Tory Fascist Lie Machine The Daily Mail Has Met Its Match

A comprehensive demolition of the Daily Heil’s grubby attack on a man who’s been dead 17 years, who cannot therefore hit back or defend himself through the courts, who served his country at the age of 22 fighting in Normandy whilst Mail editor Paul Dacre’s 19-year-old father avoided military service to bravely report on show business in London, who fled the Nazis (who had gained the support of another of Dacre’s forebears who supported the British version of these thugs under Oswald Moseley) before World War II and remained grateful to Britain ever afterwards, despite harbouring grave doubts about its version of Capitalism and who, most offensive of all for Daily Heil was the father of Labour leader and next Prime Minister Ed Milliband.

Kitty’s blog has dealt very thoroughly with an extremely unpleasant example of the excesses the right wing gutter press are capable of. Congratulations to her, and to Ed Milliband for his dignified and immaculately-reasoned response in the first instance. This blog is WELL worth reading – highly illuminating and unanswerably right.

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In the 1930s, Theodor Adorno offered cogent criticism of the mass media, stating that it gave rise to ideology by standardising and stereotyping cultural “goods”, and it weakened people’s capacity to think in an autonomous and critical manner. Everyday life becomes  the ideology of “its own [notable] absence”. Put another way, the “news” constitutes a reification of an extremely narrow range of our human experience.

Adorno and the Frankfurt Institute of [Critical] Social Studies generally proposed that this had rendered the public more susceptible to the ideology of Nazism and fascism. The media is simply a way of transmitting ideology, and is a mechanism by which dominant and powerful social groups are able to diffuse ideas which promote their own interests. Louis Althusser regarded the media as an integral part of the ideological state apparatus.

So I had wondered when the right-wing media bullying, character assassinations and lie campaigns against Ed Miliband would…

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2 responses to “Tory Fascist Lie Machine The Daily Mail Has Met Its Match

  1. What a shame you ruin your excellent blog with some pretty fatuous political comments. I read the Guardian, the Times, the Telegraph and the Mail every day and there is nothing remotely fascist about the Mail (have you actually ever read it?) Save the occasional mildly psychotic letter from retired military officers in the Telegraph and the random deluded leftie Soviet sympathiser in the Guardian, none of the above papers have any extreme tendency.
    Ed Miliband’s father is on record as saying that it might be preferable for Britain to be defeated by the Nazis. Like most quotes, there is a wider context about Miliband wanting a democratic Britain to be overthrown to allow for a Marxist replacement.
    Plenty of ex Blackshirt fascists fought for Britain during the war as well and many served during D-Day. Does that make them above criticism for their political views, as you seem to think it does for Miliband’s father?
    Let’s be blunt here: most fascist movements draw their support from the working classes, traditional Labour voters. In many ways, fascism is abberation of the the Left. Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and Moseley all relied on the working class to get to power. Have a read of the BNP’s manifesto – it’s a carbon copy of a mix of Labour and other Socialist manifestos, tinged with some nasty racist dogma.
    The Mail may have supported Moseley (who was a Labour MP when he left to form a fascist party) but so did many others who were beguiled by Hitler, including Lloyd George. When war started, the Mail hardly continued to back fascism. The owner of the Mail even donated a light bomber, the Blenheim, to the nation. Don’t forget also that the owner of the Mail lost 2 sons in the First World War. Powerful reasons to want to avoid another war in Europe.
    Really enjoy your stuff but please show some balance


    • An interesting response if slightly disingenuous. You feel that my political agenda “ruins” my blog, but in order for you to conclude that it’s crystal clear you have a very position-defining agenda of your own. I don’t accept that the occasional political or socially-aware rant on this blog “ruins” it, I think it rather spices up what might otherwise be a bland diet of football, football and more football (although I do try to add in my own element of supporter bigotry to relieve any such blandness).

      The question is; how to achieve the balance you ask for? I can’t really provide that off my own bat, I’m the sole writer here so far, and my views are self-evidently far to the left of anything you or many others can accommodate. So, necessarily, what I express here can form only part of any eventual balance – and as this blog is in effect my mouthpiece to the world, it will reflect my world view. The “balance” – as far as it can be achieved at all – will arrive through my publication of comments such as yours, which I do willingly, however much I may disagree with them. I’ve occasionally been accused of censorship in the past, but I’ve actually only ever refused a comment on the grounds of unsuitability, either because of dodgy content (my definition), utter incomprehensibility or unacceptable levels of abuse and vitriol.

      I hope you’ll continue reading, and that you’ll comment in future if you see fit.


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