Top Ten Reasons People Hate Leeds United   –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. My dad told me to. 
  2. It’s totally cool to hate Leeds scum. 
  3. Everyone else in my school year hates them. 
  4. My grandad told me to. 
  5. The Daily Mirror told me to. 
  6. That ginger Peterborough fan told me to. 
  7. Erm…
  10. That’s it, with regard to this one.

15 responses to “Top Ten Reasons People Hate Leeds United   –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. 11 – because they have fans the rest can only dream of …… years in the wilderness , season all but over , but Wigan will be full today and they will sing from first whistle to last


  2. Belfast White

    What about 9 Rob? Because they ‘ad a good name from the start and we ‘ad to change from New’on ‘eath ‘cos nobody knew wherrr it wuz, ‘spacially drivin’ all way up frum Devon.


  3. David Smith

    7. Really jealous of Leeds fans togetherness. We’ve got nothing like their team support!! (lol)


  4. Rob,
    8. Because their team will never never get, where the mighty whites,have been or will eventually go


  5. They are all jealous of Leeds history, things that happened 40 years ago and most of all the fantastic fan base, which they all seem to dismiss, despite Leeds filling EVERY away ground allocation and giving every team their biggest attendance of the season.
    They are all bored with their own team and have a sideline hobby called “WATCHING EVERY MOVE THAT LEEDS MAKE” and openly gloat when Leeds are struggling or lose a game.
    The Huddersfield fans seem obsessed with Leeds, so much so, that they even like to listen and contribute their venom on Radio Leeds, when Leeds are playing and their team isn’t playing.


  6. Mmmmmm, Number 8 could be,
    “Because when they came to my Town in the 80s they vandalised everything in sight and beat up some innocent people who didn’t even know a match was happenning”.
    Sorry to add some realism, but 20/30/40 years ago, not everybody fancied themselves as a Hardman. The streets of some small Towns were not swimming in vomit on Friday and Saturday nights and *Laddish* behaviour was not the norm. Unfortunately nowhere is immune from alcohol mad British youth any more. Some time ago it was nothing like today and hoardes of loud drunken Leeds fans invading a Town on Saturdays was quite intimidating to local people who, to be fair, were just going about their business.
    Today, and from the 90s onwards all teams seem to have a group of fans who fancy themselves and Leeds no longer invade Towns completely unchallenged. There was a time when our fans did, and the mud has stuck, because unfortunately the rest of the Country has caught up with the bad example that we, Chelsea, Man U etc etc set.
    Luckily its all in the past, mainly due to enforcement of tighter laws using CCTV and fashions have changed and faded.. Memories take a little longer.


  7. Michel Dyson

    What a bloody misery you are Joe! Never heard of Millwall or Chelsea eh? WE ALL LOVE LEEDS!!! (Heh). Noel Whelan is a legend!


    • What a colourful personality Noel Whelan is and a brilliant co-commentator on Radio Leeds. They way that he still sings “Marching on together” and celebrates Leeds goals, shows that he is 100% Leeds, but where has Leeds born Noel, picked up his southern accent from ?
      Did he talk like that when he was at Leeds ?


  8. geoff gane

    I used to hate Leeds with a passion in the 1970s. However, when they won the title in 1992, I was thrilled to bits, and not just because they pipped Scumchester Urinal. Never forget they were robbed in Paris in 1975. The Premier League needs Leeds Utd and I hope they make it – as CLEAN Leeds.


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