6 months on from Colin but his corrosive legacy lingers long at Leeds United

A scathing post-mortem on Colin’s reign at Leeds United. This blogger lays the blame for our current, less than vibrant state squarely at the feet of Messrs. Warnock and Bates. A year after this article first appeared, I think it’s still obvious the author had a point…

13 responses to “6 months on from Colin but his corrosive legacy lingers long at Leeds United

  1. you cant make a silk purse from a swines ear , unfortunatley brian has found himself a pigs ear


  2. Gary Hunter

    Blame the others a classic political move, who gave the half time speech at Millwall ?


  3. number 1 in yorkshire

    Dont agree ,what is clear from warnocks time and McDermott is that there is no money and this goes on even before them .
    You get what you can afford in management terms and that goes for selling the club to perspective managers with transfer funds etc .we got what we could afford and sadly in terms of Mc Dermott he aint good enough and WILL be sacked if it carries on …
    we have the poorest Arab businessmen in history and Sheffield utd are being picked instead of us with rich ones .we have a part to play as fans .because passionate,we are but there are not enough turn up every week we are 10.000 short every week ,to encourage RICH investment .
    We kid ourselves we are a premier league club .fact is there are many teams in front of us in terms of everything .but if we do not put a run of form together we will be in a relegation battle a quarter of the season in when christmas arrives it will be half and the battle get harder .
    We need wholesale changes on strat by making McCormack captain and build the team round him .


    • Agree…. It cant all be blamed on Warnock. The fact is that he wouldnt have been employed if Ken Bates hadn’t sold all our best players, Gradel, Snodgrass, Howson and Bechio going basicly knocked us back 5 years…


      • There does seem to be something about our club whereby we hire decent managers who are immediately in a fire-fighting situation. Venables, Reid, Warnock – all had success elsewhere and good reputations for achievement, but none could match the demands of life at Leeds.


  4. Counte Of Monte fisto

    Rob, I wll agree to disagree with you on your socialist principles but never ever claim again that Venables was a decent manager thats a step way too far!

    Never was there or will there be a man more over rated and loved in the media for actually doing very little.

    Oh wait, on second thoughts sorry let me amend that to “with the exception of Harry Reknapp never was or will….”

    I fancy us to nick a nil nil tomorrow


    • If you’re not a socialist, I can forgive you being wrong about Venables too 😉 One of THE great innovative coaches along with Malcolm Allison and Arsène Wenger. I think we’ll win tomorrow, hoping to have a match preview up on We All Love Leeds later today.


  5. Counte Of Monte fisto


    Are we talking the same Terry Vegetables here, Notice you didn’t disagree with old cheque book arry though.

    For what its worth I think our starting 11 should be
    Byram, Kisbnorbo, Naylor, Eddie Lewis
    Gradel, Howson, Johnson, Delph
    Snoddy Beckford

    subs Becchio, Ankergran, Derry, Bakke, Hulse, Marques

    I really struggled for defenders


  6. Verry Terribles innovative???
    He knew how to make money for himself, legally sometimes as well.
    You have some daft ideas you do bobby


  7. Counte Of Monte fisto

    Two words to say to you & thats my final comment on the matter!

    Habib Habibou


  8. Just been scrolling down NewsNow on my mobile and i notice that Liam the prince of Berks is at it again with a particularly vile heading. Clearly he is desperate for hits on his “games gone crazy” site. Everyone please ignore it,his opinion is as worthless as his existence.


  9. read and warnock are the real joker s along with the likes of robson megson fat sam mcclarenetc .sacked for aliving, stuck in the past with no idea, at least venables gave us our last good england performance v holland way back when .i’ve come to realise in my 60 years there’s not many managers who know a player or very much,, wenger,cruyff ,revie shankley,excluded


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