Sky & FL Confirm Today’s Leeds v Bristol City Match Switched to Monday   –   by Rob Atkinson

The Football League Panel, yesterday

The Football League and Sky TV board members – definitely not muppets

The Leeds United home game against Bristol City has been put back to Monday evening for live coverage, a joint statement by Sky TV and the Football League has confirmed. Both bodies have expressed regret at the inconvenience to supporters of the two clubs, and have undertaken to provide at least 24 hours notice in future, except when their own interests dictate otherwise. 

Leeds United FC has reacted angrily to the news, threatening to refuse entry to the Sky personnel on Monday, as well as pursuing compensation for 20,000 heated pies that will now have to go to landfill. “Is not good enough,” stated a senior Elland Road figure, adding somewhat confusingly, “League and Sky, they try to take the peace.”

Bristol City are thought to be considering a formal protest on behalf of their travelling fans, whose char-a-banc had reached the industrial wastelands of South Yorkshire before hearing of the postponement. Sky and the League have remained tight-lipped in the face of resistance to their scheduling plans. “The match will take place on Monday as arranged a full two hours ago,” said a spokesman through tight lips, “We simply can’t have peripheral bodies like clubs and fans dictating to us on fixture matters.”

Newly engaged Rupert Murdoch is 153. 

14 responses to “Sky & FL Confirm Today’s Leeds v Bristol City Match Switched to Monday   –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. Kevin Wilson

    Not funny!


  2. Brilliant Rob

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Now that has come as a complete shock,Rupert’s ONLY 153!!


  4. How long before someone comments ‘is this true Rob’?


  5. First time you’ve written something I like


  6. Nice one, Rob!


  7. Mark benson

    In an attempt to appease disgruntled leeds united supporters sky and the football league have rearranged our next two games to be played simultaneously giving supporters the choice of which game to attend. Kick off times will be announced at half time in each fixture. A football league spokesman said ” in accordance with our unwritten rules, Leeds United supporters can go to hell.”


  8. Graham Atkinson

    Not fair, I’ll have to go to the pub early now ! As a protest I might not watch on Monday night, that will show SKY who’s boss 😉


  9. well you all know what to do when you sky contract is up, plenty of other means to watch it


  10. milano whites

    Perfecto Rob…MOT/YRA


  11. Rob, get your money on Leeds 1-0 & Doukara first scorer for Monday nights game 😉


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