Are YOU One of the 5,226 Loyal Leeds Fans to Fight Harvey and the FL?? – by Rob Atkinson

Harvey - the spectre haunting Elland Road

Harvey – the spectre haunting Elland Road

The other week, rumours were growing by the day that the buffoons of the Football League, under the grievously bent leadership of Shaun Harvey, were about to throw a spanner yet again into the works at Leeds United. Despite things clearly being on the up at Elland Road, the League seem determined still to get their man, that elusive quarry being il Presidente himself, Massimo Cellino. Ignoring the active presence of rapists, pornographers and sundry other unsavoury types at other football clubs, Harvey and his bunch of senile dotards are determined to seek revenge on Big Mass (I call him this because I know it aggravates the idiots) for thwarting them on appeal earlier this year to take control at Leeds.

So, as tends to happen, a petition was launched. The thing is, this particular petition was really well-worded, straight to the point and advancing the highly relevant argument that the so-called “Fit and Proper Test” should not be applied retrospectively. In other words, once Cellino is in – no matter how he got in – he should be left to get on with it as long as he’s doing a good job and not being naughty.

This was precisely the argument I’d used just days previously, in a blog entitled “Fit & Proper Test’ Should NOT Apply to Leeds Chief Cellino“. So I could hardly wait to sign and publicise such an obviously well thought-out petition, and I subsequently wrote another article encouraging Leeds fans to sign it and share it, so as to attract as much support as possible and show the League they will not be allowed to act without accounting for those actions.

The petition has gone on to be extremely well-supported, with – at the time of writing this – 5,226 signatories since it went live. That’s brilliant – but the thing is, it’s nothing like enough. So, if you’re one of those loyal 5,226 people who have taken the necessary few minutes to show your support for the revolution going on at Elland Road (and your disapproval of Harvey and the League) – then well done. But – what more can you do? Well, tell people, get them to sign too. Share this article, share the petition. Get friends, family, fellow supporters involved. This could be huge – but only if people who love Leeds United are willing to put in the effort to make it work.

If you haven’t signed yet – then please do so, if you feel able. The consequences of Cellino being forced to sell the club are dire at best. The method whereby this sale would be forced is not clear at the moment. What would such compulsion do to the sale price? Who would repay Cellino’s investment so far? Who on earth would end up owning us next? We don’t know, but we can fearfully speculate. The League doesn’t know either – and it doesn’t seem to care. The League seems entirely comfortable with the idea of setting Leeds United off into another fog of uncertainty, losing money and playing staff alike, sliding down the leagues like a greased pig and heading – for all any of us know – for yet another administration. After all, causing clubs to enter administration is rather a speciality of Shaun Harvey in his disaster-strewn and corrupt career so far.

The League doesn’t give a tuppenny toss about the outcome of its intended actions. Stung by losing in court to Cellino, these pompous idiots simply want to regain lost face and show who the bosses are. If Leeds United AFC were to be a casualty of all of this – then you can count on it, none of them would lose a minute’s sleep. Perhaps Harvey and Bates would even share a conspiratorial chuckle between themselves in a smug telephone conversation after Leeds are no more.

Cellino and his legal team can certainly handle themselves – that much we have seen, and it’s quite probable that Harvey and his sorry, discredited mob will yet again be biting off more then they can chew. But it’s up to us fans, too. Please join over 5,000 Leeds United fans in signing and sharing this petition. Do all you can to ensure that everyone who might support it, sees it – and has the chance to register their own opposition to this pathetic and needless League vendetta.

Remember: All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men (and women) do nothing. Doing nothing is not an option if we really want to look out for our club. Support Leeds United – support the petition. Do it as soon as you can and share it with as many as you can, so they can do it too – and so on and so forth, till we have thousands more angry Leeds fans, up in arms, making our feelings known, telling the League to get stuffed. Be in no doubt at all – it really does matter.

MOT – and thanks.


34 responses to “Are YOU One of the 5,226 Loyal Leeds Fans to Fight Harvey and the FL?? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. sniffersshorts

    Rob, it goes without me bleating on as one of those who did sign the petition and I am going to throw caution to the wind as I cant believe only 4000 or so intelligent Leeds united fans have signed this . COME EVERYONE WHO LOVES THIS CLUB JUST DO IT…. unfortunately due to location and working most Saturdays I cant effectively get up to LS11 As much as I would like, however what we need is someone like your good self to get some banner up, something big a colourful with that gits face on Xed out and get outside the ground and canvas this to the hilt …. surely then the numbers would rise 20k plus at least. or if not you there must be someone or some bodies who can take this challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Peter Hill

    I have signed a number of petitions on behalf of myself and my wife over the past week, as I feel that this matter will not go away, especially with Harvey in charge….. no doubt with Bates’ hand up his backside working his mouth! As I postulated on one of the many fans forums last week, I feel that the FL dare not make their slimy move until all legal avenues have been exhausted. Just imagine if the FL forced Cellino to sell his shares, with a possible result of our club being toppled into administration or worse. Further down the line, Cellino’s expensive and excellent legal team succeed in their appeals, and Cellino is found either not guilty or even guilty but with no criminal intent. As a result of this, Cellino and Leeds United, if it still exists, take out a massive lawsuit against the FL and the individual members of it’s board. That could even have consequences throughout the entire Football League, who knows?


    • It doesn’t bear thinking about. Have they really thought this through?? I don’t think so. I think they’re motivated by a visceral hatred of Leeds United.


  3. I have signed Rob.
    What about asking ‘LUST’?
    They have 9,000 members


  4. Rob, it may come down to a mass demonstration outside parliament or something akin. I hate Harvey and i hate Bates with a vengence!


  5. I always like reading your stuff pal top draw stuff. The problem is not everyone is on the web . Someone needs to get down ER on a match day and get a petition going . I dont know also what lust are about why dont they do somthing if their for the supporters…


  6. sniffers shorts

    The MC is also in negotiations to buy back ER surely these knob ends can see he is fit and proper is this not a benefit to the club….. Again their intentions stink and the slime balls are just vultures on the fences slaviating and waiting to pick the carcass clean on the cheap…. The rabbit is just waiting the chance to feast on us on the cheap and line his pockets again ….. For too long we have been fucked over sorry it makes me mad Rob ….. The mere sign of us as being seen to be successful they want to knock us down….. This includes every other team in the leagues they want our Demise and to wind us up ….. Who else comes under so much scrutiny in football name me one other club grrrrrrr


  7. Hi Rob, thanks for the prompt, I signed the first petition a few weeks ago, and only on reading your excellent article did I know there were others. I’ve now signed all three, shame they can’t just add up the signatures of all three. I take my hat off to you, and to those who set up the petitions. Fingers crossed we get the right result. John.


  8. sniffersshorts

    Please don’t ever paste that mans face on your blog ever again the look on his rabbit face makes me sick to the stomach smug teat …. I would love to face him up and vent my spleen Harvey the Rabbit you are gonna regret your actions my mush crossing my gypsy bloodline is not a good move bring my club down at your peril MOT


  9. sniffers shorts

    Via Veritas Vita ….. Sorry not fighting talk just as we begin to pick ourselves up from decades of pain I just got angry


  10. sniffersshorts

    Get that printed on our shirts every one will rise for us onwards Christian soldiers via veritas Vera …. How that would get miwaws noses as well they virtually nicked one of our terms can’t quite recall it …. Or don’t want to …… Fancy the MC to be the others strain though well we worship one God and so does he onward christs soldiers ……. Sorry case of vino veritas through wine we speak the truth Hic night gramma ha your mad I am MOT VVV


  11. seagullbus

    The main issue being overlooked in that Karl Oyston (Blackpool FC Chair) is the C/S representative on the FL board, who has been declared bankrupt himself and whos father owns the club. Harvey is an employee of the FL and is certainly an impartial contributor,but Oyston is the key driver imo. He might want to answer why he invited Brian Mawlwhinney to be a guest of honour at Bloomfield Road,immediately after the 15 point debacle some years back on which he adjudicated.


  12. No point in protesting at ER, let’s get coaches down to FL headquarters when they try to put the knife in yet again, do it loudly and make the news, expose these crooks !


    • Would the media take any notice if what we did was not a part of their agenda? Some very significant protests have been completely overlooked these past few years. Call me cynical, but I don’t think we can rely upon impartial, disinterested reporting any more – if we really ever could.


  13. That photo of Harvey in his lofty East Stand padded seat makes me want to chunder. And the thumbnail one next to “The damned united”…. the first (printable) word that springs to mind is “GORMLESS”.
    I’m no legal expert otherwise I’d be earning a lot more than I am, but hasn’t Harvey kind of disqualified himself for having anything to do with a decision on MC’s “Director’s Test revisited-as-many-times-as-we-see-fit-until-we-get-the-result-that-we-want”?
    His dimwitted statements to the media have shown a complete lack of impartiality, with an entrenched bias in that he has already pre-judged Cellino to be guilty and therefore improper.
    After these public statements he would have effectively disqualified himself from jury service in any Court case involving Mr Cellino, so no doubt the Cellino legal team will be all over the fact that any Harvey involvement in a decision will be denial of a “fair trial” and due process has probably already been compromised.
    P.S. I have signed the petition too. Well done mate.


  14. Just going home and that photo of Harvey above has made me very ill.
    Thanks rob lol.


  15. According to BBC Dolce and Gabbana cleared by the appeal court in Italy of tax evasion.However, Sean Harvey comments that ,having been convicted of tax evasion in 2 lower courts ,they were clearly fraudsters who were unfit to run a clothes shop in the UK and should have been forced to sell their global business by the regulators. He is now refusing to wear D&G and has started a petition asking all FL supporters to do the same until they confess to their heinous crimes


  16. Signed the petition as soon as it was launched mate. Thanks to your reminder, I’ve just tweeted your blog and the petition link, so hopefully the masses of Aussie Leeds fans will see it and sign. MOT


  17. Tommy McGuinness

    Rob, I don’t think that people appreciate SH involvement in the Bates regime.
    What surprises me is how this man as got to where he as.I remember him addressing the LUSC when the Krasner Consortium owned Leeds and have to say he was embarrassing.SH started off saying what great all over the world support Leeds had,adding the last club he was involved in (Bradford City)only had one Supporters Branch.At this point it was pointed out that was because Geoffrey Richmond had followed the Bates Route by getting rid of the other Supporters Club Branches.From that point on SH became a verbal wreck and finally admitted he had been asked to attend because the Consortium couldn’t be bothered.
    He was like a rabbit in the headlights,he was spluttering incoherently in the end.


  18. phil vargy

    eve bleeding us dryen if he has done wrong he has still like everyone who makes mistakes in life deserves a chance he has proved he can run a club by getting us on a stable front the fa should be made to pay for letting gfh pass there fit and not proper test they were bleeding us dry we would of been bankrupt they no he has done a good job but they are trying to think of a way of of not going against a rule they have because they no he has saved leeds united they no they will be wrong and it could be in with a fight its like the government closing a firm down for paying taxes and makintg a profit and doing everything legit it would be totally out of order I will go to there offices and protest they can not say he has not saved leeds full stop yes he is ruthless but that’s what we have needed yet they have past people who have ruined clubs so do the right thing fa because you will gain more respect because you can not say he has not saved us its fact


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