Leeds United’s Chris Wood Escapes FA Ban for Vicious Headbutt   –   by Rob Atkinson

The FA, having announced a six match ban for Liam Cooper of Leeds United for a stamping incident, has also disclosed that it had considered a similar sanction against United’s Chris Wood, for the offence of “head-butting Tyler Blackett‘s elbow”. The governing body in its wisdom and mercy has, however, deemed that a severe warning will suffice on this occasion.

Leeds have questioned the severity of Cooper’s ban, for an offence identical to that which saw manchester united’s Marcos Rojo get off scot-free recently. However, the FA’s response to United’s protest was “Yah boo sucks, we don’t care. Watch it, you Yorkshire scum, or we’ll have 15 points off you.”

Reading manager Jaap Stam has confirmed his satisfaction with the official outcome, remarking that he never did anything like that when he was a player and that, if he did, he always got away with it.

Former FA Secretary Alan Hardaker would have been 104, if he hadn’t been dead 37 years. 

9 responses to “Leeds United’s Chris Wood Escapes FA Ban for Vicious Headbutt   –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. I think you have summed up Leeds’ situation perfectly!


  2. steven wilson

    We all know Rob that those moron’s at the FA will do anything they can to derail us, but nit’s what makes us strong, Disgraceful that Coops gets 6 matches, but Blackett gets away with it, but we should be used to this kind of treatment from the powers that be. MOT


  3. The white shirt

    And still it goes on…..
    Hardaker and Bob Lord would be delighted than their successors are continuing their work from over 50 years ago.


  4. Belfast White

    Good read as ever, Rob. I suspect the FA realized that both that offence & Cooper’s stamp deserved a 3 match ban each. Their idea of fairness & justice was to add both together & give to a Leeds player. The combination of the two outcomes is a disgusting aberration of justice & fair play.


  5. Yep, we Leeds fans sure have a persecution complex. Quite right too, we ARE bl**dy persecuted!!!!


  6. Ken Jarvis

    Well done Rob, always enjoy reading your articles. Burning The Old Toilet was a great April Fools idea 🤔

    I couldn’t believe it when Sky Sports completely airbrushed the Blackett elbow at h/t last Saturday & they probable haven’t shown the incident since????

    I’m sure Cooper’s alleged Stamp has received many re-runs and brings back memories of Beckford being banned after the incident with the Millwall keeper.

    Matt Smith was rather lucky to get a 3 match when he bumped into the Wendies player.

    Berardi should have got prison time for the assaults on him by Rotherham players.

    Becchio should have been deported for the Huddersfield elbow.

    The list is endless………………

    Pity the club doesn’t make a formal statement to all the media about the double standards, the FA/FL delightfully apply to Leeds United. TBH it’s gone beyond a bloody joke & needs to stop ASAP

    Time for me to airbrush Sky Sports off my TV package & stop subscribing to the anti-Leeds commentary which is a sight to behold, even in Ireland.


  7. Great article as usual Rob and it must be a record for the quickest instant ban ever for a player. Talk about instant kangaroo court decision.
    Did the F.A., for once in their history, actually open-up specially on Sunday morning, to start making their quick decision, just because Cooper was a Leeds player ?
    The whole thing stinks and who can forget Shelvey appealing for something this season and it being dragged out just so that he could play against Leeds and be instrumental in Newcastle beating Leeds at Elland Road.
    It’s trIal by television or should I say by SKY Sports and that Scum whinging Stam at very tiny Reading.
    I’m sick of a depleted SKY disrupting Leeds season and Leeds only receiving a derisory fee of only tuppence, for the privilege of the games being shown on such a falling-apart channel, which now seems to be concentrating more and more on unexciting Championship games, because they have lost out to BT Sports.


  8. Feckin’ well put, Rob – and everyone on your board! Please keep putting it up these corrupt companies (FA and FL) until the bigoted old bastards that run them are gone – some, hopefully to gaol, where they belong!


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