Sheffield Wednesday’s Forestieri Can’t Shut Up About Leeds United   –   by Rob Atkinson

Forestieri: I blame Leeds United for this Wendies mistake...

Forestieri: I blame Leeds United for this Wendies mistake…

Sheffield Wendies‘ new signing from Watford, Fernando Forestieri, is already showing he is ideally qualified for life at Hillsborough. Either that, or it’s dawning on the lad with ever-increasing horror that he’s made a terrible mistake. Whatever the reason, Forestieri just can’t stop talking about the club he simply lacked the cojones to join: Leeds United.

He’s a rum one, is Fernando. Wherever you’ve looked this week, there he’s been, telling anyone who will listen that it’s not his fault he didn’t sign for Leeds. Seemingly unaware that the Whites have identified and snapped up a more than adequate alternative target in Jordan “The Wizard” Botaka, Forestieri seems to be labouring under the delusion that United fans are bothered, or even interested any more. But the fact is that the proliferation of News Now links and piteous tweets emanating from the Watford reject have elicited little more than bored yawns from the Elland Road faithful. Leeds fans tend to lose interest in anyone who isn’t visibly salivating at the prospect of joining Leeds, and quite rightly so, too.

Forestieri, with legend status there for the taking, lost the hearts and minds of the Whites with his initial display of apathy. His subsequent bizarre stance of preferring somewhere in the south – and then comically signing for the Wendies – has raised no more than a tickled titter among the United masses. But Fernando seems to think it’s all still frightfully angsty up here in the frozen northern wastes of LS11. He feels, unaccountably, that we still care.

Perhaps now is the time, after days of fruitless and tedious attention-seeking, for Signor Forestieri to concentrate on the situation he’s resigned himself to, rather than harping on about what might have been and hurling brickbats of blame. It’s quite likely that he’ll make the first team at the Wendies, after all – which would not have been so certain a prospect at Leeds. So he really should focus on his game, forget all the doubts and bitterness – and try bravely to make the best of a bad job. 

It’s gone, Fernando. You blew it. Yorkshire’s top club was willing to give you a chance to move upwards after Watford – but you cravenly chose to sink even lower. That’s something to think about when you run out at Hillsborough and see all those thousands of mute Wendies cunningly disguised as blue plastic seats.

But please – keep those thoughts to yourself. All this whinging about who’s to blame for you missing the boat – it really is getting rather boring, you know… 

11 responses to “Sheffield Wednesday’s Forestieri Can’t Shut Up About Leeds United   –   by Rob Atkinson

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  2. sniffersshorts v superwoman

    yet another complete and utter knob wallet zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  3. sniffersshorts v superwoman

    oh dear he we go again old tractor mouth is salivating yet again at the prospect of Brentford beating us, it seems he punts for every team to beat us …… ollaway shut it get down your farrrrm and milk them cows ….. your just a pundit and a sallow faced balding one at that ….. you can take over we cant be Bothering them when that other fat f..k with an even bigger gob Evans, that’s if his ever increasing gut or big red head explodes first, gets the bullet … then come and see us …. we will shut your gob we don’t give a flying F..k about what you think so give it rest


  4. chris moore

    well said Rob


  5. Philip of Spain.

    I more a less get your point regarding the ex Watford man,the fact still remains however he is a proven player in the Championship and would have liked him here and not down the road.

    Botaka as we stand,is still a Rookie,especially in English football. I hope your assumptions are right.


    • I feel there’s a good chance they are. Botaka was valued by his club, who did not want to sell. He showed the desire to play for Leeds, and that’s essential. Forestieri was surplus for Watford, and valued at much less than Vydra. His attitude was hardly conducive to inspiring faith in a major signing and, IMO, we should have abandoned the deal there and then.


  6. Spot on Rob as usual , I can imagine the reception he will get when they visit Elland Road .


  7. Belfast White

    Quite content that Forestieri has decided not to don the famous all white. This is the same footballer who showed his flair for ‘sporting behaviour’ last season against Wolves… Security should be more careful about keeping snipers out of football grounds. Still baffled how the Jim Henson creations at the FL allowed him to play the next game and escape an automatic 3 match ban!


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