Crazy Gang Visit Kennel Club as Terriers Seek Revenge Against Loopy Leeds – by Rob Atkinson

Mirco scores against the DBs

Mirco scores against the DBs

A return to league action after the traditionally blank FA Cup 4th Round weekend for Leeds sees United attempt to complete a second successive league double, in the wake of that unlikely but welcome achievement against high-flyers Bournemouth. On paper, completing the six-point tally against Huddersfield should be an easier task – but as usual in local derbies, Leeds will have to deal with the Cup Final complex felt to a particularly acute degree by our canine friends from down t’road.

The fact that Bournemouth, so effective in the Championship this season, have been dismissed twice by Leeds’ stuttering and inconsistent performers says much about the topsy-turvy nature of this second tier. Anyone, it seems, can beat anyone else – Leeds have also beaten Derby at Elland Road, yet have contrived to lose to some awfully mundane teams too – and this must be the fear as far as Saturday’s game at Town’s Meccano-inspired stadium is concerned. Elland Road has hardly been a fortress for the Whites this term, and arguably their most complete performance came in the 3-0 demolition of Huddersfield back in September. Revenge will be high on the agenda for Chris Powell’s men – not that this David normally needs any added incentive to try and best their own particular Goliath.

Leeds are this years Football League Crazy Gang, mad as a box of frogs from top to bottom, with the management crying out for proven Championship performers whilst selling such men by the job lot. Warnock and Pearce have left, with the addition of the impressively huge Sol Bamba, of whom we must hope he will also be hugely impressive. Bamba has been kicking his heels as a Serie A outcast and is likely to see his first action in a Leeds shirt in this derby encounter. Fellow Italian league loanee Granddi Ngoyi is also likely to be pushing for inclusion and should at least make the bench. Steve Morison, nursing a hip problem, should be fit to continue his sole striker role.

For Huddersfield, midfield man Jonathan Hogg is a doubt due to a knock, new loan signing David Edgar stands by to deputise. Huddersfield’s bark has been worse than their bite this season, but there will be the usual rabid desire to put one over on the hated foes from Elland Road – so we can expect a terrier-like showing as they doggedly hound their opponents for every ball.

Allowing for the Cup Final factor, Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything can see a draw as the most likely reward for Leeds United this weekend. An annoying defeat, however, would also be quite in character – especially after the high of defeating the league pace-setters last time out.

On balance, a 1-1 draw seems a fairly good bet – though with Chris Foy in charge anything at all is possible. In the highly-charged atmosphere of these Yorkshire derby occasions it’s probably more likely than not that one or both teams will suffer dismissals, especially with a temporarily demoted Premier League flop ref looking to regain some credibility. On the plus side, he did OK at the Theatre of Hollow Myths five years back, when Leeds slew the Pride of Devon in their own back yard.

This blog will stick its neck out, more in hope than expectation, and plump for a 2-1 success for Leeds. The character shown in the 4-2 victory at this venue a few years back would do admirably – and, indeed, nothing less should be acceptable where Yorkshire bragging rights are at stake. Three points here, with maybe another signing or two to come by close of business on deadline day – and it will have been another decent week for the Crazy Gang, our beloved Loopy Leeds.


18 responses to “Crazy Gang Visit Kennel Club as Terriers Seek Revenge Against Loopy Leeds – by Rob Atkinson

  1. A real tuf one to call this rob , leeds have beaten the top three teams this season but on the flip side they have lost to two teams in the bottom four ,, will the real leeds united please turn up…
    My prediction is a 2-1 victory with morison getting on the score sheet !!
    You heard it hear first mate MOT


  2. The universes biggest clubs new cup final tomorrow.The M1 will be packed tomorrow morning with LUFC fans from Reading \Oxford etc clogging Leicester Forest with their moccuchinos and fake Yorkshire accents ! Worse than Man Utd.Anyone ever met a Leeds fan born and bred in Leeds ? Nah, me neither. Closest usually Wakey ! PS Last time Leeds did the double over Town Adolf Hitler was running Germany…


    • Whenever I hear a dog-botherer talk, I’m always reminded of the Doctor Johnson quote: ” Sir, a woman’s preaching is like a dog’s walking on his hind legs. It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all.”


  3. RoystonLUFC

    yeah, well said Mr Orange: Morison on the score-sheet would do for me. He’s got his critics here at ER, but that’s because Leeds fans are a bunch of whingers who are only happy when it rains…I think he’s a good member of our team and even if he doesn’t score, his link-up work is invaluable and he really lays it on for others to score.

    I actually think – eek! – that we’re going to trounce the dog-botherers tomorrow. 5-0. You heard it here first, folks.


  4. by ‘eck Royston, that’s a bold call. But i hope you are right!


    • RoystonLUFC

      hey Mr Pot, I was wrong but I’m not complaining.
      So far this year we’ve won two and drawn two: that’s promotion form!


  5. Dan is a typical dog-botherer very very thick and obsessed with Leeds. They for some reason call us Yids but when you ask them why they don’t have a clue why im not even sure they have the brain power to even know what the term yid even means. Then they accuse us of always living in the past but try shutting them up when it comes to the success they had in the 1920s success may i add that not one of them is even old enough to remember and was only down to the football league wrongly expelling Leeds City leaving Herbert Chapman (after he had won his own appeal after been banned himself) to join the poodles and carry on with the success that he started at Leeds City.


  6. “The land that time forgot”, has always been a den of hatred, whenever Leeds have the misfortune to visit there, with the usual “chavs” bating the 4000 Leeds fans, from the safety of their half empty main stand.
    It is their Cup Final and certainly not Leeds’s and they have all been going on about it in the local media, as usual, for all of this week, because for some strange reason, they are totally obsessed with Leeds.
    They will probably raise their game as usual against Leeds and then lose the next ten games after that.
    The thing that sickens me the most is that they arrogantly call themselves “The Yorkshire Club” in their P.R. advertising, which is a huge insult to every other football club in Yorkshire.


  7. The terriers have some real quality in the side now Scannel, Hogg Butterfield, Coady Wells, Vaughan to name a few ! Leeds will be lucky to get anything out of this game when considering 2 of their best players have gone and they talk of starting 2 new recruits still yet to gel. The pending defeat will least it will give you boys something else to moan about. UTT.



    Udders-feeled 0 Leeds 5. Bamba gets hatrick, all headers. Morison get 2 both bicyle kicks from edge of the box. Trust me. Right, I’ll leave you with that thought. I wonder how many people I can feed with 5 loaves and 2 fishes? . . 5.


  9. David Smith

    Mr Atkinson….. you are a prophet & a seer !! Now for the Lottery !!


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