distinct whisper to the effect that Massimo Cellino‘s half share in Leeds United has been bought out, effectively ending the former sole owner’s tenure at the club. 

If true, this will allow the plans of Andrea Radrizzani to move forward unfettered, though it would appear that key appointments are already being made that bear the clear Radrizzani stamp and indicate a decisive shift in the balance of power at  Elland Road. 

This is a developing story, and will be added to as facts appear out of rumours. But it does seem as though the Cellino era at Leeds is finally over.  


18 responses to “The Word on the Street: Cellino is OUT of Leeds United –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. Leeds oldie

    Good now our aim must be stability.
    First: sign GARY MONK !!!
    Second :sign KYLE BARTLEY
    Third :sign Wood to a longer contract.
    Fourth strengthen squad with quality players not loanees not short termers i know its easier said than done but with the premier clubs retained lists now coming out ime sure if we get in early enough Gary Monk will sort a few.
    On a final note thank you cellino your 2 best signings during your tenure will do us proud
    GARY MONK ;and yourself when you signed to sell the club .
    Now we can move forward (we hope) but make no mistake the repercussions to this great club of ours will be long lasting if we dont SIGN UP GARY MONK!!!
    Will be at wigan see you all next season !!!


  2. If he sold and deal done it would of appeared pubilc records


  3. Duncan Massey

    That pic of the beloved Massimo looks like Lennon circa 74.


  4. Scally Lad

    Rob, Cellinochio may be out, but if he is, so, I fear, is Gary Monk. Think about it: Radz is going to want to make his defining mark on what is now HIS club, and he’s not going to want to do that by retaining yet another manager who did not get us out of second-division mid-table. I emphatically don’t think that’s how it should be, but I fear that’s the way our new owner is going to think and act …


  5. This will cheer most of us up after missing the play offs, hope it’s true.


  6. Whatever happens please sort the Monk situation out. I really don’t think I could stomach another scenario and another manager. I’m sick and tired of Brexit, sick and tired of the general election sick and tired of the whole world trying to destroy itself. So give us a bit of respite please. Until Monk, every new broom to walk through our gates, the heads fallen off. We need confidence and I don’t have any.


  7. Another false dawn Rob?


  8. It’s quite a contradiction in terms really rob , all I hear is sign garry monk and various players he brought to the club , but it was cellion that brought monk to the club in the first place,,, a lot of the things the fans want to see happen at the club and the direction they want to see it go the foundations are already in place and put there by cellion, don’t get me wrong I’m not a big cellion fan , I’m not really a fan of any multi millionaire owner who’s here today and gone tomorrow, they are all the same in my book, but come next may if leeds are promoted with monk at the helm then it will have been down to cellion as much as anyone that it happened..


    • You jest, Mr. O. If Cellino had acted like a proper owner, we’d probably be a Premier League club by now.


      • Mr orange

        Not 100% convinced of that rob , and Radrizzani has already said he hasn’t come to spend sacks of cash , besides he was 50% in charge in January when we needed some more investment for a push to the prem so surely he’s 50% to blame for not doing that… so if he had been 100% in charge or for that matter someone else in charge we would be in the premiership ,? Really don’t think we would and the jury is out on AR , we’ll see this summer if it’s another false dawn


      • Can’t agree – but football (and especially LUFC) is all about differing opinions. MOT


  9. NickB(50yrsLU)

    I’ll postpone my celebrations till the BBC prints it. I know the guy’s as nutty as a glass of Disaronno, but why would he chuck in his 50% a year before his shares more than double in value ? It’s obvious that he saw paying season ticket holders £1M this season was preferable to forking out £5M+ to the insolvency creditors, but next season there are no more financial strings attached (that we’re being told about). Wait a minute; who owns the grounds ?! If I were an astute businessman, I’d secure the freehold before stocking valuable commodities. Unless Radrizzani’s prepared to invest mega millions, I can only see him (and/or Cellino) being forced to lie to fans to keep them filling the ground until enough has been raised to buy out Bates’ offshore timber company. If we ever get back to the Premiership, it’ll be us fans wot dun it !


  10. Great news. Maybe now the preparation for next season can actually start in May, like it does at normal clubs, rather than in June, like it did under Cellino.
    I never saw the point of Cellino closing down the football club for a month, after the final game of the season, just to save money and keep the Coach dangling in uncertainty, until the end of May, when Cellino would then sack the Coach and bring in another Coach in early June.
    For some reason, new players would always be signed in early July and then after a huge gap, throughout August, which always made Leeds not be ready for the start of the season, due to not having a strong enough squad.
    It all looks like sabotage, just so that Leeds don’t get promotion and then they don’t have to pay back the creditors, from the administration days.


  11. Howard Mackey

    Great news Rob i hope its true the sun is shining what could be better.


  12. Karl Major

    Lots of papers reporting that talks are under way also that Monk will have contract talks very soon.
    I believe Radz will invest, he’s already getting professional people in to run the club behind the scenes. The story goes that none other than Liverpool’s King Kenny recommended LEEDS when Radz wanted a sleeping giant to invest in. He’s a shrewd man, he could see the potential. Onwards and upwards marching on together, looking forward to next season already.
    We are LEEDS.


  13. Free at last free at last thank God …. I hope it is true as I look forward to opening my pockets again about and returning to ER next season.


  14. I guess LUFC and Cellino need to be congratulated for surviving each other. As for the new owner, I do wish he’d refrain from talk ablut making us ‘modern’. At best, it is just a feel good word empty of meaning – at worst, code for maximising monetary values over any others.


  15. I’m on the “Time to go, Massimo,(but with thanks)” bandwagon.
    While I don’t think he’s the owner to take Leeds further, he saved the club from GFH, and I really think that if he hadn’t taken it from them it would likely be the League One Playoffs we’d be looking at from 7th place.


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