Leeds Ram Wigan Chairman’s Taunts Back Down His Throat as Mowatt Strikes – by Rob Atkinson

Mowatt - poise, polish and a lethal finish in either foot

Alex Mowatt – poise, polish and a lethal finish in either foot

Outgoing Wigan chairman Dave Whelan became the second club figurehead in a matter of weeks to make the mistake of speaking in haste before repenting at leisure. Not so long back, Middlesbrough owner Steve Gibson saw fit to poke fun at the Massimo Cellino situation, by sanctioning the display of a huge banner displaying his own none-too-attractive mug above the legend “Fit and Proper“. In associating himself with other “fit and proper” Football League types like convicted rapist Owen Oyston, Gibson perhaps did himself no favours. But he committed a greater sin in winding up the Whites, who promptly scored a smash and grab win against the Smoggies. Thanks for the motivation, Steve. And for the three – no, sorry – six points. Very kind, if not all that clever.

Dave Whelan yesterday. Not a racist - honest...

Dave Whelan yesterday. Not a racist – honest…

Then yesterday at Wigan‘s DW Stadium, Dave Whelan, a bluff old cove who some think of as anti-semitic due to rather unwise and ill-considered comments in the wake of appointing Malky Mackay as manager, just couldn’t resist having a pop at visitors Leeds United. When he made his valedictory address to Wigan’s tiny and scattered band of home supporters, old Whelan reflected on a tenure that had seen his club reach and stay for a while in the Premier League, as well as enjoying an unlikely Wembley success against Manchester City. But then he simply had to permit himself an FA Cup jab at the Whites that must have made his manager hold his head in his hands. “Leeds haven’t won the Cup in 25 years“, huffed the old gent, inaccurately (whisper it, but it’s actually 43 years and counting). The travelling United faithful who made up a fair proportion of the crowd and nearly all the noise, were not impressed – and proffered some loud and anatomically impossible advice, in a raucous chorus, as to what Whelan should forthwith do with himself. The players, for their part, merely rolled up their sleeves and prepared for battle.

The result was another 1-0 away win, not quite as Alamo-esque as the Boro one, but still defying the possession and total shots on goal statistics. The Whites’ winner, when it arrived early in the second half, was a fine strike from the increasingly deadly Alex Mowatt, who wrapped his right foot around the ball on the edge of the area to send it hurtling mightily beyond a helpless Scott Carson in the Pie-eaters’ goal. It was a sublime strike – particularly when you remember that Mowatt is supposed to be left-footed (as evidenced by a series of clinical recent free-kick goals). The presence of Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers in the stands will have worried those keen to see United hang onto their young stars; as Eddie Gray apparently murmured, “Well, he’s not here to watch any Wigan players”. Leeds duly hung on to see the match out and complete another welcome victory, all the more satisfactory for that sense of having put a bigmouth in his place.

It’s probably too much to hope for that any other club owner or departing chairman will be so kind as to do Redders’ team talk for him, but really, you never know. The irony with which the Leeds crowd so regularly sing “We’re not famous any more” is calculated to a nicety. The fact is that some of the clubs at this level are still pinching themselves at the privilege they have in regularly hosting an outfit with such a global reputation. And some individuals are simply so carried away with the excitement and glamour of this, that they just can’t refrain from a little unwise counting of chickens before hatching time. How their harassed managers must silently damn their folly when the points then slip away, West Yorkshire-bound.

So much for silly old Mr Dave Whelan then. On the day, as on so many days this season, the one and only Whelan of the moment was Noel David of that ilk, a former United hero who had an endearing habit of scoring against Man U in his playing days, and who – although he now earns a footballing crust elsewhere in the Championship – remains Leeds to the core, wearing his heart on his sleeve and utterly failing to remain impartial. How the Leeds fans love him for it; for his “GET IINNNNNN!!!” when Leeds score and his wit and caustic humour in commentary with Adam Pope on Radio Leeds. It’s such a treat to listen to – that victory cry of Snowy Whelan’s when Leeds score is just something else; you can virtually hear the veins in his neck bulging. It’s fantastic stuff, and a marked contrast to the rather more low-key commentary available elsewhere.

So Leeds march on and it’s been another satisfactory weekend with three points for the Whites, and losses for some of those we love to despise, notably Millwall, who are beginning to look ever more comically doomed to the drop. Next week it’s a resurgent Nottingham Forest at Elland Road and another stiff test for Redders’ Leeds. But it’s fair to say the pressure is all but off now; we’re looking cautiously upwards instead of back at the dog-eat-dogfight.

More on Forest – and Snowy Whelan – during the coming week here on Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything. Stay tuned…

25 responses to “Leeds Ram Wigan Chairman’s Taunts Back Down His Throat as Mowatt Strikes – by Rob Atkinson

  1. I have never taken to Dave Whelan. I don’t really know why. We all do it, just take an instant dislike to someone on telly that we have never met.
    Its not the Jewish reference because I honestly believe he was using Judaism as an example rather than trying to offend. Same with the Chinese reference, I dont believe he is foolish enough to deliberately offend the Chinese community either. I couldn’t care less about Malky’s appointment either. I cant deny his many successes in sport or business,
    Its just that, well, I’m not sure exactly, but he just seems to be a bit of a Tosser.


  2. Not to contradict Eddie Gray but Rodgers was supposedly there to watch Sheyi Ojo, on loan from Liverpool.


    • Well, Eddie did say not a Wigan player. Sadly, I’m sure there will be interest in some of the uncut diamonds this coming summer.


      • ive said the same and got slammed for it………the vultures are circling in the belief leeds are devoid of leadership and once again in a complete mess off the pitch……. its hard to dispute that

        its also a strange feeling at the moment, our squad and the coach are doing well but its frustrating to see that and think we could lose it all in the summer


  3. The problem with Dave Whelan is he genuinely thinks that because Wigan won the Cup 2 years ago no club can touch them for success and genuinely believes that they are one of the biggest clubs around and have a great fan base. He conveniently forgets that 3 days after winning the cup they were relegated and that there fan base would make most non league clubs attendances look bad. He is just a silly old fool who can even get his history right when he says its 25 years since we last won the cup in fact its only 23 years since we were Champions of England an accolade Wigan never have and never will achieve.


    • That says it all about the different spheres the two clubs inhabit.


    • I do not understand why you are so aggravated with Dave Whelan, now if you wish to talk about people who THINK they are one of the biggest clubs around look no further than yourself and any other Leeds fan, you THINK you were European Champions, you THINK you are massive, you THINK you deserve everything but in actuality you and your club are nothing more than whinging idiots. Dave Whelan or anyone else could not give a shit what your history is or was, it is irrelevant to everyone. Wigan Athletic are not big and no one there has ever said that the club was big, they are a family owned club who do not need to sell out to criminal scumbags like Leeds have, did and will. TBH I would be desperate to sell it off as well, considering the whole club is nothing but a joke to the football league. Just a bunch of gobby little people who think they are more than what they are. 🙂 and I doubt this will get through a check


  4. Magic support at wigan Rob 5.000 + the dog.


  5. Nigel Baker

    Surprised he didn’t mention when someone ‘deliberately’ broke his leg in a cup final. He likes telling that one…


  6. Come on lads whats wrong with a bit o banter, put a mic n chairman daves ands n what u expect. Great away support yesterday n respect to the dog, takes me me back to our Springfield Park days. For all his failings he has been great fot the Latics and what he has done for the town of Wigan spech in ploughin millions of is own dosh into the Wiagan Youth Zone. Gud luck to LUFC in’t comin seasons a sleppin giant if I ever sin 1!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Another unfair and totally biased blog.
    DW wasn’t being nasty it was just a bit of “banter” which you have chosen to ridicule to perpetuate your childish thoughts concerning any other club but Leeds!
    I also heard him say we were a great club and great supporters – you don’t mention that!


    • No, but you have Graham, so everything’s alright with the world again – until the next time you find an injustice that affects your noble and omniscient view of things. You utter hero.


  8. lufcjames92

    I didn’t think Wigan were that desperate to boost their attendance that they would allow a dog though the turnstiles and the dog still made more noise than any Wigan fan could.


  9. I’m jealous of the fella and his dog rob ,, do you think Leeds will let me in the kop next week with my jack Russell , he’s always wanted to see a game


  10. Always thought he was a prize arsehole since the days when he was campaigning for no promotion to / relegation from the premiership.

    Then you add on the anti Chinese and Jewish nonsense. His tacky sports shops with no gear a self respecting Leeds fan would be seen dead in. Then this petty jibe. Then the whole “I’m Mr Wigan me” carry on.


  11. If only we’d had a local entrepeneur, with the right intentions, chucking their money at us for the last 15 years rather than having that c**t Bates in charge! Come on everyone wouldn’t we rather have had a ‘Gibson’ or a ‘Whelan’ seeing us right rather than 2 scrappy, hard-worked for 1-0 away wins in 2015 making us all think we are on our way back to the top?!!


  12. The Leeds fans starting to sing when Dave Whelan started speaking, they just had to be the centre of attention and show disrespect for a man who built Wigan Athletic from the bottom. They didn’t like it when Whelan had a pop at them and they soon shut up. How about have some respect for Dave Whelan.

    P. S. I am a twat.


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