Good Times for Leeds United’s Many Fake Fans and Social Media Trolls – by Rob Atkinson

Leeds United – Team and Genuine fans indivisible

Rarely if ever has the distinction between Leeds United’s genuine, fanatical supporters and their increasing number of bogus, social media trolling fake followers been more starkly apparent than in the past season and a half, since the club’s elevation to the Premier League. The Arsenal game was a case in point. At 4-1 down, with a team still shell-shocked by the Etihad mauling and ravaged by injuries, suspensions and everybody’s pet virus, the genuine lads and lasses in the stands sang their hearts out in support of the shirts, proving once again that they are, beyond doubt, the best fans around.

Meanwhile, in cyberspace, the slings and arrows of outrageous negativity were flying around wholesale, thrown from their positions of safe anonymity by a legion of so-called Leeds supporters with an agenda that is strictly anti-United, anti-Bielsa and as destructive as possible to the morale and confidence of a group of young men who cannot hit back, and who are, in some cases, moved to delete their social media presences in order to avoid the persistent riptide of effluent, rancid hatred and abuse. It really is that obvious and that disgusting – surely any real LUFC fan will join in a growing clamour for these cowards-in-hiding to grow up, belt up, leave the club to the genuine fans, and slither off back to the gutter from which they should never have emerged.

Harsh words, some will say – those self-righteous paragons in the various ostensibly pro-Leeds groups on Facebook and the like, who – when taken up on their carping, targeted abuse aimed at scapegoated players – will piteously whimper that they have a right to their opinions, a right to second-guess a coach of world standing like Bielsa, an inalienable right to demand that Radrizzani dig deeper into his pockets – despite Financial Fair Play, and regardless of the fact that the club is now better-run than at any time this side of the Millennium. This parody of “support” makes me feel literally sick, especially when you hear that genuine support, from the best fans anywhere, rolling down onto the Elland Road pitch, or from the away grounds we dominate on our annual tour of England’s footballing strongholds. I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but the online resistance tends to get shouted down, because these fakes are determined, blinkered and utterly inimical to the success of the club they’ve targeted.

The sad fact is, these opportunistic cowards and inadequates will continue to make hay for as long as the sun shines, in the hope that they might influence the dimmer fringes of United’s genuine support. And, right now, the sun shines brightly for these creatures, as injuries and other unavoidable circumstances combine to harm the Whites’ chances of maintaining the progress of the last three years. Abetted by an eagerly Leeds-hating media, the fakes haven’t had it this good for many a moon, and they will be fervently hoping that the lean times continues in LS11. For them, Leeds United’s hard times are one grand, sweet song, with their biggest fear being an upswing for our heroes, with prospects of relegation fading. This would be the stuff of nightmares for your average Leeds-hating troll who does his damage under a false flag of yellow, white and blue.

Things will get better, of that I’m sure. The club is in good hands, the squad is in the best possible hands. The fakes and the trolls know this, and it burns their guts. So transparently gleeful are they in bad times for Leeds, that they betray themselves at every turn. Many reading this will recognise themselves, and will react defensively with abuse and expostulations of innocence, all of which will serve only to mark them out as guilty for the benefit those whose love of Leeds United runs deep within their veins.

The trolls and the fakes are out there, busily hating away and having a fine old time of it. But we know them, and we know what they’re all about. When the good times return – and make no mistake, this club remains on a steep upward trajectory – their weasel words can be rammed back down their malicious throats. It’s a pleasure I for one have promised myself, and I’m looking forward to it immensely.

Marching On Together

17 responses to “Good Times for Leeds United’s Many Fake Fans and Social Media Trolls – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Well said Rob. Cannot really add much to this except these injuries are unprecedented. Never in my 40 years of supporting my club can I remember such a time. I do not have a great deal of confidence going to Anfield but there are some 20 games left this season and until the fat lady sings it’s by no means over. We are not going down so the twatteratis will be well gutted. Have a great Christmas everyone. The best is to come


  2. Steven Emsley

    Thank you Rob for putting down in words what most true LUFC fans think. I for one will stand with our club and fully back them through thick and thin Times. Side before self as king Billy always played after all mot


  3. Well said Rob.
    It makes me sick reading some of the stuff these trolls write.
    I wasn’t in attendance tonight as I fly to work abroad on Monday ( fear of the pet virus) however I was so proud of the support at the game especially at 1.4 down . Fans up & down the country would have been looking on in envy. Truly incredible well done to all that stayed and sang WALL.
    Ps I hope the tit that made the racist remark never sees the inside of Elland Road for the rest of his life.


  4. Well said Rob, 100% agree
    The injuries are going to define this tough run of games, but realistically they’ve been free hits, far better to have the lads back for the winnable games
    MOT and happy Xmas to Leeds fans everywhere


  5. Very proud of our fans after the last two games, I’m sure it is appreciated.

    Nothing on social media can change that.


  6. Mark Rostron

    110% agree.


  7. Get One for yourself Son

    where were they when we went into Administration, all the best Andy stay safe


  8. andrew hinks


    if you missed it, check out clinton morrison’s verbal hatred of LUFC last saturday at stamford bridge, in the 92nd minute, emanating when jorginho was awarded the penalty…

    i quote.. as he verbally, exclaimed excitedly just as he stepped up-


    this is the type of retard allowed to open his mouth in public!

    sums it up quite succinctly IMO?

    check it out if you missed it!

    hope your well?



  9. David Cane

    A wonderful article Rob and it echoes the feelings of all true Leeds fans. I was at The Etihad on Tuesday and did not hear one negative comment about Bielsa. The negative fools that contribute to the nonsense on social media will no doubt feel vindicated by the tripe that came out of Souness last night. Even football fans from other clubs will pass scorn upon a man of his dubious managerial pedigree having the nerve to criticise a man of Bielsa’s standing in world football. To quote Jan Molby at a recent sportsman’s dinner: ‘Graeme Souness, great player, s*** manager!’


  10. Billy-Bob Blob

    Well said👍. Leeds United are a special club, unique in fact and so are their supporters. The jump-on-the-bandwaggon wankers will never understand what it is to follow the Whites. MOT


  11. The comments so far reflect the fact that the central premise of the article is correct – we have the best fans around, against which background the proliferation of online trolls and mischievous fake fans who need a false flag to achieve their irritant effect – well, it’s just that, a mere irritation. We just have to keep swatting these pests when we encounter them online. Fakes just hate being called fakes, I’ve found.


  12. Thanks Rob, what you say needed to be said.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. andrew hinks


    souness,neville & the sky sports specialist munik channel should hear themselves on record & just a few months ago when all was ripe,rosy & red in the munik garden we heart from…..

    ‘small man syndrome’ AKA gary neville re’ ole the rent boy’ when
    the ‘salford stock exchange signed that fossil ‘Ronaldo’ he uttered…. “The final piece of the puzzle” on the sky sports munik website, yet just a few weeks later after a few draws & most enjoyable collapses, we then heard from ‘SMS’ the next gutteral utterance as follows….
    ” WE not THEY.. need another top defender & defensive midfield player (Hence the Kalvin to munik media overdrive kickin’ in with fanfare!) as all the in house munik ego’s lined up to usurp ‘ole’ whilst dying their hair ‘french blue’ for the sky cameras!

    no wonder jeff stelling is leaving the ever ‘reddening munik’ soccer special at the end of the season having to sit alongside & actually listen to the ‘new breed’ of illiterate, imbeciles, impeccably attired but lined up & in order of verbal fawning munik adoration & vile LUFC loathing!

    i made the big mistake of tuning in for the chelski game against our beloveds but was met with that No 2 LUFC loather , good old clint’ the free agent, seen spewing previously on ‘Amazon Prime @ our palace home game extolling that our Raphinha must be sold asap to A BIG CLUB in the remaining 14 minutes of ‘prime time prattle’

    yesterday this was backed up by Sky Munik Cameras immediately focusing on ‘DECO’ in the west stand & telling us real fans, Raphinha’s agent is in town!

    meaning to all those real & proper LUFC fans trying to see the game that we should need to worry whilst in current turmoil results wisey that he aint gonna be @ ER much longer, IF SKY SPORTS MUNIK have our way!

    keep the faith lads & lasses

    strange how those geordies currently & worse off than our beloveds never get this type of ‘media’ treatment!

    i wonder why?


    110% marcelo!!

    Kent White since 69.


  14. Excellent article Rob, represents the feelings of our true fans.


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