That Cellino Leeds United Press Conference in Full   –   by Rob Atkinson

Cellino clarifies his philosophy

Massimo Cellino clarifies his philosophy

6 responses to “That Cellino Leeds United Press Conference in Full   –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. Belfast White

    Incohetent, rambling tripe. More spin than a politician on a roulette wheel. Gonna be a long summer & wish Pearson well trying to work with that! Wasted 50 mins of my life to get no answers…NR, ST, young guns contracts, Salerno, ER & TA, transfers? Sooner MESSimo goes the better! And no I don’t feel better.


  2. Agree with Belfast white, the bloke is mad get rid ASAP he will kill us.


  3. My feelings EXACTLY Rob!


  4. An you still want to pay money to a club run by this buffoon? YEP from yesterdays farce – “He would not “please the fans”. Goes both was mate. Now I think I’ll go asleep and maybe when I wake it will all have been a bad dream and the boogie man will be gone.


  5. Any chance we can have him sectioned? The fellas full on manic spectrum and a compulsive liar / munchousers as far as I can tell.


  6. Absolute fuckin nightmare with Massimo ‘ Madman ‘ Cellino


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