Leeds Boss Jesse Marsch: Should United Keep, or Replace Him? – by Rob Atkinson

Jesse – retain, or dismiss?

In the wake of an inept, abject home defeat to Chelsea, it’s looking ever more likely that United will be back in the Championship next time around, and whatever your opinion on the late-season replacement of Marcelo Bielsa by Jesse Marsch, in this blog’s opinion it is far more important at this juncture to look forward than back.

This is not about blame or recrimination. It’s not even about whether, in the end, Leeds actually do end up relegated. It’s simply a matter of stick or twist – given the nature of the performances, would we be better off sticking with the likeable but untried in English football Marsch, or should we be looking at a specialist in restoring fortunes, whether that be a proven promotion winner, or a man able to keep an ailing club away from a relegation scrap.

That being the case, I’m just going to seek answers to the binary choice of keeping or sacking Jesse Marsch. Opinions as to who, if anyone, should replace him are also welcome in the comments.

At this point in mind, I must admit I’m a bit numb, and not sure of the answer to my own question. Perhaps I’m still traumatised by the brutal expulsion of Marcelo, or “God”, as I like to refer to him. I know for a fact that many Leeds fans are still grieving.

So, I’ll just leave it at the simple question of whether Marsch should stay or go. I’m not even bothering with a poll. My fellow sufferers – it’s over to you.

Marching On Together

10 responses to “Leeds Boss Jesse Marsch: Should United Keep, or Replace Him? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Unfortunately I think he has to go , Chris Wilder would be the man to bring us back up.


  2. Steven Emsley

    I think we need some one else, Carlos Corberán for me he knows the club and the players he has turned Huddersfield around in a real short time. He was a good under 23 manager and has now stepped up.


  3. Royston Fell

    Personally I would get rid I don’t fancy him as a Bielsa to get us out of the championship, that league is tough as we all well know plus I do not see him being able to improve players as Bielsa could…can anyone say Kalvin is an England player on his recent showings? Sad to say’ he has to go his football I regurgitated Warnock. As to a replacement I have no idea. Regards.

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  4. Guy Hennigan

    It can only be Fat Frank for next season Rob. He’ll get us up(will be the thinking) and he’ll be unemployed again soon methinks. And if you look closely(😄) at it, it does have some awful kind of Leeds United boardroom-brainwave synergy about it!😱

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  5. Hi Rob
    He seems a thoroughly nice guy, and he’ll do well in management just not here i’m afraid. Hearing him speak is like listening to a caring Evangelical preacher, i’m all for not doing my dirty washing in public, but Aylings tackle and to a lesser extent James’ were shockers.I think the players genuinely care, it’s just the system we’re playing isn’t effective.
    We rode our luck against Norwich, Wolves changed with the sending off and Watford flattered us massively. We’re arguably no better defensively, and our attacking threat has disappeared. Marcelo famously said plan B is to make sure plan A works, does anyone know what plan A is ???
    we’ve no width, our intensity and ability to out run teams has gone.
    He’s trying to find a way to utilise Rapha including letting him take the shortest long throws i’ve seen, why not just let him go one v one with the full backs ??
    We’ve a massive rebuilding to undertake, and if it’s in the championship it HAS to be with a proven manager.
    Wilder would be top of my list, Dyche is sat in the sun somewhere.
    The finances are sound compared to previous years.
    On a seperate note just wondered what everyones thoughts are re.player retention.


  6. Thinlizzywhite

    Hi Rob, sorry to say this but he should go if (when) we go down. I was deeply shocked when Bielsa was removed. But I could see the ship listing. Even so I felt he was the only person who could right it.
    A perfect storm was forming around injuries and ineffectual recruitment of quality players. Our cover just wasn’t there.
    To me Marsh appears cliched and full of generalisations but doesn’t give you confidence that he has any real strategies to instil a winning mentality into what now looks like a beleaguered and weary set of players bordering on self destruction. We have now lost another 3 senior players through poor decision making when we need them most.
    I have no idea who should be manager but Marsh cuts a figure of Amanda much out of his depth.
    I hate to say this, but he makes Lampard look like a good choice for manager.


  7. Its a shame that Marsch didn’t limit himself to shoring up the defence. His addiction to eliminating width has destroyed our goal threat, constrained Phillips, and effectively made playing out from the back impossible. I’d also go with Corberan or Wilder (if we go down).


  8. David Dean

    It is a win win situation for Ted because If they go down it is not his fault and Bielsa will be blamed; if they stay up it will be down to Ted. It is lose lose for the great man. Ted must be replaced whether they go down or stay up, but he won’t be in either case, those spineless bastards will need to save face. I said at the time it was the worst decision in the history of the club sacking our hero. If they stay up Ted will relegate them next season no matter how much is spent and if they go down they will struggle in the Championship until they sack him after a few months. My hope is, up or down, that the 49ers take over and bring some professionalism and business sense to the club by employing people that know what they are doing. Personally I would give the job to someone in the club that can reinstate Bielsa’s methods…we would be better off with Mark Jackson than Ted but if the Nasty Poodles don’t go up maybe Carlos would bring back Bielsaball or a form of it. I am dreaming because neither scenario will not happen.

    I know it is looking desperate with the writing on the wall but Burnley are in the same boat as us. Both teams are relegation fodder. Burnley will lose the next two games and have a game at home to Newcastle which will be as difficult as our home game to Brighton. It is a toss of a coin and I expect Leeds to stay up. I think we just have the edge with the fixtures and I think we have better platers than Burnley and Bamford will be back. We still have hope Rob and those amazing fans will help on Sunday. MOT


  9. Marsch won’t have the know-how to deal with the Championship. Sean Dyche does, and I wouldn’t be too upset if he was at the helm next season should the worst happen. I’ll be at the Brentford game (in with the home supporters…), and hopefully won’t be subjected to the kind of deathly feeling I had at Arsenal last week, but I have a feeling we’ll go down on goal difference.


  10. king sniffer

    Feeling a bit numb with it all really Rob. The system that promised to be a variation of Bielsaball looks nothing like, and more like a crowded version of playground football. Will that change with a preseason to work it out and strengthen the squad? What will the squad look like if we go down and the potential recruitment then? I find Jesse a likeable chap and his man management skills with the arm round basis look good, but the theory is confusing. I really don’t know.
    Just praying that we can somehow stay up, but on the other hand don’t want another season scrapping at the bottom of the table! MOT


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