Hillsborough Disaster Police Sold Their Souls for £14.53

Hillsborough Disaster (Lies Inset)

Hillsborough Disaster (Lies Inset)

It has emerged in a report carried by the i newspaper that the police force charged with ensuring public safety on the occasion of the Hillsborough Disaster kept money found among the dead and dying, choosing to pay the amount found into the police bank account after they’d held it for a period of three years, rather than donating the sum to the disaster fund which had been set up to help victims and the bereaved.  The sum?  £14.53.

It’s perhaps because of the paltry amount involved, rather than in spite of it, that this is such a shocking story.  A full three years passed before the casual decision was made – without objection or reservation – to pay the money into the police account.  The cash was made up of loose change gathered from among the bodies of the dead and dying in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy, and it appeared as part of an inventory detailed in a memorandum dated January 1992, which also recorded the decision to bank the money.

In the midst of all the other negative findings about the conduct of the police at several levels that day, and in the light of the fact that they appeared complicit in the lies that were spread in the days and weeks after Hillsborough – notably by the Sun newspaper – the amount of £14.53 seems trifling enough.  And yet, understandably, the impact felt by the families of the victims at this unsavoury incident is likely to be out of all proportion to the actual size of the cash amount involved.

Only last month, it was reported that South Yorkshire Police attempted to apply to the disaster fund for a sum running into thousands, earmarked for the provision of microwaves, gym equipment and a holiday home for police use.  In conjunction with this new revelation about the fate of loose change picked up from among the dead, it really does beg the question of exactly what motivates those who make decisions like this, and what level of awareness they have of public opinion in such sensitive matters relating to a disaster that continues to reverberate almost a quarter of a century on.

If there is anybody in a position of authority in the police organisation with the slightest trace of decency, honour and plain good taste, then they will take a look at this latest disgrace, take careful note of the sum of £14.53, multiply it by one thousand – and donate that amount into the Hillsborough Disaster Fund.  That may still be a case of too little, too late – but better late than never and surely – surely – some gesture now needs to be made in the face of what has been nothing more or less than a 24 year public relations disaster for the South Yorkshire Police. 

RIP The 96.

3 responses to “Hillsborough Disaster Police Sold Their Souls for £14.53

  1. The single largest most corrupt organisation in the British Isles- The dubious award must go to the eminent boys in blue or as they are collectively known in these parts- The Polis!!


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  3. Dear Editor,

    Good evening.

    We hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

    Muad’Dib-JAH has just released “The Hillsborough Ripple Effect”, a documentary film
    revealing what most likely happened on April 15, 1989, at the Sheffield Wednesday
    Stadium during the semi-final football match, where a tragic crush claimed the
    lives of 96 Liverpool fans and hundreds more were injured.

    “The Hillsborough Ripple Effect” is a no holds-B.A.R.red examination of the facts,
    reports, associations, and cover-ups that lead to why the disaster happened in the
    first place.

    No matter how much and to what degree the government tries “to control” inquests,
    investigations, outcomes, and punishments (or the lack thereof), the campaign for
    truth will not die until there is Justice – which should be apparent to all those
    involved and affected by it.

    To grasp who all and what all was involved in the Hillsborough Disaster, one needs
    to realize what was and is at stake. It has been these high stakes that persuades
    politicians, police, judges and coroners to keep a lid on what would shatter their
    reputations, and cripple their control over the people. For them “it’s a life and
    death situation” with devastating outcomes if truth were told. Is it their own
    selfish concerns that blind them to the heartache and anguish of fans, who actually
    faced the real life-and-death situation, or to their families that have carried the
    burden of justice for the past 28 years?

    Currently, proceedings are underway in which key persons of interests may be
    convicted of crimes involving this football disaster, including manslaughter,
    perjury and perverting the course of justice. “May be convicted” is a key phrase
    because the government is well-known for its seemingly “caring” attitude, followed
    quickly by its very obvious “containment and protection” damage-limitation

    Will the government and officials continue their shenanigans of “controlling” the
    proceedings in deceptive ways ¬– as they did when they would not allow key witnesses
    to testify in the original case, such as Tony Edwards, one of the ambulance
    drivers; or when Coroner Goldring protected former Assistant Chief Constable Walter
    Jackson from being asked probing questions during the 2016 inquest?

    “Time” has revealed that NO rest will be had, until Real Justice is served.

    The South Yorkshire Police remain under fire for their evil works, not only from the
    Hillsborough Disaster cover-up, but also from its 1984 Battle of Orgreave cover-ups;
    and more recently the child-trafficking and sexual perversion cover-ups in
    Rotherham. There is an under-current that flows through all these events – even the
    7/7 London Bombings, and Dunblane Massacre in Scotland – but they’d like to keep
    their secrets secret.

    Apparently, they aren’t aware of the Biblical scriptures, where God promised He will
    uncover all that is covered, and make known all that is unknown. Looks like the
    cries of the victims and their families are being heard.

    “The Hillsborough Ripple Effect” is a must-see documentary; and it will answer many
    questions, especially “WHY” did Hillsborough happen. It will also answer questions
    on why so many tragedies like it happen on the world stage. Watch it and please
    share it with others.

    The full Hillsborough Ripple Effect film can be found at:- http://Jforjustice.net/thre


    PS. Please forward it to anyone who may be interested, or benefit from viewing it.


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