The answer to the Leeds United goal scoring problem is a proper striker.

Another good read from Michael Green, late of ClarkeOneNil, now back in circulation on Lee Chapman’s Sofa, as it were. This article presents the case for Luciano Becchio of blessed memory as a “proper striker” as opposed to the frontmen we have now. The dissertation on what constitutes a “proper striker” is compelling stuff; Becchio’s scoring rate towards the end of his time at Elland Road certainly begs for his inclusion in that category, yet those goal-scoring instincts don’t appear to have served him well at Naaaaaaarritch Ciddy. And yet I remember that instinctive movement that enabled him to score at the near post against Chelsea last season in the League Cup. In that instant, he looked the real deal, right enough. Perhaps he was just more at home in LS11, and didn’t know it? Now, languishing some way short of the first XI at Carrow Road, complications of wages and transfer fees have cropped up as impediments to his path back to Leeds. It’s all quite frustrating.

I’d have also argued for the “proper striker” candidacy of Craig Mackail-Smith (Brighton) – not sure whether he fits the Luciano mould, but he’s such a pest to play against for opposing defenders, and he does seem to have that knack of nipping in for a decisive last touch into the net, certainly when the opposition is Leeds, against whom he always scores. Sadly CMS is sidelined with a serious achilles injury, and at 29 you have to ask whether he’ll be quite the same player again.

Whatever the case, it promises to be an interesting next couple of weeks, with Mr Nooruddin having been smoked out to a certain extent into conceding a ralaxation of the previous “one out, one in” policy that so hamstrung Brian in the recent window proper. Meanwhile as MG suggests, the perfect candidate might just be a frustrated and under-employed Argentinian, just waiting for the chance to come back home to Elland Road. We shall see.

9 responses to “The answer to the Leeds United goal scoring problem is a proper striker.

  1. Who is left to bring in after all the ones we have been linked with have moved on except for one Shane Long who for me would fit the bill of what we need.Becchio i’m sure would want to prove himself again but have we got the supply to feed him.I’m not so sure.So again we are are left with needing a winger to feed the striker who we haven’t got.Back to square one.


  2. I keep saying that he’s the closest thing to Lee Chapman we’ve had since-well Lee Chapman. The Wolves goal at the start of last season springs to mind. He put his head where most wouldn’t put a shovel to knock it in. My little lad is desparate for him to come back too,so make it happen gfh. I suspect Hughton wouldn’t agree to them paying his wages and that’s why they wouldn’t let him go.


  3. My concern in bringing back Becchio is that for any deal to happen we have to pay a large proportion of premiership wages for the same striker we had last year (i.e when he was on championship wages) add to that Norwich want a clause that we have to buy him in the January window. This is a really poor deal in my opinion….effectively it all adds up to pay top wages for his return way above what we had prior to his move? Bit like selling your car for £10k and a week later buying it back for £15k??
    Dont forget also we still have Morrison on our books too and he will be heading back on decent wages if Scumwall dont secure his services. Sorry but better strikers about than Becchio and far far better financial deals. Shane Long or Le Fondre for me or Vaz Te?


  4. mrbigwheels

    We were ‘screwed’ from the start of the pre-season. Brian looking for 6/7 in?. What was that all about?.
    GFHC must at that time have had a budget for Brian to say that, he’s not old big gob… For heavens sake why if several squill£ions were available in a budgetary sense didn’t the Suits say…..
    “We’re going to be a bit short Brian but the team Mr Warnock has left us with has not been able to score since Luccy left, so spend the wad on a top, bang it in the net, knows where the goal is and knows how to celebrate when he’s scored… £3m man that will keep us near the top”.

    My point is….. That is all we needed!. Full We’ve several up and comings as it turns out, squad players by the bucket load, Paddy in goal and a progressive thoughtful manager who will sort everyone out….

    GFHC have made some excellent changes within the LUFC business and yes….. Bates has gone but GFHC are not being fair to Brian. Surely SIr, you can see it. They have played the wrong card and are now backtracking. Noodles is happy with the Manager and his thoughtfulness, so far. Really. Or should that read…. Brian is keeping our heads above water but hope we don’t have to cut him loose before he’s got us onto dry land. Sorry, I just feel they will let him down, he’s a long term man working for challenged, short term owners. It’s quite clear they are stuck with this Club and not great at managing the re-sale to others.
    Stable doors and bolting strikers!. Getting that Italian horse back in the stable is unrealistic if ‘they’… don’t bang a £2m feed bag into the tack room. What I’m saying should have happened in the first place.


    • Of course GFH are challenged, and in more ways than one, notwithstanding the improved ‘vibe’. Though always enamoured of Becchio’s capability to save seemingly dwindling causes (who can forget his brace v ‘Boro at home last year ?), I bear in mind that we have Mowatt and Dawson ready (in my view) to play together, which indicates a less direct kind of football, possibly requiring a different sort of front man, the kind in fact that B’mouth had, swift-footed and sure on the ball. With Becchio, the temptation to ‘hoof’ might be too strong to resist. Still, if we can become the ‘Arsenal of the North’ – as the presence of Mowatt, Dawson and Byram (Charles Taylor too) on our books suggests we might (!), Becchio may still has time to become our Giroud! (or am I letting my imagination run wild ?).


  5. i cant belive we havent approach wolves for ebanks-blake.out of contract and a good record.he would move up a league i think?


  6. just to put you right onbecchio not being able to find the net at norwich, he’s only played 90mins in total since he’s been there, thats dick for brains hughtons fault not his


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