That Was The Leeds United 2013 That Was – by Rob Atkinson


A look back before we look forward…

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  January 2013 at Elland Road saw Leeds United in the throes of transition from the misery of life under Bates to a newly-budding optimism surrounding what was still technically, for the time being, life under Bates.  The long-awaited takeover had finally happened, but many were unable to see beyond the strings which were clearly attached.  After daring to dream, it seemed as though the old nightmare still had its final act to play out.  We were stuck with Ken Bates until the end of the season as Chairman – and then for three years beyond that as President, threatening to sully an office previously held with honour by the late Earl of Harewood.  Still, it was better than Bates owning the club.  So, modified rapture.

January was a mixture of indifferent league form relieved by significant Cup success.  Neil Warnock’s charges had ended the old year with a thorough drubbing at Hull; though the final score was only 2-0, the Whites had been taught a sobering lesson in how the game should be played at this level, and the score-line distinctly flattered them.   Sadly, another 2-0 defeat at Barnsley on January 12 showed that the lesson had not been learned.  How a team so humbled in two league fixtures could possibly knock out the mighty and Bale-inspired Spurs from the FA Cup was puzzling to say the least.  But that’s what happened – Spurs went the way of Birmingham whom United had beaten after a replay in Round Three, and we were through to face the daunting task of playing Champions Man City away in Round Five.

Leeds took an uninspiring single point from the opening three league games of February and then bowed out of the FA Cup at the Etihad, the 4-0 spanking again not really reflecting the lopsided balance of play in City’s favour.  Able to, as they say, “concentrate on the league”, Leeds beat Blackpool 2-0 and played out a goal-less draw at Blackburn to enter March, which turned out to be the last full month under Neil “Colin” Warnock.

Colin had looked ever less capable of fulfilling the United dream of promotion, and March was the month that broke the back of that ambition.  A scratchy win over Millwall was followed by three draws and then two defeats and, as April rolled around, Colin’s tenure ended after two further losses – at home to Derby and then at the Valley against Charlton Athletic.  And then, it all changed – though too little and too late.  By this time, the hopeful peering upwards at the playoff zone had been replaced by anxious glances over our shoulders at the relegation tussle.  When Brian McDermott was appointed, he immediately said all the right things as new managers tend to do – except he managed to imbue his words with a sincerity and meaning that marked him as somebody we might actually want at the helm.

Brian’s first match was a 2-1 defeat of Sheffield Wednesday, a badly-needed and richly satisfying victory after the previous chelpings of then Wednesday manager David Jones.  A win over Burnley followed, hoisting Leeds to mid-table security before two successive defeats re-awakened those nagging worries.  But all was well by the last day of the season as we travelled to Watford and won 2-1, successfully pooping their intended promotion party and sending Hull up instead.  Ah, well.

So that was it for the season.  During the summer, big changes were afoot at boardroom level, including the welcome early termination of Bates’ connections with the club, a £1 million-ish signing for the first time in absolutely yonks, and generally increased optimism and morale.

The story of this season so far has been “steady as she goes” with new players bedding in, plenty of our familiar flaws still in evidence, but overall a much brighter and happier atmosphere about the whole place under Brian McDermott, who has continued to forge a great relationship with the fans as he displays a quiet determination to succeed in this job, regardless of distractions elsewhere – the Ireland job, for instance.  McDermott is known to have ambitions in this direction, but he swiftly distanced himself from speculation, stating firmly that he had a job to do at Elland Road.  In fact, McDermott’s hand on the tiller has resulted in an identical position at the turn of the year as compared with previous seasons.  Leeds have fallen away in the past – can they now build on what looks certain to be yet another fresh start under the Haigh-led consortium?

2014 looks as richly promising as any year in recent memory.  Our arguably top performer over recent games, with due deference to the prolific Rossco, has been Marius Zaliukas, signed initially on a short-term deal.  That deal has now been improved and extended to the end of the 2014/15 season – surely a cause for celebration.

More signings are promised in this window following the expected ratification of the takeover by the Football League.  There is the possibility of a winger, maybe another striker too to take some of the burden of McCormack.  These could at last be exciting times.  2013 was a year in which we have moved from one takeover watershed to another, with no great change in league position but with a massive improvement in the whole atmosphere of the club since Bates was shown the door.  What we have now is a solid foundation to build upon, with a club that seems likely to be relatively well-funded, ahead of Financial Fair Play regulation, and able to exert some buying power in the transfer market to supplement the good players we already have at the club – including promising youngsters such as Byram and Mowatt as the Academy production line continues to flourish.  It’s impossible of course to speculate about what an article penned next New Year’s Eve would say – will it reflect on solid achievement, steady progress or dashed hopes?  All are possibilities.  That story will unfold in the next twelve months.

Meanwhile, let’s raise a glass to 2014 and all it might bring to fans of Leeds United AFC in terms of progress, excitement, maybe even glory.  Happy New Year to #LLUUE readers everywhere, to all Leeds United fans and to everybody else.  Let’s see where it takes us!

14 responses to “That Was The Leeds United 2013 That Was – by Rob Atkinson

  1. for the first time in a long time i’m looking forward to the second half of the season , i think bmac will supprise us again in his choices this window but just like with marius i know he’ll come up trumps.. i think we will be good value for a play-off spot but i don’t think it will be our year to go up , but with some more shrewd business done in the summer by bmac i honestly think next season is our time to gain promotion and we’ll do it automatically..
    all the best to you and your family in 2014 – happy new year rob


    • And to you and yours, Mr O. I’ve really appreciated both your support of this blog and also the opinions you contribute, always entertainingly! Most welcome – as are those of so many others to whom these thanks and this appreciation are also extended. Thanks, all of you – please stick with #LLUUE in 2014 and let’s welcome back good times to Elland Road! 🙂


  2. Happy new year, Rob!

    What’s going on with all these contract renewals and new contracts for key players? Anyone would think the board actually care about what happens on the pitch. That alone speaks volumes and definitely the most encouraging change for me so far compared to last year (the cheaper tickets are nice gimmicks though). Keeping Zaliukas until the end of next season (when we could challenge for automatic promotion) might just be the shrewdest yet. Let’s hope we can follow this up with a couple of marquee signings in January.


  3. Happy New Year to all Leeds supporters everywhere.


  4. Steve.Trebert

    Well written as always. Happy new year Rob

    Sent from my Windows Phone ________________________________


  5. Happy new year Rob from New Zealand !!…..I am extremely positive about 2014…I am still optimistic about going up this year…why not ??? Two new shrewd signings will make us a very strong team…..automatic promotion has sailed on by but the playoffs are a very real possibility….although history suggests we would blow it !!! However, the mindset under McDermott is different, the players are different…we are a club united once more and that makes a huge difference. If I can feel the fresh air of optimism flowing through LS11 from here in New Zealand, I can’t imagine what it’s like to be around our great club at the moment !! Come on leeds !!! On and on AND on !!!!


  6. While we’re saying Happy New Year and reflecting on 2013, it’d be remiss of me not to say thanks to my little collection of trolls – for their endless ability to amuse and entertain, albeit unintentionally. For those who find poorly-spelled abuse and impotently-enraged threats and promises of dire vengeance funny, their messages to this blog would provide a rich source of comedy. Sadly, due to quality control considerations, I’m neither willing nor able to publish most of them – but keep them coming guys, they do make me laugh. Your ability to make a total mess of spelling even four-letter words reassures me that those who hate me and despise my blog come from the very bottom percentile of the web’s dregs bin. That’s strangely reassuring as well as richly comical – so thanks 😉


  7. Compo's Style Guru

    Just having a final read of the blogs etc before setting off to the ‘cathedral’. I can’t remember the last time I set off at the start of a calendar year with a spring in my step rather than acting like a 5 year year old being dragged to day one of infant school. The league position may not look vastly different, but ours is a club unrecognisable from that of 12 months ago and the atmosphere is non toxic for the first time in years. Huge credit is due to the owners and manager for facilitating this but the players and fans also deserve a well earned ‘pat on the back’ for buying in to the plan. All the best for 2014 to all with white, yellow and blue blood in their veins and keep up the good work Rob the world would be too nice without a healthy dose of cynicism.


  8. shet up Rob you erdiot. Leds united are the werst team in the wurld and your a cock jokkey.

    Only joking! Happy New Year Rob, I’ve enjoyed many, if not all of your articles. One thing I can say though is that they are invariably well-written, and come from someone who clearly cares, so I’ll keep reading.
    MOT Happy 2014


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