Grim Christmas ahead for fifth of people who can’t buy food

The Tories are determined to get back to the Good Old Days, when Christmas conformed to that traditional picture that’s on Christmas cards everywhere – leaded windows throwing candlelight out onto a snowy street as rosy-cheeked traders do a roaring trade in hot chestnuts ……. and Bob Cratchit tries to feed his family on £1.50 while those even less fortunate starve in the gutter, orphans wake up to just another day at the workhouse and a thin helping of gruel, Tiny Tim wastes away as he sinks towards an early death because there’s no medical treatment and no help with his disabilities.

For a traditional Tory Christmas, you see, you need the cheery gaslights and the pretty fall of snow as the local mill-owner presides at his sumptuous family feast. You need Father Christmas showering the little ones in the nursery with gifts as the fire roars in the hearth and Mama hands Papa his hot toddy. But for a Tory Christmas, reviving those long-ago good old days, you also need unlit cellars with no heating and nothing to eat so that the poor can be reminded what the “shiftless” deserve out of life according to Victorian morality. For every feast for the workers, you need a character-building famine for the “shirkers”. For every Father Christmas handing out gifts to the lucky children, you need a workhouse overseer to make sure there’s no extra helpings of cold mush for parish paupers. For every Santa, you need a Scrooge.

This is where we’re heading in 21st Century Britain as Christmas rolls around again. Back to the Good Old Days, the Poor Law, the workhouse. Back to feasts and fortune for the lucky few and crumbs and despair for the rest. Back to hypocrisy, casual cruelty, oppression and greed.

Merry Christmas.

6 responses to “Grim Christmas ahead for fifth of people who can’t buy food

  1. Either concentrate on football Rob or run a left wing political blog. However in my opinion socialism has destroyed the fabric of this country since WW2. Selling off playing fields and stopping competitive sport in schools comes to mind!!


    • It’s funny how Tories are so thin-skinned that reading a blog like this obviously spoils their pampered digestions. Then, they can’t just sit and fume quietly – no, they have to revert to type, stand up and start ranting, pompously telling people what to do as if anyone gives a tuppenny toss what a selfish git of a Tory thinks these days when they’re so widely despised and discredited. To waffle on about playing-fields (at Eton, perhaps?) when people are suffering from malnutrition or topping themselves for want of enough money to pay the Bedroom Tax, shows a very high degree of selfish arrogance. Well done, Tim. I’m sure Gideon, IDS and Camoron would be proud of you. I’m afraid that, instead of heeding your instructions though, I shall have to invite you to stick your advice where the sun don’t shine – and do one.


    • PS – this IS a left wing blog.


  2. AllWhiteNow

    Its deliberate Govt policy where market forces are the only answer to everything. Thus, so the “thinking” goes, if people find themselves without enough to eat, without enough money to pay their bills, then then its the natural order of things and the only way they will be motivated to struggle harder, work longer for whatever pay rate in order to survive. Your mate IDS, Rob, has brought back the Poor Law principle of ‘less eligibility’ in a benefit system now designed to always be below the lowest rate of pay available. Our beloved club’s MD, David Haigh, is trying to join in this club of ruling class Tory scumbags. Lest we forget…..


  3. You tell em rob


  4. Steven emsley

    We now have them in power down here in Australia its strange but I can’t wait for all the Tory voting working class to start complaining . its just like the UK here greed driven and the thought that they should not be paying for people to be sat at home when they are at work……. Until they are in that situation.


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