Sack for Wednesday’s Jones Spares Him Date With Leeds’ “Vile Animals” – by Rob Atkinson


Oh Father – why hast thou forsaken me?

In the light of recent developments, what might not have been the most comfortable of occasions for a beleaguered David Jones, the now former manager of Sheffield Wednesday, will perhaps mercifully be avoided.  Due in January to “welcome” back to Hillsborough Yorkshire’s top club Leeds United and the magnificent supporters he unwisely chose to dub “vile animals”, Jones has instead been issued with a pre-Christmas P45.  There can be little doubt that he has earned it, having presided over the Wendies’ worst start to a campaign for 122 years as well as being prone to the occasional emotional outburst amid sloughs of deep and sulky gloom.  If there are any wise Wendy fans out there – and we’re talking a seriously rare species here – they will concede that their beloved club are, perhaps, better off without the Jones Boy. Whoever takes over can hardly do worse.

It may, of course, not be such good news for Leeds United.  Now they will be faced in January not just by the traditional chip-on-the-shoulder performance of inspired effort typical of all the smaller Yorkshire clubs facing the Elland Road giants – there will also be the new manager factor to contend with.  They might even get another draw.

It’s difficult to feel any sympathy for Jones, but he can be relied upon to supply all he needs of that himself.  Self-pity and self-justification are very much the strong suit of a man who seems to regard the world outside of his own little bubble of misery with a balefully jaundiced air of injured indignation.  After the latest defeat for his former employers on saturday, he was holding forth on the undesirability of replacing him with someone better.  ‘This club has had 12 or 13 managers in recent years but sacking managers isn’t the way forward,’ he said, hopefully.  But Wendies owner Milan Mandaric had evidently seen and suffered enough, and the loss at Blackpool turned out to be the last straw.  The search will now commence for someone who might be able to preserve the Howls’ Championship status and regruntle the apparently disgruntled Wendy fans – no easy task.

Whoever takes over the reins at Hillsborough will have his work cut out.  They need somebody strong, an organiser, someone who will take no nonsense in the dressing room.  Ideally the successful candidate’s CV should include at the very least a strong dislike for Leeds United.

Neil Warnock, perhaps….?

20 responses to “Sack for Wednesday’s Jones Spares Him Date With Leeds’ “Vile Animals” – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Nice to see your pathological hatred of a man you’ve never met continues unabated. You look forward to him coming to your ground so you can abuse him and wonder why he calls you vile animals. I’m glad he’s been sacked as he was dragging us down, but I see no merit in slagging him off on the Internet to satisfy a personal vendetta. Grow up.


    • Here we have the first miffed Wendy on this article – and isn’t he aptly named.


    • oldcomrade

      And Mr jones didnt have a personal vendetta against our fans, to the point that he said that all leeds fans are the same implying that the children, grandchildren of leeds fans are one and the same, vile animals, wind your neck in numpty,


  2. oldcomrade

    leeds are scum, leeds are vile, David Jones is, er……. unemployed !!!! in most cases you could feel a modicum of empathy when a manager gets the elbow, but not this one, shut the door on the way out lad.


  3. Look people it’s time to take stock here. Jones was innocent of any crimes yet constantly had the vilest of chants aimed at him every time he faced Leeds. The sight of the bloke cowering in the dugout on his last visit to ER should make every true Leeds supporter think enough is enough. Sometimes it’s embarrassing to be associated with this element of our support. Like in “88” at a demo after a 1-0 defeat at home to Watford (i think), a few hundred Leeds fans were making gas noises aimed at our chairman Leslie Silver. Or the lowlife who eff and blind in the family section at every home game when people (including myself) are sitting with their children. Lets show some class Leeds fans eh? On a lighter note i’ve just went past Peter Hadocks house. Legend!


    • As if Jones was the only manager ever to cop for vile abuse from a minority. Look what Wenger still gets from scum fans, yet he maintains impeccable dignity and poise.

      Jones bloody well should have cowered at Elland Road after the childish and over-emotional interview he gave at Hillsboro – which was all me, me, me even though his keeper had been attacked. He has no one to blame but himself for stupidly putting himself in that position. The man has no class and is far too weak for a job in the media and public gaze.


      • If you remember Rob, Wenger was on the end of Paedo chants at ER also. I disagree with your interpretation of his post match interview too. If you remember Kirkland continued playing anyway and his wellbeing wasn’t a major issue. To falsely accuse a person of being a paedophile is the most disgusting insult. That chant went on for most of the game too. What if it’s the last straw and pushes it a man over the edge, god forbid?


  4. I don’t think that was the only position he’d stupidly put himself in ,,. Bye bye Mr Jones


  5. another of the sven,megson,robson,reid,fat sam,hughton,jol sacked for aliving brigade


  6. Some people need to lighten up give me a couple o thousand a week and u can chant wtf u want about me infact ill chant the most vile things u cud think of about myself, what im getting at is that jones has been involved on professional football for years and professional been the key word ther surly u expect horrible chants n taunts from fans but be professional about it n leave it to the fans to get behind u most ppl dont earn in a year wot these earn in a week so dont start been pathetic n crying about stuff, I wo looking forward to the Wednesday game in hope that we cud break that poor excuse of a man , however I do agree mick about the swearing in the family stand


  7. If you are going to slag Leeds fans off, and tar them all with the same brush, you cannot expect a red carpet to be laid out for you, or a yellow white and blue one. Every time Jones is interviewed after another defeat, he has the look of a man that thinks that the whole country and officials are against his club, and everyone knows that that is something we know only too well at Leeds, eh Dave 😉


  8. Leeds are Yotrkshires top club? 3 League titles and one FAC win for them. Against FOUR league titles and THREE FAC wins for Wednesday.


    • Now there’s a desperate Wendy. If you think about it, honours won when the refs wore handlebar moustaches and goals still weren’t fitted with nets don’t really count for an awful lot, do they? I notice you skirted around the issue of European trophies…


  9. No manager gets away with losing as many games as Jones did and I can’t believe that he lasted as long as he did at Wednesday.
    The Wednesday players and fans must be celebrating not to have to listen to his pathetic excuses and uninspiring team-talks any more.
    It’s not surprising that as soon as Cardiff got rid of Jones and Ridsdale that Cardiff finally moved forward and got into the Premiership with Mackay.


  10. I love this Rob Atkinson. I’m hooked! Well for now.

    I’ve recently discovered this site/shite (delete as you see fit,) after one of his other anti SWFC/Dave Jones tirades was linked to me. His pathological hate of our club is a bit mystifying. Ditto his pathological hate of Man U ( they don’t hate you back Rob, sorry to disappoint) and his aim to gain credibility by attempting to be a wordsmith,despite spraying his own website with the written equivalent of bad curry diarrhea.

    Wednesday don’t hate Leeds Rob. Do we like them? No. But our hate is with Sheff United. End of. It’s also reciprocal. Unlike your clubs one way hate with Man U, and yours with Dave Jones or fellow Leeds fans who’ve outed you as a twat, and err anybody really.

    I doubt you will publish my post on your site. You opted not to post one I wrote the other night replying to you. I suspect you do this with many posts you receive. Bit pathetic really, a one man propaganda machine, mocked by his own fans. Jesus, I almost don’t blame you for editing it all to suit your very boring dogma. And of course, Illustrating people calling you a twat doesn’t make you any less of a twat…

    Ps SWFC is a vastly bigger club than Leeds. You know that. I know that. Now put the Dave Jones voodoo doll down, somewhere near the King Billy posters and the special LUFC wanksock.


  11. Admit it, you got a semi and shouted ‘Come on Leeds!’ when you saw the replay of that gormless chav hit Chris Kirkland?
    Come on fess up lad! Let it out! Let your own forum be your counsel…


    • Tsk, tsk. People in glass houses…

      Then again, you’re probably not aware that the Wendies invaded the pitch at Coventry and attacked players during one of your futile relegation struggles.

      Not sure if this guy is a few chips short of a butty – or just another Wendy hypocrite.


  12. I live in sheffield and know for a fact you hate us, as do the other muppets. You sing we all hate Leeds every time we play you. A big club would have won the charity shield. You haven’t qualified Have you got a DVD of your title seasons.


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