Leeds, Spurs, Everyone: Give Arsenal’s Main Man a Chance   –   by Rob Atkinson

The Tories think you are STUPID. That’s why they talk at you in three word, alliterative sentences, which they repeat over and over. 
Strong and stable. Brexit means Brexit. Magic money tree. Enough is enough. Coalition of Chaos. 

It’s the crudest and most obvious form of brainwashing you could imagine, but the Tories think – because you didn’t go to Eton, Harrow and then the Varsity – that you will be easily-led enough to vote FOR fox-hunting, the end of our NHS, tax rises for everyone except the rich, cuts in police and education, the Dementia Tax – and all the other nasties that the Nasty Party wants to foist on the many, so that the few can continue to ride their beloved gravy train.

They think you’ll be daft and masochistic enough to vote AGAINST free education, a decent living wage, investment in housing and social care and 10,000 extra police to make our streets safer. They think you’re THAT stupid. Well, are you?
I have a three word sentence for you. VOTE THEM OUT. And a four word sentence. BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. 
Because, in one respect, the Tories are right. Enough IS enough. Seven years of Tory rule have dangerously weakened our front-line defences, driven teachers to despair, piled more pressure onto overworked and underpaid nurses and junior doctors. They’ve made a mess of the economy and a laughing-stock of the nation.

Now Trump is supporting the woman who failed as Home Secretary, who is failing as Prime Minister and who wants YOU to back her vague and uncosted manifesto – in effect, sign a blank cheque – for another five grim years, so that she can continue to run down vital services and sell off infrastructure. When Trump supports something, you know it can’t be good.
The last seven years of ideological austerity, which have seen national debt double to almost £2 trillion, are ample proof that the Tories are hopelessly malign and clueless. Enough really IS enough. And this election will be your last chance to make a fresh start before the Tories rig the democracy game to make sure they stay in power forever. Don’t be stupid. Don’t let them do it. The stakes are high, have your say on Thursday, and get rid of the Tories. 
Give Mr. Corbyn your trust and your faith. Give him a chance to put things right for the many, not just the few. It’s probably the chance of a lifetime to escape the yoke of neoliberalism. 

America missed the opportunity afforded them by Bernie Sanders. Look where they are now. We must not make the same mistake. 

#VoteLabour #JC4PM #ToriesOut

14 responses to “Leeds, Spurs, Everyone: Give Arsenal’s Main Man a Chance   –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. I’d never heard of the word “austerity” before Labour lost in 2010, so why don’t people just say “cutbacks” instead of “austerity” ?
    Thanks to the blundering Blair and May, we are all now sitting ducks for terrorists, so I won’t be voting for Labour or the Tories.
    By the way Rob, I was surprised that you didn’t do one of these articles about the childish, gloating behaviour of certain “dog botherer” players, after their spawny promotion, gained by not winning any of their three play-offs games.
    They still couldn’t get their obsession about Leeds out of their minds, despite getting into the Premier League. They will certainly miss their cup finals of hate, but we won’t miss them.


  2. NickB(50yrsLU)

    It’s been gripping to see her crumple, and him grow in stature and assurance – especially in the television debates, of which she was too scared to show up – as the campaign has progressed. Her decision to go to the country could yet prove as devastating to her career as was Gordon Brown’s decision not to go to his. She’s showing herself up as weak, indecisive and totally untrustworthy, while Corbyn is looking like a safe pair of hands. Who’d have thunk it ?! Just maybe, students and the put-upon lower earners, and pensioners who think their living standards are the next to take a battering, will seize the opportunity to kick out the cocky Tories. Calling the election was pure opportunism, and nothing to do with the country’s best interests, and the British don’t like that. We could at least end up with a hung-Parliament, and it would serve her right. By the way, Rob, how sure are you that no Leeds supporter went to Eton, Harrow or Oxbridge ? A bit presumptuous, my good fellow ! Arf, arf.


  3. Philip of Spain

    Eloquent,descriptive and true.Four words but you get the point!!


  4. Corbyn also wants to further tax our businesses at the point that we need those businesses to be at their strongest in order to fight off recession due to brexit, thats a bad call


  5. So true Rob. I fear for this country and the world especially when I look into the eyes of my grand children. This is not the country or the world I was born into. I do not recognise it anymore. All our standards and principals have disintegrated along with respect. So many children have no childhood because many parents are just kids themselves. When our generation has gone who is going to tell our youngsters what the world used to be like.
    The Tories will take us back to Dickensian days. They do nothing for ordinary hard working people. If May tries to bring back fox hunting she will get a taste of Thatchers poll tax.
    How is it possible to create such a spiteful, cruel world when the overwhelming majority of the human race is decent, caring and compassionate. So sad.


    • I hope that’d be right about the revolution against fox hunting. But I’ve also hopes of some spectrum of progressive alliance – right now, it looks possible. And if the SNP and Labour have to cooperate, that’s the Tories’ worst nightmare.


  6. I was going to ask you to do a blog about Corbyn before Thursday funnily enough. Every little bit helps against these vicious psychopaths and their puppeteers. I saw a discarded newspaper on the way to work this morning with that tory hag Terry May on the front boldly proclaiming that she will rip up the human rights bill in a bid to fight the “War On Terror” (3 word slogan again). This is what these false flags in London and Manchester have been leading up to you see. Our human rights will diminish further then disappear within five years if she/he/it gets in again. Every city now has idiots in uniforms walking round armed to the teeth and for what purpose? They’d be no defence whatsoever to a genuine suicide bomber and what these lunatic plods expect a whole shopping mall to hit obligingly hit the deck while they take aim at a suspicious looking man with a beard? As we all know the best way for any terrorist to communicate with his fellow conspirators is by email,twitter and instagram and that is why this government wants to censor the internet. Have you ever? The armed cops aren’t for terrorists,they’re there to normalise the sight of armed cops on our streets and then to suppress any dissent from a public sickened by a cashless society whereby the state and banks can take anything and everything from you. There will be no free speech under the tories as there just wont be the medium anymore. The internet will be taken up with endless selfies,recipes and information/news only they want you to know. I was reading a post by a chap called Chris Spivey earlier and I don’t know what to make of it just yet. See what you lot think of it. It’s a lot to take in,but it ties in nicely with recent events which are obvious hoaxes.


    • I’ve read some Spivey. I think his heart’s in the right place, but he seems to me a bit of a lunatic.


      • He himself doesn’t seem to be as eloquent as his blogs and he doesn’t answer any comments I’ve noticed also. He has a few moderators too which leads me to believe its a very big operation and they’ve just got any idiot off the street to front it. Some of the content is believable but theres a lot of dis info there aswell. I do agree with him regarding people not being quite who they seem though. Todays blog is extraordinary in that respect. Anyway back to the tories,they’re going to privatise the nhs if they get in and have hushed up the Naylor report which details how they plan to do it. They’re also keeping quiet the £3biliion arms deal with the Saudis who are the main sponsors (along with us,Israel and America) of Islamic state. Why aren’t the great British public outraged by this? For once I agree with Popeye too,youth culture and childhood has been corrupted and its a travesty. I couldn’t begin to compare the innocence of years ago with today but I will try anyway. Kids are having kids that’s for certain. Its a way out of poverty to a certain extent but parents don’t have the moral codes of old. How many times have you seen “parents” swearing at their toddlers and children as you go about? How many times have you seen children in pushchairs with mams mobile phone or a bottle of fizzy drink? And then when they get older they in turn swear like troopers,eat and drink rubbish and listen to incredibly bad music. I didn’t mind hip hop when it had a social conscience but it turned into “gangsta shite”. Incidentally,that came about because all prisons in America are private therefore all prisoners are bonded and the record execs and bankers got together to invent a culture that would keep the prisons full. That’s also why some states like Louisiana have that 3 strikes and you’re out policy. Its nothing to do with law and order. I digress,this culture that has swept through schools and tv,music etc has corrupted young people and children possibly beyond repair now. And Theresa may is also now mentioning a clampdown on internet pornography as part of her clampdown on everything else on the internet. Obviously this alone would be a giant step in solving society’s woes but she wont do it as the people who run the pornography industry are far too powerful. There was a famous quote attributed to Voltaire – ” If you want to know who rules you,find out who you’re not allowed to criticize. I worry myself sick thinking about some of the stuff my 11year old will be exposed to when we eventually cave in and get him a phone. Have any of you seen or heard of any mp male or female protest about the freely available filth in social media? Me neither.


  7. As someone who’s desperate to know who our leader will be , ( my votes for Claudio ) , I can’t hide my disbelief at you for sidetracking and waffling on about the election .
    Joking apart , the election does seem to have polarised what is a pretty polarised society . I don’t personally buy in to the left is good ,right is bad stuff . Bit like ourselves most game are won in the middle of the park .
    If you do get your wish though Rob , my biggest fear isn’t a labour government , but the fact that the labour party could have better people in place in the top jobs , especially as there’s the minor point of Brexit negotiations starting straight away , and not least a party behind there leader .


    • They couldn’t have worse people than May, Johnson, Gove, Hammond et al – and that’s a stone cold fact. NEVER have I know a sitting PM so blatantly chicken out of any interview that isn’t vetted and subject to veto.


  8. Chad nooky

    Wise words Rob. The ‘magic monkey tree’was shaken vigorously in the direction of the banks following the crash (which people seem to have forgotten) whilst austerity was forced onto everyone else. Socialism for the elite but brutal capitalism for the rest of us. Up the Gooner! MOTD.


  9. Scally Lad

    I have a feeling, Rob, that Labour is going to rise and overthrow May and the Tories in this forthcoming election. People recognise that Corbyn is a forthright and honest man – no two-faced Tony Blair. The French have defeated Le Pen and America is preparing to drive Trump from office. I want to believe that Britain will affirm, in this election. its best and most noble character.


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