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Daniel James a Certain Scorer in Leeds v Swansea. But for Which Team? – by Rob Atkinson

A happy Daniel James when he thought he was signing for Leeds

Some things in life are just so predictable that it’s honestly rude not to have a bet on them. Things like the Pride of Devon rediscovering their annoying luck with the appointment of Ole Gunnar “Demon Pixie” Solskjaer. Or an England batting collapse in the West Indies. And, after the farcical conclusion of Daniel James‘ protracted Swansea City to Leeds United transfer saga, there’s probably another sure fire certainty coming up when the two clubs meet at Elland Road on Wednesday evening. Let’s face it, if the lad plays, he’s going to get a goal. But – for which club?

In the immediate aftermath of the collapse of James’ move to Elland Road, various social media wags lost no time in giving the frustrated lad some well-meaning advice on exactly what to do if chosen to play for Swansea on Wednesday. The gist of it was that Daniel should momentarily forget the shirt he’s wearing and give his all instead for the shirt he wishes he could be pulling on, to make the boldest possible statement of annoyance at the cavalier manner of his treatment by Swansea on the fateful transfer deadline evening. “Wait until the last minute, Dan – then hammer one into the Swansea net, leap into the middle of the Leeds fans to celebrate, while taking off that Swansea shirt to reveal a Leeds one underneath.” That sounds like excellent advice to me, and I’m sure deep down that it’s something the thwarted and disappointed James would wish to do – it’d be impossible to blame him – but, sadly, professional standards make such a gesture rather unlikely.

So, it would appear that – if the boy is to notch on the night – it’ll count against Leeds and not for them. That is, of course, if James plays at all. With the amount of attention that would be on him, from both sides’ supporters, and with the additional pressure that would heap upon his young shoulders, perhaps a diplomatic groin strain or tight hamstring would be in order. We’ll have to see what happens on Wednesday night when, hopefully, Leeds will be fired up to deal with the Swans – with or without Daniel James.

A few more Dangerous Hero revelations

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

In response to the Mail on Sunday’ssearing revelations about Jeremy Corbyn today, which were taken from extracts from Tom Bower’s Dangerous Hero: Corbyn’s ruthless plot for power, here are some more shocking behaviours from the Labour leader to add to the outrage we are all doubtless feeling at the very cores of our souls; –

Corbyn college weed useCorbyn crossing one way streetCorbyn flakeCorbyn GSTQCorbyn happy and you know itCorbyn inflationCorbyn lady legsCorbyn one-way street extravaganceCorbyn socks and orgyCorbyn toilet roll holderCorbyn wash n go

Feel free to suggest more in the comments below!

Corbyn clearly broken by Mail On Sunday revelationsYes, Mail On Sunday, you clearly have Jez on the ropes with the little lot you threw at him this morning.

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