Arsene Wenger ‘met with Robin van Persie’s agent to discuss transfer back to Arsenal’

Even Leeds Fans are Laughing at Man U – Part II. Now van Persie wants a transfer back to a big club that can play in the Champions League. Could Man U be after Varney when his Blackburn loan expires??


16 responses to “Arsene Wenger ‘met with Robin van Persie’s agent to discuss transfer back to Arsenal’

  1. Its valentines day Rob but I’m not feeling the love with this one lol


  2. Did you read what the secret footballer Dave Kitson (oops) suggested about their demise? Apparently he has it on good authority that the whisky nosed twat deliberately failed to strengthen the the scums squad and thereby preserve his legendary intimidator/manager status. That explains ashley young then, he was clearly part of red nose,s scorched earth plan.


  3. Btw,that chris farnell sounds like a right ghastly creature,even if he didn’t assault his wife,grabbing her phone from her is disgraceful. Shame she didn’t grab his phone from him on deadline day.


  4. so what


  5. Just been perusing NewsNow and there’s a report by the ever reliable daily mail on the huddesfield v scum FA youth cup match on friday night. They state that the grandson of Leeds legend “Mel Charles” scored the winner for town. Tits! Good result mind.


    • It seems to be a matter of professional pride for them to get these LUFC-related things wrong. Still, they’re not known as the Daily Fail for nothing.


      • It’s not a recent phenomenon with them either. They were the paper who were sold the fake photo of “Nessie” in the 30s. Didn’t they buy the Hitler diaries in the 80s also?


      • That’s them. And they were cosying up to Hitler in the thirties, too. Of course, they’ve lurched to the right since those days…


  6. Ha ha nice one. Apparently they were concerned about the immigration status of “nessie” aswell, after that surgeon sold them the photo.


  7. Monster raving loony party. You set them up and i’ll knock them in.


  8. With Cellino’s sale of Cagliari now in doubt, do you think for one second that anyone at all at Elland Road or Bahrain has the intelligence to contact the Al Thani family?
    These blokes own Paris St Germain, not some pokey Serie B outfit with no ground and more managers than Tesco’s!
    Not only that, their wealth makes Cellino look poverty-stricken.


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