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How Leeds Fans Can Influence Football League to Stop Cellino – by Rob Atkinson


The Football League – screwing Leeds United and Leeds City since 1905

It’s simple, guys.  A little reverse psychology is needed, along with a knowledge – based on historical precedent – of how the Football League and the FA think, concerning matters Leeds United.

Firstly, write to the Football League, emphasising that you are a Leeds United fan who is sick to death of what has been happening to our club since the financial meltdown of the early years of this century.  Tell them that there hasn’t been a penny to spend at the club for well over a decade and that a continuation of this will see the club haemorrhage support and spiral downwards towards yet another administration.

Then tell them that Cellino is promising to invest millions into the club, that he intends to re-purchase and develop Elland Road into a modern state-of-the-art stadium as well as ploughing megabucks into the improvement of the squad.  Tell them that, if Cellino is approved, a run to the play-offs this season is likely and Leeds might be back challenging for honours as early as next season.  Mention that, even if the club failed to go up this season, then with Cellino’s backing they will certainly romp home to win the Championship next season.  Beyond that, the sky would be the limit – but tell them that you see a Cellino-owned Leeds United back at the very forefront of the English game, busting the current Champions League cartel wide open.

Tell them, in conclusion, that this is a pivotal moment in Leeds United history, that the club is at a crossroads and that we are depending on their swift and unequivocal approval of Cellino to save us from a bleak future of despair and failure – and to propel us instead onwards and upwards to a new glory era. Emphasise how we are depending on them for our very existence as a club with a future in the English game.

It’s that simple.  Tell them all that – then just sit back.  You won’t have to wait for long.  If they get enough feedback of that nature, it will take them approximately five minutes to reject Cellino’s purchase of Leeds United out of hand, with assurances that Leeds are part of the football family etc etc.  We can rely on them for this, it’s all happened before.  Once they’re certain of what’s worst for Leeds, then that’s what they will decree.

So if you want to block Cellino – beg for him to be accepted.  In the perverted, perverse world of the Football League and the other authorities in the game with regard to their relationship with Leeds United, such a contrary approach is the only one guaranteed to succeed.

On the other hand – if you want Cellino in, then ignore everything I’ve just put, and write in damning him as a malign influence who would be certain to have the club wound up and Elland Road burned down within six months. You see how it works?

You pays your money, you takes your choice.  Whatever you want for Leeds United – just ask the Football League for the opposite.  ‘Twas ever thus.