Leeds CAN Secure Automatic Promotion as Rivals Falter – by Rob Atkinson


Garry Monk – the man with the plan

We’ve had false dawns aplenty before at Elland Road. Many a time, a false dawn has appeared to be the only possible light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. But this time, things do feel different. There’s a momentum steadily gathering, a feeling that Leeds United are developing slowly into an unstoppable force. History tells us that, often in the past, the leaders of the chasing pack benefit from a sudden uncertainty and crumbling of long-time front-runners. That scenario is developing right now at the head of the Championship – and Leeds United, to our delighted surprise, is the form horse.

One of the characteristics of a successful team is that it can grind out a result when playing badly. Leeds demonstrated that strength against Blackburn Rovers last night at Ewood Park, in a game that could easily have slipped away, but which was decided by a late and thumping header from the talismanic Pontus Jansson.

Another sign of a team going places is the quality of being able to bounce back from the occasional lapse. That’s something that this Leeds United team has been able to do on several occasions this season, going on to compile unbeaten runs after reverses that would have sapped morale in other years under other managers.

Garry Monk has had his less than brilliant moments since taking charge of United, but overall has seemed determined, self-assured and unflappable. He survived early difficulties, avoiding the ever-poised axe in the hands of maverick owner Massimo Cellino. Indeed, one of the main achievements of his first season in the Leeds hot-seat has been to marginalise Cellino, quieting talk in the media of the owner picking the team and generally remaining his own man. Other factors may have helped push Cellino into the shadows, but it’s still the mark of a strong man to succeed at Leeds where so many others have failed.

On the whole, and despite the odd, inevitable blip, Leeds United are very well placed now for the last, crucial stage of the League campaign. Free of cup commitments, with the squad enhanced by quality additions and vital players returning from injury, the platform is there for a decisive surge between now and May. Much will depend on the durability or otherwise of the teams ahead – Brighton, Newcastle and, to a lesser extent, Reading. Huddersfield and the likes of Sheffield Wednesday, Derby and even Barnsley, present a threat from behind. But Leeds have the resolve and the personnel to emerge from the pack and take advantage of any crack-ups from the top two. And there are definite signs of such frailty and vulnerability in both Brighton and Newcastle.

The top two seem concerned about each other, when they should perhaps be looking fearfully over their shoulders at the play-off pack. Usually, somebody comes with a late run, exploiting a loss of bottle above them to reach the tape ahead of the pace-setters. It’s a situation that could well work in favour of Leeds United.

This weekend is the first of many pivotal League rounds to come. Huddersfield and Brighton meet tonight, in a game where any result will have some advantage for Leeds. And United have that extra twenty-four hours recovery time before having to travel to Huddersfield on Sunday. It will be very interesting to see how the Championship top six looks on Sunday evening.

But whatever happens over the next few days, there are golden opportunities for Leeds to assert themselves over the remainder of the season – and both Newcastle and Brighton will be feeling the heat. That’s a situation a canny manager like Monk can and should exploit; this blog believes that he is willing and able to do just that.

Leeds United for automatic promotion this season? You’d better believe it.

12 responses to “Leeds CAN Secure Automatic Promotion as Rivals Falter – by Rob Atkinson

  1. I think Huddersfeild away could well be the toughest game of the season…….. the way we are playing a draw would be a very good result


    • I’d like to think we could chisel out a win as jammy as theirs at Elland Road.


      • Chareose

        i hope so too mate but my frustration is that we seem a bit reliant on Jansson to get us through at the moment, really need one of the new signings to catch fire if we are going to have a chance of catching the top 2
        I also think Bartley was better when he was the Captain, it seemed to galvanise him


  2. I think the Robbie Keane idea would be a good idea until the end of the season providing he’s out of contract you know? He’s still fit and still has a few goals left in him. That would guarantee promotion.


  3. Charles Turner

    The change in your tone from the posts of last season says it all. We actually have a chance…we actually have a chance this season of doing something remarkable. Gaining promotion via play offs or automatic. Not the best squad by a long chalk but finally a good team!


  4. I will ask Monk to give Keane a call! What am I doing, messin around? I should be at the pub! Why not though. We certainly have the players to deliver the tight ball now!


  5. Lets hope they can continue to grow as a team. MOT.


  6. Tell u after dog touchers game, that game will shiw how far we have come. Long way to go yet. Hope u correct though !


  7. Must agree that the game on Sunday is mammoth. Sounds defeatest but I too would settle for a draw. They have hit form and would love to put another one over on us. Our new guys are really going to see first hand what the Championship is all about. The atmosphere will be atomic. I just hope it’s a clean game and not heated and ruined by silly bookings and red cards.Good result for them tonight.MOT


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