Nottingham Forest to Change Club Motto in Wake of Leeds Defeat and Viral Pie-Fight Video – by Rob Atkinson


“Don’t bulleh meh, my owd duck”

Nottingham Forest, the club with the silliest nickname in football, are now set to have the silliest motto, after Leeds United rode roughshod over them at the City Ground to record a comfortable 2-0 victory.

The Forest nickname “The Tricky Trees” has been rightly mocked and derided throughout the game for years now. But, at least up until yesterday, their motto of Vivit Post Funera Virtus (Virtue Outlives Death) had lent a certain gravitas to the club, despite the laughable embarrassment of the Tricky Trees monicker. Since Saturday’s half-time shenanigans, though, when a pair of Nottingham’s finest squared up to each other over the last pie in the refreshments bar, it has been widely suggested that “Virtue Outlives Death” has become inappropriate, and should be replaced with the phrase uttered approximately 45 times, in ever higher-pitched and more indignant tones, by one of the protagonists in the now infamous Piegate Brawl. This phrase, expressed in the local Trentside vernacular, is “Don’t bulleh meh”, and translates roughly into normal English as, “I say, old chap, kindly desist from taking liberties and presuming to assault my person, you utter cad”.

Linguistic experts are even now attempting to translate the original idiom into tolerable Latin and, if they are successful, it is understood that Forest will confirm this as their new motto with immediate effect. A club spokesman commented, “Given the way Leeds United bullehed us yesterday, this seems highly apt. As a club, we should never accept being bullehed, especially on our home turf. It happened yesterday, but maybe a change of motto will change all that for future encounters with vastly superior teams. We certainly hope so, my owd duck”.

Ever willing to help, Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything suggested that Forest might like to consider “Nemo Me Impune Lacessit” as a suitable Latin rendering of the sentiment squeakily expressed by the irate gentleman in the pie bar. The club, however, whilst thanking us for our advice (and asking us also to pass on their thanks to Leeds United for yesterday’s footballing seminar) felt that this translation fails to do justice to the strong local flavour of the “bulleh meh” soundbite.

The matter, therefore, remains under consideration. A further statement will be issued at a later date.



12 responses to “Nottingham Forest to Change Club Motto in Wake of Leeds Defeat and Viral Pie-Fight Video – by Rob Atkinson

  1. steven emsley

    As entertaining as ever Rob and a round of applause for Pukka Pies


  2. Patrick hogan

    I may as well say it Rob and no doubt someone already has but I am out and about and can’t see other comments. Obviously if there was only one pie left who ate all the pies? P.S. I don’t recall coming across the Latin for pie at O level.


  3. Following your religious conversion yesterday, I am surprised you made no mention of Pie Jesu!!!


  4. Hilarious Rob. There is an even more hilarious one on you tube about a Birmingham city fan falling asleep in the toilets at a match and only waking up after every one had gone home. ps not for the kids.


  5. Graham Atkinson

    All their ducks in a row sort of sums up a possible new and maybe more successful line up for Forest of 1:9:1. Might be worth a try 😈


  6. Just to rub it in Pukka pies are produced in Lesta! Won’t go down well down in Notts. Never mind “they can just put all their pies & pasties and barms and cobs in the bin cos they only got them by cheating their way to the front o’ queue!” MOT!


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