Leeds United Given a Penalty! FA Says “NOW are you happy??” – by Rob Atkinson


…league games without a penalty for Leeds. And counting…

In what is likely to remain the most sensational football story of the year, a Leeds United team were awarded a PENALTY KICK (see para 5 of the definition below) earlier today, in a Professional Development League match away at Sheffield United.img_4539

An FA spokesman confirmed the spot kick award, explaining that the referee involved was evidently unaware of the current policy regarding Leeds United and penalties, but that he would be receiving training “as a matter of urgency”. The FA could only apologise, the spokesman added, for what was simply an unfortunate oversight.

A Football League source was more forthcoming, pointing out that they were aware of a social media campaign around the fact the United have not been awarded a penalty for 56 games stretching back over a year. “We at the Football League are cognisant of the fact that Leeds United were awarded a penalty during an Under-23s game today, and – while we cannot condone such a departure from official policy, we do at least join with our colleagues at the FA in the hope it will stop Leeds United and their irritating fans from whinging on about what is, quite frankly, a non-issue as far as we’re concerned. However, any Leeds fan hoping that today’s unfortunate occurrence will herald penalty kick awards for their team in Football League games would do well not to hold their breath”.

A joint FA/FL enquiry into today’s penalty award, now expected to be convened early next week, has been delayed pending mental health reports on the referee who made the decision.

The Football League, 130, is spectacularly corrupt.



18 responses to “Leeds United Given a Penalty! FA Says “NOW are you happy??” – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Reality Cheque

    Despite no penalties being awarded to our first team for more than a year Leeds United have suffered FIVE fewer defeats and collected TEN more points than after the same number of games last season when our team also didn’t suffer the same catastrophic list of injuries affecting EIGHT key players as has been the case so far this season.

    Doesn’t it make you feel so proud to be a Leeds United supporter Rob despite all the efforts of the “powers that be”. Hats off to Bielsa, his coaching staff and every single one of our players and youngsters who have had to step into the trenches and keep us right in the mix for promotion. I also think that our 12th man should take a bow for lifting the players whenever necessary. ALAW


  2. Life is LUFC

    I just knew you would not be able to resist missing out on this one. However when I read about this this penalty on the Leeds twitter feed I thought I was reading another out of date article again 🙂
    Many thanks for restoring my self belief Rob. I wonder if the FA/FL ever read your articles?
    Well said Reality Cheque agree with you 100%.


  3. Mike Riley

    I just checked the score and it’s been altered to 2:1. The report suggests that in the post-match interview Harrison commented that it was ‘shit’ that Leeds had gone so long without a pen. The FA have since disallowed the goal due to such shocking and deeply upsetting language and the senior squad have also been docked another 15 points.


  4. I hear that Tyler Roberts was also reprimanded for taking the penalty as Peter Lorimer is still the club’s designated spot kick man


  5. Sorry Rob, but you failed to mention the two fans who passed out and had to be treated for shock by St John’s Amubulace. I understand they are recovering well but advised to take medication in case this happened in a league game.


    • That sounds excessively over-cautious given the extreme unlikelihood. It’s like wearing a helmet to ward off being hit in the skull by a meteorite while you’re in the basement.


  6. In other news. The EFL are taking seriously Lee Johnson’s assertion that ‘Leeds were lucky to win’ and that ‘Brizzle were the team most likely to prevail until the sending off’. Shaun Harvey who has just skilfully negotiated LESS tv dosh for EFL clubs is considering having the game replayed until Brizzle get their well deserved win (one shot on target etc). Fair enough I suppose. Musn’t grumble.


  7. Manston White

    Mike Dean statement on not awarding Leeds a penalty in tonight’s match against Reading. Sorry, I’m football referee. I don’t know the rules of volleyball.


  8. A very timely article Rob especially given last nights drama !!
    Terrible Watkins like dive from Alioski albeit with an outcome a million miles apart!! Then the very soft pen award against Douglas which I’m not convinced we would have won had roles been reversed but hey that’s just the 57 game paranoia coming out of me. Some kind of sweet justice that Bailey pulled off that stunning save but surely the FA & EFL will wise up and ensure a retake should it happen again. My money is on us making it to the end of season play off final without a single pen award and then winning a penalty shoot out 🙂


  9. I’ve just seen Alioski’s dive on TV and can’t help thinking that if he’d stayed on his feet he’d have been clattered for an undisputed PK……..sorry…I mean make it harder for the referee not to award


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