VAR Has Now Ruled That Man United Beat Leeds United to the 1992 League Title – by Rob Atkinson

1992 Champions

Leeds United, Champions of England in 1992 – now VAR says it never happened

In a controversial late decision, a Video Assistant Referee has intervened in the matter of the last ever Football League Title, ruling that Manchester United, and not Leeds United, were the last winners of the old-style League Championship.

The debate has raged over the last 27 years, with traditionalists arguing that it would be “good for the game” if the title headed for Old Trafford that year, what with Bryan Robson having been injured so much and with the emergence of Ryan Giggsy. It had been felt in some quarters that no team which includes John McClelland and Lee Chapman should finish anywhere near the title and now, almost three decades after this vile injustice was perpetrated, the new VAR system has been employed to put matters straight.

The ITV anchorman at the time, Elton Welsby, welcomed the decision, pointing out that he’d had to sit in the studio at Anfield taking vile abuse from thousands of frustrated natives of Devon as they watched their team go down 0-2 to Liverpool, handing Leeds the title. “In fact, I was as gutted as they were, so there was no need to slag me off”, said Elton, “I was desperate to see Alec Fergie get his hands on a proper League winners trophy – instead he had to settle for winning that tacky replica of Thunderbird One a few times, and it just wasn’t the same. It was only right that our lads from Old T should win, it would have been so good for the game. And now, it is!”

We approached the Leeds manager at the time, Howard Wilkinson, for his take on the decision to overturn the 1992 title result and, after speaking at length about how he hadn’t watched Liverpool beat Man U because he was eating Sunday dinner with his family and friends, he added “Of course this is a ridiculous decision. After all, Leeds won by 4 points, having won more games than the rest and lost fewer. But there you go. I s’pose I’ll have to buy Harry Bassett that drink now”.

A spokesman for the Football League defended the decision of the VAR operative to reverse the 1992 title outcome, adding that the man concerned, a Mr. S Harvey, was a man of principle and impeccable judgement. “In the end, it all came down to common sense”, said our source. “Leeds lost by four at Man City near the end of the season, and that made them unworthy. Meanwhile, Fergie’s lot lost three in a row against Forest, West Ham and Liverpool, which we felt was suspicious and unrealistic. So we awarded them a win and two draws out of those games, meaning that they finished a point ahead of Leeds”. We asked which game had been turned into a victory and which were the draws, only to receive the enigmatic reply, “Who cares? Anyway, Kiko Casilla’s a racist on the balance of probabilities, so it serves Leeds right.”

VAR, nobbut a couple of years old, is a travesty and a joke – but is set to be voted Player of the Year at Old Toilet.


24 responses to “VAR Has Now Ruled That Man United Beat Leeds United to the 1992 League Title – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Very chucklesome young Rob 😁😁😁


  2. Reality Cheque

    Love the satire Rob, hope it doesn’t get lost in translation amongst out fans. ALAW


  3. Nick Bickel

    Father Rob, hear my confession, for I have sinned:
    A guy in Leeds who’s currently doing some work for me and who shockingly supports our most hated, trans-Pennine foe, couldn’t get to the home leg and posted me his season ticket. I had serious misgivings, and hated being in an ocean of red three weeks ago, but comforted myself with the thought that my presence had produced that result. After tonight, I emailed him, saying I wish he’d posted the ticket to me again for the away leg, and I would have ensured the better team won, as before.
    So, you see I crossed the Styx three weeks ago, before my time, and had thoughts of doing so again tonight, and there is no hope in me, miserable offender. Mea culpa; absolve me.
    One of your best pieces, in a very productive phase, by the way.


    • My son, your heart is pure and your soul is free from the stain of sin. Think of the Word of Don: Yea, even though ye walk through the dark shadow and enter the very gates of Old Trafford, even so shalt thou emerge into the light of day with Johnny Giles for a mere 33 grand. For it is written, and Don knows your intentions were of the best. Go with Don, pilgrim, your sins were as nothing. Amen.


  4. Timothy Blake



  5. Jim Crossley

    Here in Australia, we have had VAR for two seasons. it’s a joke.
    it’s set a dangerous precedent where ‘ball to hand’ is now a pen in the nox


  6. Another pathetic penalty decision for the scum. Well said, your site is now the only reliable source for me and I shall keep reading and commenting. You see I’m your biggest fan. TTFN


  7. So they can give us the league title from 1971, as two West Brom players were so far offside the linesman looked straight past them…. Plus two penalties and a disallowed goal in the 1975 European cup final. Beckenbauer is too busy defending himself from corruption allegations to complain this time. However they will not be able to reverse the 2-year ban from Europe that caused the disintegration of Revie’s legacy.


  8. Rob, please don’t give the corrupt EFL ideas. Although I’m sure if they could overturn the EFL champion’s of 1992 they would have done so by now. So, we may just have got away with it.

    Even VAR is corrupt. That was never a penalty.


  9. VAR should be used like in rugby, cricket, tennis etc 3 appeals per half, good appeals not knocked off. And, the most important bit, show the incident on the big screen and make the ref explain his decision.


  10. With Harvey still bobbing about like a difficult to flush floater Rob I wouldn’t be a bit surprised!
    I still hear pundits blab about how the P.O.D threw away the ‘92 title. Utter sh*£e. They failed to beat any of the top six teams and were second best end of.
    They continue to be the luckiest team on the planet. VAR is supposed to be used in cases of glaring errors. The glaring error in this case was P.O.D were going out and that must not be allowed to always MOT.


  11. Well done again Rob. Other sites are click bait full of twitter comments instead of good journalism yours is just that and funny too! Touche’. We won the 92 title fair and square bitter scum can kiss it!


  12. You could work as a stand up great humour! You know if we beat Sheff Utd i think we’ll go up. God knows we have had 15 years of suffering.


    • The way things are right now, Sheffield United is a simply massive game. I really can’t think of a bigger game, maybe since Watford in the play-off final.


  13. Maybe Pukki will trip over his beard and us and Sheffield Utd take the spots that’d be even better! Can’t believe their form they were rubbish when we beat them in early season and let’s not forget it was Norwich who tabled the extra complaint that other clubs latched on to.


  14. Reality Cheque

    Was anyone ever in any doubt that “on the balance of probabilities” the football authorities would find a Leeds player guilty?
    As if having the alleged offence hanging over his head for 5 months and having to wait EIGHT DAYS for the verdict wasn’t enough, we’ll give him a 2 game longer ban than Forestieri
    Some things will NEVER change Rob, even in the age of VAR

    Liked by 1 person

  15. andrew hinks

    lets be quite frank here sky have killed proper competitive football since their inception in 1993 & we all know that, look what they did to the FA cup first time round, turned it slowly in to the simod cup (remember that?) before spitting it out!
    we won the last ‘proper’ competitive 42 game season in the top division when an up & coming team could get promoted , stabilise then compete at the top table with similar finances ,NO LONGER THANKS TO SKY also if they dont cover a sport live or lose the coverage to a competitor , it as if it never existed or ceases to until they ‘win’ it back…please see “spitting out dummy”.

    VAR only in this country has been interpreted to cause mayhem, stress & angst due to our pompous football authorities saying to themselves “we’ll do ii our way” with the ridiculous decisions being made @ bletchley park oops sorry meant stockley park but you know what i mean?…
    it was used quite sensibly around Europe before but oh no our ‘football authority fossils’ have to ‘make it the headline act’ just like their incompetence & bias towards LUFC when a good spanking is needed to keep us grounded!

    political correctness gone mad, we all know this country is ENGLAND in name only sadly, just look around you is sickening!
    whatever kiko said or uttered just mirrored the circumstances & surroundings we all have to live with now!

    watch repeats of “love thy neighbour” folks then you’ll see it works both ways so don’t hide behind your skin colour as white is the new black im afraid!!

    the football league/FA & the BBC all nicely huddled together on the left wing! ( football i mean of course?)

    keep the faith

    Kent ‘white’ since 69!

    tally ho’


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