The Cowardly Tyler Roberts Bashers Simply Cannot Claim to be Genuine Leeds Fans – by Rob Atkinson

Tyler Roberts – frequent target of fakes, bullies and cowards

Let’s start by stating the obvious, an undeniable fact that makes everything else I shall say utterly undeniable. Football support is about getting behind your club, your team and the players who wear the shirt. It’s about encouragement, not destructive abuse. It’s about stoking the confidence of those young men who wear our badge with pride and passion – it’s not about demoralising them to the point where their confidence is shattered, and they would rather wear s different badge. Support is backing, not bullying. It’s about love, not hate. It’s important to understand and accept this.

Clearly, in order to maintain their cover, the fakes themselves can’t be seen to accept it. So they carry on tediously launching into their weekly attack on Tyler Roberts, a young man whose talent far exceeds anything the amateur critics could dream of possessing – and who, incidentally, cannot hit back. So he has to just take the moronic abuse, and deal with the inevitable effect on his confidence. But he should be aware – these abusers and bullies are NOT true Leeds fans, no matter how they might rant on about having followed the club for x years. They’re fake fans, they infest social media not to support the club, but to bully and harangue their target. That much is undeniable fact, however much those who love being bullies might try to argue the point. They’re on very shaky ground; they are bang to rights as confirmed fake Leeds United “supporters”.

The very fact that the fakes get so upset about being labelled fakes is instructive in itself. They will cling to their fake support of Leeds come what may, in the face of compelling evidence that they have no feeling for the club. I happened across one the other day who referred to Marcelo Bielsa as “a fat Argie loser”. That’d get him a black eye if repeated in the hearing of sections of the Elland Road crowd, but of course he’s never to be found anywhere near LS11. And another informed me that Tyler Roberts is “the worst player ever to pull on the Leeds shirt”. The ridiculousness of that simply defies description. But that’s how fake fans, being a bit tragic, simple and over-eager, tend to give themselves away.

Some of these freaks defend themselves with “This is my opinion, am I not entitled to my opinion?“. Of course you are, stupid and offensive though it might be. That’s the nature of freedom, but freedom cuts both ways. Having heard a fake spout arrant nonsense in his or her eagerness to attack Leeds United by bullying one or more young men who have no right of reply, I am equally entitled to express my opinion, which is that such conduct identifies the prat concerned as a fake fan and no kind of Leeds supporter.

It all comes down to that. If you identify as a Leeds United supporter, then support Leeds United, the club and those who wear the colours on the pitch. Failure to do that will lead to you being identified as a fake fan, however much that might make you squeal in piteous protest. You can’t be a genuine supporter without supporting, simples. Just accept that – or head off to some other club with which, just maybe, you’ll have more affinity.

Marching On Together

28 responses to “The Cowardly Tyler Roberts Bashers Simply Cannot Claim to be Genuine Leeds Fans – by Rob Atkinson

  1. David Lloyd

    Do you REALLY think Roberts is worth his place ???


  2. Brad Twersky

    hear! hear!


  3. So true Rob, the clue is in the name “ SUPPORTER” Jeez over the years I have endured some awful performances yet have never left Elland Road until after the final whistle and have applauded the players. Do these idiots think players go out with the intentions of not playing well. Tyler is a young lad who can never be accused of not giving his best, yes he will make mistakes as does every player no matter how good they may be. Hopefully Tyler realises this is a small minority of click baiters looking for a reaction and by far the vast majority support him.


  4. Just two words Rob…”Bang On”! ✊


  5. Hi Rob
    Fully agree in most part to your article.
    However, I never think it’s wrong in itself to criticise a player, it’s the nature of the game, we’ll happily have a go at the opposition, the referee etc etc.
    Also why should footballers be exempt from criticism?? Sometimes there actions both on and off the field deserve criticism.
    I’m sure you’ve aired political views yourself Rob, using your narrative anyone wearing blue should be beyond critique, just because they are our government.
    Don’t get me wrong, whilst I’ve always stayed behind to applaud every player off the pitch, the premise that they have our unconditional support is wrong, it has to be earned.
    There’s a difference between criticism and abuse,if there’s no difference between the two football will be the loser


    • Politicians compared to footballers? Hardly analogous. I stand by the piece. Footballers are open to criticism, but when it’s clueless amateurs (fans) doing the criticism, then we’ve moved into the realms of the ridiculous.


      • Rob
        We’re all Leeds fans, and I fully agree there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed, but to imply there’s no way any one wearing a white shirt can’t be criticised is wrong.
        I went to Rochdale a few years ago and that performance wasn’t worthy of the white shirt, I have never witnessed anything like it, was it wrong, absolutely not, and that’s my point, you seem to be saying that anyone who criticises is wrong, which is just daft.


      • How are you qualified to criticise though? Criticism of pros should come from pros, amateurs and armchair coaches are just too clueless. Anyway, I’m talking about more than criticism as you probably know really. What we’re seeing here is more like hate and bullying of a young lad who can’t hit back.


  6. He does get more stick than others having a bad game.

    Not sure why, always challenges strongly and played through the pain yesterday.

    Couple of good performances / goals will shut them up.


  7. David Lloyd

    I’m no fake fan. I have supported Leeds United for 70 years during which I have been fortunate to see some wonderful players. In my opinion Roberts has had so many opportunities which he hasn’t taken. Time to stop being holier than though. Can you imagine where the team would be if we had 11 Tyler Roberts ??


  8. Robert Heath

    Spot on Rob……….but sadly our great club has always been cursed with too many of these gripers targeting one player. I know you are a bit of an old timer………..are you old enough (as I am) to remember the terrible stick Terry Yorath used to receive? And he was playing in the greatest team that ever took to a field!


  9. Crimson Avenger

    I’m glad you got that off my chest, Rob!


  10. Steven Emsley

    Rob, I agree with you completely, the problem we have is that a lot of the so called fans have latched back on to us since we arrived back in the premier league, Tyler has not been playing well but he is not alone on that score,I believe all the team is low on self confidence. Our new manager needs to change this and winning a few games will. Thanks for taking the time and effort for posting when everyone is feeling low. Mot


  11. A few seasons back I remember reading online comments stating Chris Wood was the worst striker to wear a Leeds shirt. Not long afterwards similar comments were posted online about Kalvin Phillips when he was in and out of the team pre Bielsa. The online bullies always need a player to blame when the team is struggling.
    Tyler Roberts is a talented player who has been unable to play to his best as the team has struggled this season. Online bullying and criticism don’t help matters , they just make things worse..
    If players don’t try and don’t give 100 per cent they deserve criticism but the online bullies just want someone to blame and Roberts is this seasons target.


  12. Life is LUFC

    There’s criticism and there’s bullying/abuse. Today it’s all about the latter. Criticism can be hard to take but delivered correctly it can be a building block to help you.
    However bullying/abuse just destroys you and it also destroys those around you because they can see what it is doing to you. Therefore you are not only destroying this young lad but the entire team.


    • Precisely. As I’ve said elsewhere, these freaks don’t for a minute think they’re doing any good. It’s just to indulge their love of safely bullying someone who can’t hit back – bullies do tend to be cowards – and their need of validation in the form of lols and likes from their fellow trolls 🙄


  13. king sniffer

    Well said Rob.
    The clue is in the name; supporter. That implies positive as opposed to negative support. Any true supporter with a modicum of intelligence should realise the consequences of negative support. It harms the individual, the team, and the club as a whole.
    Best wishes to Tyler for his recovery, and let’s hope he can take the abuse that’s come his way and move on knowing that true supporters are right behind him.


  14. Rob, Thank you for drawing a line in the sand with these bullies, I honestly can’t believe how these fair-weather Leeds fans are so quick to ignore the reality that Tyler very often has a strong run of good performances but these same trolls are so quick to viciously isolate him with hateful comments for an individual error when the team as a whole is underperforming. The so called Leeds experts of the FootballFanCast are by far the worst offenders, they regularly tear strips off most of the first team players in a cruel fashion and then offer immature team selection advice that just makes me cringe (there should be a Boycott of their page) Wishing a speedy recovery to Tyler


    • Thanks, Frankie. It goes without saying that I agree with you 100%. It’s good to hear some common sense when so much of the feedback I receive inexplicably defends these idiots. I’d support a boycott of FanCast as well, it’s amateurish rubbish. I binned it ages ago. MOT


  15. king sniffer

    Hi Rob, hope you’re well and just concerned due to the silence on the airwaves. Could do with some of your words of wisdom in these dark times!


    • Hello sir, kind of you to check in. I’m good thanks, just nervous as I imagine most Leeds fans are right now. I’m fresh out of wisdom for the moment, but if we stay up I’m sure it’ll turn out that I knew we would all along 🤣 MOT


      • Mark berney

        Hi Rob, and fellow fans never easy been a Leeds fan. Always easy to criticise when things are tough and we are their again. No matter the outcome we will always be their, at least until the world stops going round. Stay safe all.
        Ireland white


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