Leeds United – “The Best Ever” for Malcolm Allison – by Rob Atkinson

Malcolm Allison – “Big Mal”, as he was known – knew a thing or two about football. An innovative coach and tactician, he achieved great success at Manchester City, working in harness with Joe Mercer in one of the great coaching partnerships. I was lucky enough to meet him once – without his fedora hat – when I attended the launch of a book on Billy Bremner. Talking about football, who he hated and who he rated, he was mesmerising.

For Big Mal, Leeds United were simply The Best. Jimmy Greaves and Co may have thought differently – but you didn’t see Jimbo getting far in coaching – did you?

4 responses to “Leeds United – “The Best Ever” for Malcolm Allison – by Rob Atkinson

  1. The clip , to coin a phrase , is like watching Brazil rob ,.
    Big malc knew class when he saw it and wasn’t affraid to say so , unlike so many other bitter so called football pundits then and now..


  2. Excellent. ‘Big Mal’ was a brilliant coach – the Man. City team of the late sixties were superb – with real in-depth knowledge of the game. When someone of that calibre makes a statement like that, it puts into perspective the bitter comments of jealous gobshites! And well done to you, Rob, for unearthing that clip.


    • To be fair, I saw the clip on the SC Forum posted by a guy named mozzertad, who has a YouTube channel that is well worth subscribing to. Steak & Sidney is another good’un.


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