This blog is my own personal view on – well, just about everything. The actual blogging area is here.  It will (hopefully) reflect my feelings about the world and the rest of creation in roughly the order suggested by the title. Life comes first – this includes the ladies in my life, wife Tracy and daughter Kate, family and friends, the Theatre and everything else I love.  Following closely behind, as you can see, is Leeds United AFC.


I’ve made a separate category for Leeds United, because – although I do love the club, deeply (far too deeply for my own health and sanity) – I frequently feel ambivalent, and occasionally I just hate, loathe and detest the sight or mention of the very name.  I guess this is fundamental to the nature of any passion – the dividing line between love and hate is fine, and often so blurred that there’s hardly any distinction at all. The stuff I post here will doubtless reflect that mercurial relationship.  And also, of course, the fact that I utterly hate, loathe and detest the Pride of Devon AKA Man U…

The moment, over and over again, when the scum thought they had the 2012 title - only to be hit by the unwelcome truth...

The moment, over and over again, when the scum thought they had the 2012 title – only to be hit by the unwelcome truth…


And then comes – well, a chance to talk of smaller matters, like The Universe, politics, Man’s inhumanity to man, comedy, sex, comedic sex – and just everything else…

“Of shoes, and ships, and sealing-wax Of cabbages, and kings And why the sea is boiling hot And whether pigs have wings”

from “The Walrus and The Carpenter” by Lewis Carroll

NB: Since this blog was accepted onto the NewsNow platform, the readership figures have gone through the roof, which is most gratifying obviously.  The change from before NewsNow to afterwards is in the order of 25000% – so it’s made a massive difference. In deference to this, the blog now has a more concentrated LUFC-based feel to it; however, I shall still be bothering people with my take on other matters.

To all new readers (i.e. most of you) – Welcome, lovely to meet you.  It’s an honour to have you spend a little of your time on these pages.  Here you will find all things Leeds United but more besides – please feel free to explore and browse, and do share your comments on the Contact page.  

I would also welcome more followers, both of the blog itself and for my Twitter account @RobofLeeds – and happy reading.  

“Marching On Together”



7 responses to “About

  1. Avtar Gill

    Rob, I often read your blog – which is very good – but I find it difficult to read due to the noise of the colours and font colour. Maybe you could have the LUFC colours as ‘wash-out’?


    • Thanks for the comment and kind words. I’m aware some don’t like the appearance of the site as it is, but I’m lacking in the necessary skills – for instance I’ve never heard of this “wash out” – but I’d give it a go if some one could educate me – or perhaps send me a ready washed-out background to use? My email is on the contact page and I’d be most grateful for any assistance – I’d certainly credit it on the blog!


  2. I have read your blog for a few months now and always enjoy it. Besides being a Leeds United fan since the mid fifties. I have become very left wing after the Thatcher years,which we are still paying for now. I was bought a kindle fire for my birthday last October,it has been a revelation for me,allowing me to have my say while still learning how to use a computer. Thank you Rob for your interactions. Wish you and your family well. PS I am also a fan of tadcaster albion ncel side,and could do to watch them play to see how to play with passion.


  3. Recently discovered your blog through the NewsNow page. LUFC fan but I live in Barcelona now so don’t get to hear all the rumours and murmours from my mates.
    I like a lot of what you have to say, but whoever wrote above is right the font is annoying to read sometimes haha.



  4. Awesome blog site Rob. MOT!


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