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City Preview – updated.

Only 22 hours to go now – and Arsenal are losing at home to Blackburn. Could we spring a shock after all??

Well, no. We got stuffed 4-0, and frankly, we were lucky to get Nil. Totally outclassed, ponderous in midfield, clueless up front, inept in defence. Apart from that, we weren’t too bad, and it was never a penalty, not in a million years.

Oh, well. Warnock out.

Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything

Sunday 17 Feb 2:00 pm (Etihad Stadium, Manchester)


FA Cup 5th Round weekend is where a new ingredient starts to enter the much-vaunted “Romance of the Cup”. After the battles, scrapes and scares at previous stages of this most famous knockout competition, there is at last a genuine whiff of Wembley in the air.

This is much more the case these days of course, than in olden, golden times. Now, the need to accommodate sizeable contingents from all four semi-finalists dictates that the traditional last stop before Wembley is, erm, Wembley. So the 5th Round winners will be potentially a mere 90 minutes from a coveted appearance at the legendary venue. In other words, the competition is hurtling towards crunch time; all the teams that have survived so far can permit themselves a very private dream of ultimate glory, or at least of the chance to perish at…

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