Why is Elland Road Suddenly a Child-Free Zone?? – by Rob Atkinson

matt child

Matt Child – four month Chief Operating Officer tenure ends abruptly

News breaking out of the blue that Chief Operating Officer Matt Child has abruptly resigned his position at Leeds United has taken the Whites world by surprise. No explanation is currently being offered for Child’s departure from a post he has occupied for only four months. At the time of his appointment, he was enthusiastic and passionate about the task that then seemed to lie ahead of him:

“The opportunity to deliver value to your home-town team and city doesn’t happen that often, if at all, so when I was asked to step in, there was only one answer.

“I have been involved for a few months behind the scenes and have been hugely impressed by the president’s passion, commitment and will to win.

“We find ourselves in interesting times, but as a Leeds fan I know only too well that we are often at our best when we have adversity.”

The life-long Leeds supporter had summed up his feelings by stating “It’s clichéd but I’m genuinely honoured to represent the club.

Sadly, perhaps – and for reasons that so far remain shrouded in mystery – that honour was destined to be short-lived.

The departure of Matt Child is just the latest development in what appears from the outside to be an increasingly Machiavellian climate within the club, with banned owner Massimo Cellino refusing to commit himself to a particular course of action, and rumours flying about the possible involvement of the Genting Group – officially denied today and therefore more credible than ever – and Hollywood A-Lister Russell Crowe.

There appears to be little sign of the muddy waters at Elland Road clearing for the foreseeable future. As ever, the club remains a magnet for controversy and baffling speculation. Supporters will be looking forward to more news on Child, Crowe, Gentings and the various other currently hot topics – as well as, perhaps, that well-known sideline of actually playing games of football.

32 responses to “Why is Elland Road Suddenly a Child-Free Zone?? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. The only conclusion that can reasonably be drawn is that Child doesn’t feel that he fits in and that he can’t contribute his talent as he would wish to do. Have no idea why Umbers is hanging round tge place like a bas smell. Too close to Batesxfor my liking!


    • I thought that when Umbers was appointed, he sort of duplicated Child’s position, it was hard to see how two blokes could be running the show at the same time… and agree totally about Bates, he is bad smell personified.


  2. Would like to add that if he has walked as a matter of principle or conscience, good on him!


  3. Rob sadly we remain the ultimate ‘Basket Case’ and that will never change whilst CELLINO and GHF are anywhere near proceedings.
    A year ago I warned CELLINO would be an unmitigated disaster and believe more than ever he is.
    Neil REDFEARN has done a sensational job, which has masked the incredible turmoil behind the scenes. However CELLINO has no faith in him and was ready to sack him in January. REDFEARN in turn rates only two or three of CELLINOS signings and want to re build with players he believes can substantially improve the team.
    It is rumored that talks are progressing with a prospective buyer to take out both The Italian and GHF. We must all hope that the buyer firstly has clout and stature, and that CELLINO is outed as soon as possible.
    Remember he still allegedly has two pending Criminal Cases in Italy due to be heard in the next year.
    What a mess!!!!!!!


  4. whiteshotgun

    baffling!!!!!!!!!! life long Leeds fan gets dream job, then quits 4 months later, either he is a very smart young man, who has seen to many cracks appearing and does not like what he is seeing, or something is a foot , has he has been pushed !!!!!!!!!!!! the media is pumping itself up again …. Red Bull have pulled out Formula 1 , Russell on the JR show, Genting et all …. never a dull moment


  5. …and so the merry go round starts again, no surprises there. Are we really justified in being paranoid at everything going on at this great club, or is it actually because we are so famous, so big, so utterly awsome that we just don’t realise it. Our enemies are parked on the doorstep, our phones may be tapped just waiting for that slightest hint that something is about to happen. Could it be that the footballing world is gearing up and terrified that any time now the most powerful, the most feared, the most famous club in Europe is to be raised from the ashes like a fiery phoenix, born again.
    We may not be in the Premiere league yet, but boy! we are No 1 Premiere News.


  6. Jaffa of Essex County

    Any man who wears a blouse to work, is not going to stay there for very long.


  7. i thought it a little odd too rob ,,, as a fan of the club I’m always looking for consistency and no boats being rocked unless it’s necessary …. It would be interesting to know the real reason for his departure but I feel if we do find out we may be alarmed by it


  8. It’s worth looking at Simon O’Rourk’s “Opinion: The last big club – takeover thoughts” at http://www.2900miles.com


  9. Nigel Baker

    He apparently refused to pose with a can of RedBull in a corporate photo-shoot.


  10. ‘Can’t see Matt Child happy with Andrew Umbers and his interest in the American Peak 6 Investments consortium


  11. Ropey Wyla

    Seriously hope this resignation isn’t a sign of bad things to come!


  12. Again, see Simon O’Rourk “Leaks”


  13. Club in turmoil, Redfearn masking the problems. Hyperbole clearly isnt dead on this board. Redders is doing what he is paid to do. Work with the players and get results. He is doing just that. Cellino has pumped in an aweful lot of money and we all know the issues he faced when he bought the club and his well known problems with his Italian Customs VAT cases. The club really isnt in turmoil is it. We have a decent team and there will be more investment for next season. Cellino has money and he is willing to spend it. He hasnt actively marketed the club. Everything is simply press speculation designed to try and unsettle the team. The reality is that the future looks quite good it we can all resist the classic Leeds Fan trait of recent years i.e talking the club down and revelling in misery. Some of the fans actually do a better job of destroying harmony that the Daily Mail, Why cant we all Just get behind Redders, the tream and Cellino. The alternatives just arn’t worth thinking about.


  14. That genting group are the bunch shaun Harvey was trying to get to buy the club. So no fucking thankyou there.


  15. In the business of football we’ll get what we’re given. Knowledge is power and money follows power. Umbers got Child’s job because Umbers knows where the bodies are buried. Child can’t say what’s going on (no doubt subject to gagging orders) and we as fans are voiceless because, for sure, no one will tell us the truth… Hey, here’s an idea, let’s ask the liar what the truth speaker will say and then believe the opposite! Mr Bates, what do you think about Cellino selling Leeds?


  16. Very strange goings-on. I’m just glad this hasn’t happened in the middle of a push for the play-offs.


  17. Does anyone think there’ll be a Benefits Britain edition investigating the 1.5m in euro handouts received by ian duncan smith and his family for their estate?


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