Twitter Leeds Fans Unhappy at Having to Wait to Moan About New Signing – by Rob Atkinson


Twitter Leeds fans’ verdict on Ayling: “Rubbish”

There has been a mass whinge-storm on Twitter from unhappy Leeds United “fans” upset at having to wait until as late as 4pm on Thursday to carp at, slag off, destroy, ridicule and otherwise criticise the club’s latest signing, Luke Ayling from Bristol City. Ayling’s likely capture was first rumoured two days ago, and some dedicated moaners have been champing at the bit ever since, just waiting to pour scorn on the deal. The delay has been described as “cruelty to dumb beasts”. 

Ayling is known as a versatile defender of great promise, able to operate anywhere across a back four, and some feel that this will make him a valuable asset for the Leeds United squad. Having waited impatiently to slag the lad off, though, some Twitter users are now holding nothing back in showing their absolute contempt for the signing. “Ah’ve never heard of this ‘ere player and Ah know nowt about him,” said one cantankerous individual from Pontefract, “but I can tell thee here and now that he’s rubbish and nowhere near the quality we need to sign. And whoever this Premier League midfielder is, he’s rubbish too. Absolutely bluddy useless. What’s Garry Monk playing at? He’s nivver consulted me, tha knows.”

Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything asked the career complainer, who wished to remain anonymous but whose name is Ivor Bigg-Gripe of Monkhill, what he might think of any other prospective signings this transfer window. “Well, you’ll have to wait for mah detailed observations, lad,” our man said, cautiously. “It doesn’t seem fair to rip ’em to shreds till they’ve actually signed, ‘owever long I ‘ave to wait. But I can tell thi now, they’re crap, whoever they are. Useless. All of ’em. And tha can quote me on that.”

Leeds are expected to complete a couple more deals before the end of the window, with as many as three players leaving the club. Twitter users on the LUFC hashtag are virtually unanimous in their disapproval of the un-named transfer targets, whilst agreeing nem. con. that whoever is moving out is vital to the team and should not be let go at any price.

The Leeds United Twitter feed has been officially classified as “ludicrous”.


8 responses to “Twitter Leeds Fans Unhappy at Having to Wait to Moan About New Signing – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Ivor Bigg-Gripe

    Bit of hypocrisy from you there Rob. I’m guessing Mr Ayling isn’t an old lamp


  2. Very funny and very true. I am not sure about the Pontefract analogy though, it seems much wider than that. Think Ayling is a good signing. He could do very well for us. Pleased he is in.


  3. I would like to whinge that we didn’t buy Kieran Agard last season, so not giving us the change to complain that he has been loaned back to League 1.


  4. charlie bingham

    more unknowns from lower leagues well done monk, next in rumoured to be rip van winkle


    • Scally Lad

      To be fair to the manager, he can only buy what he’s given the money to spend. That’s likely going to limit him to choices from amongst what’s on offer from the lower leagues.


  5. ThinLizzyWhite

    It’s every football fan’s right to moan … it’s a crucial part of the moaning hierarchy. The boss moans at you-you moan about your team’s performance. The other half moans at you-you moan about the latest signing. Your mate moans at you-you moan about the latest departure. You get a red letter from the inland revenue-you moan about the club owner, pie tax, referee, price of a pint and people who tweet!
    And when you’re a Leeds fan sometimes moaning is all you’ve got to keep you going-it’s a defence mechanism to stem the oncoming ridicule of a Monday morning-or you can’t beat ’em join ’em.
    Hey ho!


  6. It would thus be quite apt if he scored on his debut.


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