Leeds Lose Again With McDermott Hampered by Poverty of Options – by Rob Atkinson


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  Pleasing results elsewhere involving those teams Leeds fans just love to hate could provide only the coldest of comfort as United slipped to defeat as well – the bitterest of pills to swallow against a club and fans who are the very antithesis of what football should be all about.  On days like this, you just have to look elsewhere and get what consolation you can from defeat for both Sheffield clubs, for Barnsley, for West bloody Ham and, best of all, for Man U, the archetypal scum club themselves.  All very well and good in its way – but football is about winning. There seems to be no immediate prospect of that at Leeds.

So – Leeds United went to Millwall and lost 2-0.  Millwall, a nasty, horrible team with nasty, horrible fans from a nasty, horrible part of London.  Surely, the worst of times.  We can but hope so; things can’t get much worse than this third league defeat on the trot – 4th in a row if we include the midweek cup tie in Newcastle – and fingers will be crossed that our early season form has now bottomed out.  Derby away though loom after the home clash with Bournemouth – not the most promising pair of fixtures to start our revival and charge towards promotion.  I jest.

Then again, it’s Derby that we’re nestled up against in the twilight zone of mid-table Championship anonymity, along with Wigan – all three of us on 11 points as those imprudent, financially reckless clubs who actually saw fit to invest in their squads race ahead at the top.  Where’s the bloody justice, eh?   Answer me that.  A bare couple of weeks ago, things had looked much rosier.  Brian had just reaffirmed his commitment to Leeds United, and the lads promptly went and won at Bolton.  It’s been all Bleak House ever since; now we find ourselves 9 points off the automatic places and – much more relevant, this – 7 off the play-off zone.  The owners’ attempts to quash any expectations of promotion notwithstanding, it’s not good enough.  Not for Leeds United and not, you suspect, for Brian McDermott.

The fact is that, even if the GFH Master Plan (what a document that must be) doesn’t require promotion this season, it must at least demand some evidence of progress; and the customer base, or “fans” as they used to be called, will be in just the mood to let GFH know that it’s their cautious approach to investment that is holding the club back from even looking like potential challengers.  If the support is unhappy – and they are – then GFH are on the edge of a precipice in terms of the latitude they have to run Leeds the way they want to.  There will be too much pressure, too many people voting with their feet, for the investment they’ve made to promise any return in the foreseeable future.  That’s a scary thought for any investment banker.

Things have to look up for Leeds, and soon.  An influx of quality is needed, as the manager frankly admits.  McDermott knows he’s being asked to hold back the tide with a wall made of Saudi sand, and he’s not daft enough to carry the can for a situation that’s not his fault; not of his own making.  We have the man for the job – that much should not be doubted. But like anyone else, he’ll struggle to succeed if he doesn’t have the tools and the other backing anyone needs from above in any chain of command.  Struggle is not what Leeds fans are paying over the odds to witness, but it is the scenario that’s unfolding before our increasingly horrified eyes.  This situation simply has to be nipped in the bud.  GFH -it’s over to you.


17 responses to “Leeds Lose Again With McDermott Hampered by Poverty of Options – by Rob Atkinson

  1. its worse derby away the season was buggerd when austin was made capt meaning he has to play bring back lees white poleon diouf smith


  2. Eugene Lee

    I worry for BM- he’s days might be numbered. I can see him getting the sack and Poyet taking over.


    • Poyet will be at Sunderland by next weekend. Mcdermotts trouble isn’t helped by him shipping Morrison out so he could sign Hunt. Morrison would have scored many more goals than Hunt will and would have been a much better lone striker than varney. Varney would be at best 4th choice at any other club.


  3. Very worrying. We all HOPE BM is the right man for the job because his performance off the field so far has been more impressive than the results on the field, Obviously he is hampered by his inheritance, but a few of his decisions have puzzled me, for instance, the signing of Hunt and Murphy (what exaclty does he do ?); making Austin captain (can someone please tell me what he is good at ?) and reinstating Warnock, immediately after serving his suspension (what was an unsupported Aidy White supposed to have done wrong against Burnley?). And is Wooton really better than Lees (is he in because of he has a bit of height ?) ? And given that we are supposed to have created 24 (or was it 18 ?) chances against a very good Burnley team, why was the team changed for Milwall ? Brian and his team no doubt have good reasons in his own mind for all these things; and they are the professionals, after all. So I will hold my peace. I wasn’t planning on going on Tuesday; I am now.


  4. Scott Adams

    Reading and following Leeds game whilst at work today on bbc football, why is it I read every championship club except us in the loan market. How much longer can BM say he is holding out for quality ….. It’s all getting a bit depressing !!!!!!!




  6. I was planning on going on tuesday but not now. Not because we lost but the way we lost. When will the penny drop for BM re,hunt and varney? Why does he persist in putting both in the squad? He had the chance of offloading varney and a few others in the summer and he has seen something in hunt that no one else can see but it merits a place in every squad. Brian,you said you wanted to repay the fans for their fantastic support week in,week out. We’re doing our bit,you do yours. Get rid of the shite so it can free up some wages even if you have to cancel contracts. Ask yourself if varney and hunt are THAT good,then why do you keep taking them off?


  7. exiled rover

    Mick you sum it up perfectly


  8. we could have got burke waghorn danns bentley we got murphy wootton hunt i hoped for better with b m oh for agrayson 4 3


    • Waghorn was an obvious one – I am genuinely suprised that we didn’t go for him (unless, as I surmised elewhere, Leicester saw us as promotion rivals !).


  9. i still believe we can go up with byram lees peltier white ;at the back smith mccormack up top diouf in hole


  10. please dont keep wishing morison was still here worst player for along time


  11. be lucky to get 20,000 against Bournemouth…


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