Leeds United Needs a New Vinnie – by Rob Atkinson

Happy 50th Birthday to Vinnie Jones, Leeds United legend.

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Sir Vincent Jones Sir Vincent Jones

The men who took Leeds United back into the top-flight the last time it happened in 1990 are, of course, legends now.  They rank alongside some of the Revie boys because they rescued the club from eight years in the wilderness and restored us to the big time.  We had our own diminutive red-haired midfielder as a sort of latter-day homage to Billy Bremner – wee Gordon Strachan, who played a mighty part in the renaissance of Leeds with his leadership and goals.  It was a team effort though, and it was as a team that they succeeded – Strachan apart there was no major star, but the guts and drive of the collective effort eclipsed all rivals by the end of that fantastic season when we were crowned Second Division Champions in sun-drenched and strife-torn Bournemouth.  And nobody in the whole club at that time epitomised…

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8 responses to “Leeds United Needs a New Vinnie – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Rob, rally the troops for tomorrow. Everyone seems Anti Cellino right now.


  2. lain Alcorn

    Could not agree more. The team need someone to get hold of them on the pitch like Collins, Bremner, Strachan or Jones at the moment we do not have such a leader on in the squad.
    Trouble is there aren’ t many out there, perhaps another “bad boy” Joey Barton? There may be other midfield dynamos who could do the job, but with a transfer embargo its unlikely any would be available. In my last reply l said that in my opinion this position was the most important, A quality striker and central defender and wingers would be welcome, but we need a LEADER on the pitch more than anything.
    This squad,is stronger than any we have had since our Premiership days, it is just lacking one or two extra, quality, additions and given time to blend we will be back where we belong.


  3. Aye, great lad Vinny- a leader who the troops will rally behind- vastly underrated as Ive said on these pages before. How is he these days- I know he’s been fighting illness. Really hope he pulls through.


  4. that’s good news Rob- on a totally unrelated topic I predicted that Matt Smith would score 20 plus goals this season for Leeds and lead them to promotion- Seems I was right- just got the wrong club!! He’s on a hat trick with Bristol City this evening- why was he let go? strange decision that one for me.


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