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Tory Fascist Lie Machine The Daily Mail Has Met Its Match

A comprehensive demolition of the Daily Heil’s grubby attack on a man who’s been dead 17 years, who cannot therefore hit back or defend himself through the courts, who served his country at the age of 22 fighting in Normandy whilst Mail editor Paul Dacre’s 19-year-old father avoided military service to bravely report on show business in London, who fled the Nazis (who had gained the support of another of Dacre’s forebears who supported the British version of these thugs under Oswald Moseley) before World War II and remained grateful to Britain ever afterwards, despite harbouring grave doubts about its version of Capitalism and who, most offensive of all for Daily Heil was the father of Labour leader and next Prime Minister Ed Milliband.

Kitty’s blog has dealt very thoroughly with an extremely unpleasant example of the excesses the right wing gutter press are capable of. Congratulations to her, and to Ed Milliband for his dignified and immaculately-reasoned response in the first instance. This blog is WELL worth reading – highly illuminating and unanswerably right.

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In the 1930s, Theodor Adorno offered cogent criticism of the mass media, stating that it gave rise to ideology by standardising and stereotyping cultural “goods”, and it weakened people’s capacity to think in an autonomous and critical manner. Everyday life becomes  the ideology of “its own [notable] absence”. Put another way, the “news” constitutes a reification of an extremely narrow range of our human experience.

Adorno and the Frankfurt Institute of [Critical] Social Studies generally proposed that this had rendered the public more susceptible to the ideology of Nazism and fascism. The media is simply a way of transmitting ideology, and is a mechanism by which dominant and powerful social groups are able to diffuse ideas which promote their own interests. Louis Althusser regarded the media as an integral part of the ideological state apparatus.

So I had wondered when the right-wing media bullying, character assassinations and lie campaigns against Ed Miliband would…

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Mighty Leeds Crush 10-man Cherries Despite Penalty Miss – by Rob Atkinson


Sometimes a hard-earned result after a run of defeats can do the trick, reinvigorate a team, instil confidence and set them on a much more positive run.  Sometimes.  There must be some doubt as to whether this struggle to beat a Bournemouth team reduced to 10 men after only just over half an hour will do that trick, inspiration-wise.  The initial lift provided by Cherries goalkeeper Ryan Allsop’s dismissal for a professional foul was immediately negated when Ross McCormack missed the resultant penalty, sub keeper Darryl Flahavan saving the Scot’s weakish effort.  That “here we go again” gloom descended on Elland Road and the two teams headed in at half time level.

The second half was better in a way it couldn’t really help but be after the disappointment of the first.  The usual procession of half-chances and fluffed shots had in the end come to a familiar outcome: no goals for Leeds.  The deadlock though was broken when Bournemouth’s depleted side finally cracked as McCormack got onto the end of a Stephen Warnock low pass to sweep the ball past Flahavan from close range.  Leeds had been somewhat more effective since the Cherries had been reduced to ten, and the feeling was that they could now go on to capitalise.

Typically though, it would not be that simple.  Another set-piece to defend on 73 minutes, another awful mix-up at the back for Leeds as Eunan O’Kane headed on for Lewis Grabban to equalise. 1-1 and Leeds were threatening to throw away at least two points. That impression was reinforced when Flahavan then produced a one-handed save to deny Rudy Austin, but after 80 minutes of embarrassingly tense struggle, former Bournemouth defender Jason Pearce managed to knock the ball down for sub Dom Poleon to lash in the winner.

It was the kind of game that could so easily have proved a disaster for Leeds, even at this early stage of the season.  The psychological import of failing to win against ten men, on the end of such a dismal run too, was too horrible to contemplate. As it was, United prevailed and they can draw a line under this performance and move on.  Things will need to be a lot better against Derby at the weekend if the Whites are to build on this less than convincing win.

Why is it That Leeds Can’t Sign a Player?

Salah Nooruddin, the United chairman has made some gently soothing noises of attempted reassurance in an interview earlier today. But the question remains: why DOES a club the size of Leeds United, a big fish in a smallish pond, have such difficulties in the transfer market – seemingly, even, in the loan window. Is it ALL about money, or are more sinister reasons afoot?

Here, Altwoodmoon speculates about some of the names we have missed out on. Clearly, the players are out there, some of them desperate for a chance to show what they can do in competitive football. Some would surely relish the chance of the Elland Road stage and the exposure that provides. So why are we so crap at getting these lads in??

altwoodmoon's Blog

The ambitions of the Leeds fans seem to demand immediate and constant progression. Without this progression they disappear from the stands and moan on social media a tool of the devil that makes all of us immediate experts on the matter. I do worry about some of these experts professing that they know best and know how to get us out of this crappy league and wonder why they have never been picked up by clubs including Leeds (who have needed it) to help them out of this predicament, perhaps it is because while we all have opinions and knowledge this is not in how to motivate footballers and to strategies a match.

I worry about returning players being suggested I have been thinking and cannot I identify a returning player who has been as good second time around. Becchio, Bentley Long none have kicked a ball in anger for…

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Manuel Pellegrini vows to go for Champions League jugular as Man City host Bayern Munich

City are as well-equipped to succeed in Europe as they have ever been, and should fear no-one, certainly not Bayern. They should be able to build on an emphatic opening to their Champions League campaign by edging this one.

The Tipster: Dark clouds continue to hang over Manchester City and Manchester United ahead of tomorrow’s Champions League jaunts

I see the point – but I feel given the result in the recent derby clash between the two Manc clubs, it’s the reds who have more to worry about than the blues.