Leeds Chasing Top Gun – But Who Will Supply the Ammo? – by Rob Atkinson


Striker Who??

It’s now an open secret that Leeds United have listened to manager Brian McDermott’s warnings about the lack of a prolific striker at Elland Road, and that they have heeded his words of wisdom. Now, they are prepared – so we understand – to go out and secure a goal-scorer. Such exotic beasts do not come cheap.

Speculation is rife as to who the target might be. Old-boy Becchio gets a mention, as does Leeds fan Shane Long, out in the cold at West Brom. Reading appear to covet another reputed Leeds target in Billy Sharp – could this pave the way for Adam le Fondre, known to his fans as “Alf”, to breeze into LS11?

Whoever gets the nod might be expected to make significant inroads into Leeds’ manifestly limited wages budget – unless the loaning club are willing to do the decent thing and subsidise whatever fat contract their surplus striker is on. Paying a hefty amount of wages would pose a problem for Leeds – namely, how are we going to afford a winger, if we put all our eggs in the goal-poacher basket?

Because, make no mistake, a winger – or preferably two – should be as much a priority as any striker. Our existing strikers have starved for supply for most of the season so far. Ironically, the defeat to Burnley was notable for the amount of chances created and squandered, but this has not been the story of our campaign to date. With better supply, Hunt, Varney, McCormack and even Smith might well have weighed in with more goals. Getting another striker and neglecting to address the problem of supply from wide areas would be like purchasing a lethally-efficient gun – yet economising on bullets.

If GFH have been listening to Brian’s gloomy warnings, as we keep hearing in the Twittersphere – then let’s hope we’ve heard only half the story. Let’s hope that digging deep means really deep, and that the shopping list has “two decent wingers” scrawled at the bottom of it. Otherwise, in trying to solve our goal-shortage problems, we might just be adding to them.

15 responses to “Leeds Chasing Top Gun – But Who Will Supply the Ammo? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. ropey wyla

    I am in total agreement with this, wingers would solve many a goal-scoring problem with the frontmen we have however if we do sign a striker I for one hope it isn’t Becchio, just smacks of desperation and going in reverse, having said that I’d have Gradel back in a flash


    • And I agree in turn. “Never go back” resonates with truth born of bitter experience – but I’d make exceptions for Mad Max and for Snoddy. They’d tear this league apart, and their sales were foul crimes.


  2. If Snodgrass and Howson had stayed we’d be in the top six now. Mmm, maybe not with our forwards’ problem but Matt Smith for one would benefit from their presence. Second only to our promotion I long for Norwich’s relegation.


  3. Neither Becchio nor Beckford are the answer.


  4. Maybe we can get Eddie Gray to come back?


  5. Paul Cranny

    Shane Long is a fantastic player but who is going to supply him? Billy Sharp can score goals but would he lead the line or tread on Ross’s toes.
    It is glaringly obvious wingplay will win matches. Jimi Kebbe seems out of favour at Reading and he has the pace to unsettle. If we could do deals for Long, Kebbe and Mackay-Steven from Dundee United we would be in the top two by the turn of the year. Where is the money coming from? With a modicum of support Brian Mc will get us promoted.


  6. i agree 2 good wide men like we gave away max and snoddy we wouldnt need a striker mccormack and smith would be banging em in if we get a striker only will need diouf and poleon in diamond to creat something byram white allowed to bomb forward austin to make the tea


  7. Imagine if we had three of Norwich’s players – Howson, Becchio and Snodgrass. The irony is too painful. Don’t even mention Gradel.


  8. To all those who are quick to spout cliches like “never go back” blah blah blah. May i remind you of Baird and Batty? If there’s a chance to get either Becchio or Beckford back and either player is big enough to admit they made a mistake,(if indeed it was their fault) when they left the club,then we should welcome them both back with open arms. Just remember who owned and managed the club when both players left.


    • scott adams

      I think Becchios heart is still at Leeds and I feel he would rise to the occasion, he has to prove himself again, I can almost guarantee if he came back it would be good for us and him ….. he would not want to go back and warm the bench…. I reckon hes desperate to come back and although he may get stick ….. if he starts scoring again we can forgive and begin to love him again….. getting pretty sick of playing fairly well and not scoring. BM needs to get moving as others have said the honeymoon is over and we Leeds fans are ffffinnn fickle to say the least. Beckford is a lost cause pockets the cash no heart left …. as for the other three muskateers at Whorswich stuff em….. Becchio is a little fish in a big pond he knows he got it wrong.


    • I don’t think Batts is a particularly good example of a successful return. Bairdy I’ll grant you, one of my all time heroes in both his Leeds stints.


  9. Sorry Rob mate but you’re entitled to your opinion but you’re wrong on this occasion about Battys return. He held it together so Kewell and Bowyer could maraud. I regularly saw him go for the maddest 50/50s and win every time. It did fizzle out towards the end of his 2nd stint mind.


    • That’s what I meant, the fizzling out after the media circus surrounding his return. He got injured early and was out for ages – never quite the same Batts for me. As for bloody Kewell marauding – I felt sorry for Ian Harte, must have been the most exposed left-back on the planet!


  10. becchio didnt get it wrong hegot blamed by warnock doubled his money but has a dick at norwich who has only gave him one start thats not failing he has proved himself for us in cups v prem teams was the reason beckford scored and had 19 goals half way through last season of course we want him back


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