Mad Massimo Cellino Broadly Hints at Rosler Sacking   –   by Rob Atkinson

Uwe Rosler: proud family history

In line with the current policy at Elland Road, owner Massimo Cellino has dropped a broad hint that new Leeds United head coach Uwe Rosler is to be sacked. Mr. Cellino has described Rosler as “a bit German for my liking”; the comments came in the hour immediately prior to confirmation that Rosler had been appointed.

Mr. Cellino is thought to be working hard on the details of the next three head coaches’ contracts. “I work hard for Leeds,” he insisted. “I never stop, my friend”. The aim at Leeds seems to be to have enough coaches lined up to cover team affairs until June, when Cellino’s next ban is expected.

Rosler is tipped to settle in at Elland Road and organise his office today, then spend tomorrow discussing transfer policy with Cellino while pleading for more time to make an impact in the job – and reminding Leeds fans that his grandad did, after all, bomb Old Trafford; before finally clearing his desk and shipping out on Friday. His replacement could be in post as early as next week. And out by the following weekend.

Massimo Cellino, 94, is beyond a joke.

23 responses to “Mad Massimo Cellino Broadly Hints at Rosler Sacking   –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. Philip of Spain.

    Rosler shows his super stellar ambition with the realisation that we can achieve a top ten position next season.Well blow me down with a feather and shock me to the floor.Top bloody ten,wow five higher than the last two seasons.I,m in awe.Not even a play off place.I give up.


  2. Cant believe we are back at this point after the initial hope that Cellino brought. When is it all gonna end?….I’m getting really cheesed off
    Aiming to finish 10th out of 24 is very unambitious
    Like aiming for a 3rd class degree or finishing 2nd on A Question of Sport.


  3. Ropey Wyla

    Very disappointed in Cellino for the appalling way Redders has been treated.
    Rosler, though undeniably German, must be given a chance and could even turn out to be good, which will inevitably see him sacked.
    Personally, I blame the Tories.


  4. White shotgun

    Just a couple of front bottoms ….. I will eat the contents of my back bottom if we finish top ten !!!!!!!!


  5. His next t-shirt will read ‘Uwe Rosler bombed out of Elland Road (choose month here) 2015’


  6. seagullbus

    Yup I’m really down about losing Redders who had something special with Tommo and the young lads.Lots of Leeds fans are really down too but even with the support of many, the organised groups cant make our voices heard and prefer to turn-again-on one another.
    Leeds Disunited becomes Leeds Disgruntled and fails to get the message over the owners.Good piece though Rob-it made me guffaw and chortle which as we know isnt a bad thing 🙂


  7. Simon Clarkson

    Its ground hog day


  8. Sensational, I’m loving these! keep them coming, one of these times though, be warned, you are going to be bang on the money
    Great Work !!
    Funnier still folks in facebook groups getting wound up by them
    When will it end…


  9. If Cellino is really what he appears to be there is a solution: anthrax on the tampax!


  10. Neil loses his ONE assistant and still finishes 15th – UWE has TWO assistant coaches, a Drirector of Recruitment, a Football Secretary – and AIMS FOR TENTH!!!
    …Wed possibly have been in the top six if Thompson hadn’t been removed and Neil’s position undermined.
    I have to thank our boys for rallying behind him and trying their best for him – interesting to see what happens on the pitch in 2015-16 – if he’s there that long!

    Another great article Rob! Keep ’em coming!!
    (bangs fist on chest)


  11. Mark benson

    rosler was spot on …. nobody with a brain would want to work with Cellino.
    He will be involved in transfers…. write a list hand it to Pearson who hands it to Cellino who throws it in the bin.
    don’t get the fans on your side….. We don’t want promotion we want a top ten finish.
    be a man like Cellino. … when you need to tell somebody something do it in a newspaper article.
    sacked before bonfire night seems a bit optimistic too…. probably be on gardening leave before the scouts start chumping.
    find the best players in the squad quickly….. The transfer window shuts in late August.
    let’s just hope pearsons trogan horse role brings somebody in to send il duce back to miami pronto. MOT.


  12. Massego obviously want’s a man who will obey orders. Zee bosh do not question insane orders!

    They simply excecute Zem!

    So just to recap… we’ve got a dictator (emphasis on the DICK) giving orders to a Kraut… Can’t see a problem there… What could go wrong?!

    Well look on the bright side Massego should surrender any time now.


  13. Mark benson

    Cellino’s top 5 achievements last season
    1. dave hockaday really did appear on sky sports
    2.darko milanic really is eastern Europe’s highest paid gardener
    3. Blackpool are still only the second worst run football club in the football league
    4. The “hundreds of applicants” for the coaches position now qualify for next week’s job seekers allowance
    5. cellinos wife and daughter now have a better understanding of the c word
    and to think we thought he had achieved nothing. MOT


  14. Michel Dyson

    If that madman thinks he will placate us by offering Neil his old job WRONG! He was the right man for the job. It’s the signing of all these Italian mercenaries (as proved by the disgraceful 6) that is ruining us on the pitch. What’s the point of the so called corn king if he won’t pay for real quality? You never hear Abramovich moaning,making a fool of himself by plastering his emotions. He just pays up.

    Wasn’t Rosler a Wigan failure? I hope he proves us all wrong,or it’ll be the P45 by my birthday (Twin towers day how apt!). Finger on the pulse again Rob. Someone has to speak out against him. To think i thought he was a saviour. They always say the devil appears as an angel…


  15. Belfast White

    I think Rosler is quite clever aiming for top ten: Gives Leeds fans hope of dizzying heights after the last 3 years. He doesn’t want to be too ambitious by saying top 6 ’cause then MESSimo would sack him for being too ambitious and stealing his limelight. Don’t forget ‘Team before self’ has been replaced with ‘Clown before club’


  16. I’m shocked we managed to recruit someone as good as rosler, thought we would end up with some Italian version of hockaday.

    Doesn’t matter though, if we start playing well, massivego will sack him for winning the popularity contest, the big whiney toddler with daddies money that he is.

    Disgusting treatment of redfern, cellino really is a cowardly little jumped up spoilt rich brat.

    “clown before club” excellent assessment of the new Leeds ethos.


  17. Michel Dyson

    What’s so good about Rosler? He wasn’t a massive success at his other clubs was he? Seems Rosler was 3rd choice for the job. It just shows you he must be desperate to take a poisoned chalice. I hope Redfearn,who is taking legal advice tells MC to shove the academy job up his ass! I certainly wouldn’t want to be a manager then demoted in my job.

    Five managers in a year is a disgrace! Most of us stuck up for him,a victim of the league buffoons. Looks like they weren’t such fools after all eh? He’ll get banned again and his puppets will hold the ship like last time. What way forward now for Leeds? I’m at a loss..


    • 1 we’ve actually heard of him, I was expecting some Itallian bloke from their version of the conference
      2 he knows the championship
      3 he knows what its like to play for a sleeping giant
      4 his teams play a hardworking attacking style
      5 he’s not festa, or darko back for a second spell
      6 his grandad bombed the theater of hollow myths


  18. Michel Dyson

    Well for point 6 alone i’ll give him a chance! Good points you made. I was hoping we’d ship out more of these Italian failures but let’s see who we sign. One may be Beckford,and even at 31,i’d love to see him return. He’s still got a good strike rate and to have any chance as a team we need more goals this time out yes?


    • The Beckford thing feels gimmicky to me. I’m not convinced he can do it at this level any more – the Bolton experience seems to suggest that. I’d love to be wrong, mind. He was an iconic figure at Leeds under SG.


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