Leeds United’s Rivals, Please Note: Lewis Cook is RUBBISH – by Rob Atkinson

So, you know – look elsewhere in the transfer window, OK? Rumours that this lad is the real deal and will play for England are as wide of the mark as a Billy Paynter volley. Trust me, you Premier League predators – you’d be wasting your time.

Oh, and – don’t be fooled by the pseudonym either. His real name is MICHAEL TONGE.

Thank you, and goodnight.

12 responses to “Leeds United’s Rivals, Please Note: Lewis Cook is RUBBISH – by Rob Atkinson

  1. You sly old fox, Rob


  2. Reality Cheque

    Very amusing post Rob. In view of the player’s age I wonder whether Cook’s amazing performances are making Massimo Cellino reconsider his superstition surrounding the number 17?
    On a more serious note, with Massimo currently barred from performing his role until April, wouldn’t any predators be breaching FL/FA rules by inciting Massimo to act as a relevant person in order to negotiate a deal in respect of Cook or any other player during the remainder of this transfer window?


  3. nice try rob but the cat is out of the bag old boy


  4. Ropey Wyla

    If this doesn’t put off potential suitors then nothing will.


  5. Jonathan O

    Nothing to do with the subject at hand…. Why doesn’t somebody tell Austin to shoot for the middle of the goal every time. His power is so great that it is far more important to hit the keeper for a spill or rebound than to aim for a corner and miss almost every bloody time. Hell, for him, the probability of hitting the goaltender is almost zero and that means he has 4 yards on each side to miss his target and score a goal. This may sound humourous but it is true. A shot with a rebound or block is far more likely to score on the ensuing play. A miss is useless. Guys like Austin will never succeed except rarely, with a deft plant to a corner. I am serious.


    • I agree. The thing is that the “stick it in a corner” mantra is so hard to overcome. I remember reading that Bobby Charlton just used to aim centrally with as much power as possible – and it was surprising how many of his simply flew in.


  6. Could it be, that we have actually got that “old head” l have been clamouring for, on such young shoulders ? He certainly seems the dynamo we have needed.
    I remember very well when the 17 year old Master Billy Bremner entered the first team ranks, He was good, but, initially did not have the impact of Lewis Cook, and look how great he became.
    I’ve said it before, but well worth repeating, in. Silvestri, Cook, Mowatt, Byram, Taylor Murphy, Cooper, Adrianne, Sloth, Del Fabro, Montenegro, with Dawson and Benedici yet to break through, plus the continuing conveyor belt from the acadamy. This squad of youngsters crucially all well under 25 bears comparison with the Revie squad when they started in the second division. Sprake, Harvey, Reaney, Madeley, Cooper, Hunter, Bremner, Bates, Yorrath, Greenoff, Gray F, Grey E, Lorimer. They had the anchor of Charlton at the back, and Collins in Midfield, but needed to buy Giles, Jones, and Clarke to become the finished article.


    We are just short of a commanding centre back, a winger, and a quality striker. I cannot understand why there isn’t supreme optimism as to the future because to me it looks GREAT.


    • Different world these days thanks to freedom of contract and mega-rich predatory clubs. But it’s good to read such optimism and, if we can keep the heart of this group together for even another 2 or 3 years, we’ll be in a much better place.


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