Angry Leeds Fans in Protest at F.L. HQ, Preston TOMORROW – by Rob Atkinson

The Football League: rubber-stamped as corrupt

The Football League: rubber-stamped as corrupt (and incompetent)

The Football League Operations Centre at Edward VII Quay, Navigation Way, Preston PR2 2YF will be the scene of peaceful protest tomorrow, as Leeds United fans turn up in force to hold the League to account for their callous and ignorant treatment of its biggest and most famous member club. The local police are fully aware of the planned protest and have liaised with the organisers to ensure a smooth and peaceful event, between 10:00 and noon on the day.

There is no need to go over the fine details of the League’s mistreatment of Leeds United here. It’s all been well-documented enough – and the League in its complacency has taken not a blind bit of notice despite all the articles, arguments and logic placed before it. Serenely ignorant, they have blundered on, determined to act in the worst interests of United, flying in the face of their own guiding principles. It is time, therefore, to turn up in numbers and to make some noise. We must devoutly hope that the media will take an interest so that, perhaps, a few ripples may spread further afield. This blog understands that BBC Look North are interested in the event – again, let us hope so.

The other purpose of the protest event is officially to present to the FL a printout of the petition (publicised on this blog a number of times in the past few weeks). This petition has now broken the 20,000 barrier. That’s not so far off an average home attendance for Leeds in these parlous days; pretty good going for a campaign that is largely confined to online media and will therefore not have reached the ears of many less tech-minded Leeds fans.

The protest in Preston is the culmination of months, years, decades of shoddy treatment of our club Leeds United at the hands of the League. Finally, we have the opportunity to be heard.

Support the petition. Support the protest. Make your voice heard. We may never get another chance as good as this.

15 responses to “Angry Leeds Fans in Protest at F.L. HQ, Preston TOMORROW – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Great article rob.been only a man of 18,when did the football league start there vendetta against it from the revie era.


  2. Will you be coming Rob? There is still too much apathy from a lot of fans. Regarding Look North, if it had been a Sheffield club they would send a posse of reporters!


  3. sniffersshorts

    Let’s hope the pen of many is greater than the sword of the few Rob


  4. Remember that dickhead, Hardacre? Well his tenure coincided with the rise of the mighty Whites under the famous Don. It started with the character of Hunter, Charlton, Giles and King Billy! With
    the artistry, poise and sublime skill of Cooper and Reanny and the deadly accuracy of Lorimer. It started when Leeds were virtually unplayable and unbeatable. Oh the days!


  5. This whole charade makes me feel ashamed to be a United fan. Absolute disgrace when our so called supporters can turn out in such force to berate the FL who simply have the best interests of our once great club in mind. When will you fools realise that Cellino is the evil one in all of this and Sean Harvey, Mike Farnan et al are our saviours?

    I give up and am off to Wakefield for some more slap & tickle.


  6. Any media present will be PRAYING for Leeds fans to get abusive and/or violent, because they can do their well-rehearsed “Leeds Scum” routine and the FL will feel vindicated.
    So, despite the fact that Shaun fully deserves a size 12 up the proverbial, and the sight of Football League HQ razed to the ground would warm the cockles of many a Leeds fan’s heart, I instead hope all goes noisily, attracts plenty of media interest and that our point is put across strongly and clearly, but most of all passes off peacefully.
    Good luck with the protest, I look forward to reading/seeing how it went. MOT


  7. I think Jonty must have been taking the piss…


  8. it’s a dismal choice though Rob is it not: between a convicted fraudster who has signally failed to fulfil his promises to the club (no ground buyback, League One standard signings, an academy withering on the vine, cheap and cheerful managers) and a FL which you rightly say has it in for leeds and always has had. Still feel a new owner is our only potential salvation. I hope i am wrong!


  9. wetherby white

    well work dictated that I wont be their, probarly for the best – one smirk from Harvey I couldn’t be held responsible for my actions and Im far to old now to visit a Lancastrian police cell.
    Massive round of applause to all those who make it and just in case anyone doesnt know what Harvey looks like, he’s short, plump, shifty looking, will be sweating a lot and is a dead ringer for toad of toad hall!


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