Saudi Prince Makes Investment Move

More speculation of inward investment – and another Saudi Royal!!


7 responses to “Saudi Prince Makes Investment Move

  1. So much for the Arab bank built on sand , a certain hammer will be gutted if true


  2. Wonderful news, if it turns out to be true, but I wouldn’t knock GFH or Salah Nooruddin. They are doing a good job in rebuilding and ridding us of certain debentures from the Bates years. We need steady sustained growth and people at the top who know what they are doing. GFH are starting to build the consortium of interests that they aspire to. You cant get much better than Prince Khaled. Anyway, Salah needs a good mate to knock about with and this could just be the guy we fans have been looking for to support him?


  3. Sniffers shorts

    In the words of Morrisey …… Please please please let me get what I want this time ……. Every time we read these speculations now its in total disbelief ….. So I am going to use the reverse psychology of a Doris supporter I know he always used to put a downer on forest loosing and they won. So I don’t believe a Saudi prince is going to invest , we won’t have pots of cash, we won’t buy messi and we will slowly struggle on !!!!!!!!!! However I will never stop my passionate ambitions for and love of Leeds united ….. Just like Eddie induction to the hall of fame … Sir I salute you along with sniffer my favourite player at the time , the Dons years , he was on a par with best everyday …. See the video of the goals against burnley in the day …… That dribble was crazy …. The defenders were shell shocked and in utter disbelief …. Great goal great man his passion never dies.


  4. the problem with these rumours are “they are just that ” does anyone having any official clarity with this, we at Leeds, have learnt the hard way not to accept anything as true until the ink is penned, let alone dried. i am not sceptical people, merely LEEDS !


  5. Nick Smith

    Another BS rumour. Anyone can write a blog saying some Saudi is going to invest a billion pounds and build a new stadium and buy Lionel Messi etc etc… blah blah blah. Just forget it, it aint happening. Focus on the here and now, and stop dreaming and listening to rumours. It would also help if Leeds fans actually stopped responding to that mook “Hammer Fan” – he would get bored soon enough. Commenting just fuels his idiotic blog


    • It always intrigues me how people feel the need to go beyond responding to or criticising a blog – and lurch ill-equipped into the perilous territory of telling the blogger precisely how to go about his or her business and exactly what to do and avoid doing. Nickyboy here is a prime example. From the depths of his inexperience, he counsels me not to publish rumours and not to respond to the silly West Ham blog which, he assures me, is just seeking attention.

      Piffle. Rumours are there to be reported; they brighten the day, revive interest and stimulate debate. God forbid we should all follow a team about whom no-one ever bothers to speculate. We might as well support Doncaster. Then again, HF – the West Ham “fan” who writes all the Leeds-related stuff – isn’t just an attention-seeker. Hits on his page gain him hard cash, and lots of Leeds fans resent him for doing it on the back of our club. So I’m out to spread the word about how ridiculous he is, and to sicken West Ham fans into resenting him too. That’s my choice – so, Nickyboy, the fruits of your spurious wisdom are noted, but really – REALLY – not needed, ta very much all the same.


      • sniffersshorts

        Well said Ron , yes reporting anything to do with the club is important and we all want the best news we can get. Cash investment a future for the club , trophies and winning games. I guess as I stated earlier we just get irritated when nothing comes to fruition. And we want top 6 premiership football and Europe. Trouble is we have had years of crap and when becomes if and so and forth ….. We become dispondent again ….. But hey keep doing what your doing man and keep your passion . Generally your views are the most sound of all the many Leeds blogs along with the scratching shed you both have mature attitude …… A lot who read this really don’t remember who and what we were in the late 60s and 70s …… The best …. And we want the best again …… Keep fighting!!!!!!!


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