1. I have played Daddy Warbucks on stage twice, and shaved my head both times

2. I love Gilbert & Sullivan with a deep and abiding passion

3. I’ve been married to Tracy for the thick end of a quarter of a century!

4. I have a daughter, Kate, who is 19 going on 20, and training to be a teacher

5. I’ve made Roy Castle and Lynda la Plante laugh (not at the same time)

6. I still love Leeds United, but I struggle to explain why in any rational manner

7. I love classical music, but also early punk and a lot more in between

8. I love France, and the French lifestyle – it’s just a gorgeous place

9. I enjoy travelling, and discovering new places.  The latest one is Nerja in southern Spain

10. I’m fatally attracted to gadgets, but have to keep them out of my daughter’s clutches, as she inevitably breaks them.  She’s bally boisterous.

11. I still play a surprisingly good game of badminton (this may now be out of date)  😦

12. I once blagged a ride in a hot air balloon, courtesy of Ian Lawton (thanks, mate).

13. I love swimming, but my breathing technique is rubbish, so I have to do a length on one breath.  However, I move like a stout torpedo.

14. I admire Jim Broadbent and Tim Spall as actors, and Mike Leigh as a director.  Topsy-Turvey is, therefore, just about my favourite film (It’s about G&S, too).

15. I hate Manchester United.  Really, really despise them, and everything they stand for, especially that purple-nosed git of a manager.

16. I love being on stage and working with talented people, of whom I am lucky enough to know many

17. I read a lot, and a wide variety of material, but I particularly like Bill Bryson’s stuff.  Now, THAT’S a writer

18. I believe that after death there is either nothing or something – either way it’s not to be feared.  But, let’s not be hasty.

19. I speak reasonable French, but it’s a lot better after a few weeks across there – which doesn’t happen often enough.

20. I hold an Equity card, so I can be described as a professional actor by anyone who hasn’t seen me perform.

21. My favourite stage role so far is Alfie Doolittle, but the one I’ve coveted all my acting life, and have never played, is Tevye in “Fiddler on the Roof”.

22. I can’t see what anyone sees in Andie MacDowell.  She is a vapid and futile woman.

23. I love Filey, and walking from the south end of the bay to the tip of the Brigg, with a nice big Hot Chocolate and all the trimmings at the Coble Landing Tea Bar on the way.

24. I can’t understand why people are cruel to animals.  There’s no rhyme, reason or excuse.

25. If I appeared on Mastermind, my specialist subject would be the Flashman novels by George MacDonald Fraser.  Sheer, unadulterated quality.

26. I find it difficult to stop at 25.  Impossible, actually.

27. I have co-commentated on 2 Leeds United matches at Elland Road alongside the legends that are Peter Lorimer and Eddie Gray.  One grumpy, one genial, both world-class.

28. I can’t stand bad manners and people who think it’s OK to be rude.  One day, someone will find this out the hard way, and I’ll be in deep trouble.

29. I once scored a hat trick in a competitive game of football past a goalkeeper who’d played in a World Cup Qualifier.  He should have had the first two, but Banks and Yashin together wouldn’t have got near the third.  And, OK, it was Oman he played for.  But still…


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