“Angry” New Leeds Coach to be Angrier Still When Sacked Before Bonfire Night   –   by Rob Atkinson

United’s new head coach, Angry Mr. X

According to clinically unstable Leeds United owner Massimo Cellino, his new “Head Coach” is angry and eager for revenge. The new mug on the block cannot yet be named, presumably because Cellino has not yet observed the courtesies involved in sacking Neil Redfearn, the present incumbent. But news of his identity will be eagerly awaited by those who are scratching their heads and wondering who could possibly be so daft as to wish to hop onto Massimo’s Mad Mental Merry-go-Round.

Whoever it is, the new guy had better get his feet under the table quick smart. He’s unlikely to have the benefit of much settling-in time, never mind a honeymoon period. The pattern at Elland Road is now firmly set: appoint, praise, tepidly support, emasculate, hog-tie, isolate, insult, sack. The Cellino process generally proceeds swiftly enough to make the tenures of previous Leeds bosses Brian Clough and Jock Stein, at 44 days each, seem like models of long service. 

So, whom can we expect – once all the blood and feathers have been cleared away following the summary chopping of the dignified and patient Redders? Names have been mentioned – Gus Poyet, late of Sunderland and thought to be the brains behind the initial Dennis Wise minus 15 miracle. Or the soon to be ex-Brentford man, Mark Warburton, who has enjoyed a great season with the Griffin Park outfit, including 6 points generously donated by the Whites. It’s hard to see how either would fit into the modus operandi favoured by Il Duce Cellino.   And where will Adam Pearson, who spent much of Cellino’s recent notorious and bizarre presser dolefully facepalming, slot into this process of continual change? Will Redders be able to head back to Thorp Arch, at least until Cellino has it ploughed under for corn?

Some of these vexed questions may be answered over the next few days and weeks. But you may be sure that others will arise – Cellino is due up before the beaks again shortly, after all. And whatever might happen at Elland Road over the summer and leading into yet another comic cuts season, you can put good hard cash on the likelihood that our new man – whoever he might be – will not last far beyond Guy Fawkes Night. By Christmas, we will probably be composing the epitaphs for his successor.

However angry and vengeful Massimo’s new man might be right now, he can expect to be at least half as miffed again once unceremoniously dumped after a ridiculously short time, by football’s most loco boss. Perhaps he should be thinking about that right now. 

For we mere fans, all there is to think about is the narrow pool of possibilities we can now rely on for what was once one of the most sought-after hot-seats in the game. Everyone knows what the score is now around LS11. Who would be just plain daft or crazy enough to take on such an un-doable job? If Screaming Lord Sutch was still above ground, I might nominate him – in the current situation, he’d be like a fresh breeze of sanity in the schizoid miasma which currently hangs over Elland Road. 

In his absence, though – well, let’s face it, we’re probably going to be stuck with MC himself. Nurse!! My pills, please – quickly!

33 responses to ““Angry” New Leeds Coach to be Angrier Still When Sacked Before Bonfire Night   –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. Rob – can’t help thinking the ‘angry’ comment means its likely to be Poyet – one of the angriest men in football – who has pissed off the owners, players and fans of the last 2 clubs he’s managed. A perfect match for Cellino.


  2. king sniffer

    Think Cellino should sit down and read a copy of “How to win friends and influence people” quick sharp. All that was needed was to arrange a meeting with Redders, thank him for the job he’s done but make clear that it was his intention to get a replacement. Tell him that he is still a much valued member of staff, and that he wanted him to go back working with the academy, and liaising with the new coach accordingly, carrying on with the excellent results he has achieved already. His actual tactic of distancing himself, followed by complete character assassination is utterly contemptible. This may be how they do buiness in Italy, but not here, and as the saying goes – “when in Rome….”!


  3. steve cartwright

    It could be Nick Clegg he’s an angry man after resigning from the Lib Dem leaders role Rob.He would fit MC’s leaders role well being an under achiever who would sell his sole for a high profile job.He probably knows FA about football and would do anything MC said to appease his own pleasures.


  4. Belfast White

    Maybe when most clubs think a manager should last at least season, MESSimo means Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Anyway, what ambitious, capable, self-respecting manager would possibly want to work for Il Mentalissimo? They would have the longevity prospects of a moth homing in on a lit candelabra!


  5. Hi Rob,
    I’ve posted comments to your articles before, I like this site; you gauge the temperature of the fanbase really well, & I think it’s right that you’ve now turned your attention to the less than lovable traits of our owner.
    Months ago, long before the jury was out on Signor Clownio (literally and figuratively) & when he was just seen as a bit of a cheeky playboy whose heart was in the right place, I said that this man would ruin us.
    This has never been about whether (at that time) McDermott or (now) Redfearn might be capable, or whether or not we might need a better coach. No, it’s about the paranoid, self obsessed behaviour and judgement of someone who is a major risk to the continued existence of our club. This clear and present danger has been obvious from the day he sacked McDermott, before he formally owned the club. We are now seeing a pattern and process to what, at first, seemed to be random and erratic actions. This is how his personality works – one which is diametrically opposite to a serious mind, and one tuned to the running of a stable football club.
    In recent days (LUFC press conference and Daily Mirror performances refer) his megalomania has not just been apparent, it’s been laid bare for all to see. Parallels with his national ancestry (Caligula, Nero and a few other spring readily to mind) are terrifyingly obvious.
    I read, today, that when he bought Cagliari in 1991 their average attendance was just under 27,000. By 2013 it was under 8,000. And, of course, in addition to having lost 20,000 regular attenders, he also managed to render the stadium unsafe, was accused of fraud, and relocated to a place hundreds of miles away.
    We don’t need to know anything else. The danger goes well beyond any antipathy that might be generated by the constant stream of sackings, resignations and the impact on people’s livelihoods – and that’s bad enough. He makes the hapless Football League look like a well oiled machine – and I hope they click seamlessly into action if, as anticipated, his next, imminent convictions are confirmed.
    If we can’t rid ourselves of this man very quickly, we will lose our youngsters; nobody other than another sacked Conference wannabe will be daft enough to coach the team, the Academy will be smothered into extinction, and even the best fans in the world will walk away.

    Bates, GFH, Cellino. Enough is enough. is there a Mr Pearson in the room? Ah, there you are – your public awaits. And we are desperate, mate.


  6. Rob, nothing to do with the above but this has to be shared:

    Hope you agree


  7. I can’t get this nagging feeling out of my head with regards the name Milanic,who’s name keeps popping up here and there just recently. The way Cellino’s mind seems to work,ie no-one can be allowed to be bigger than him,makes me feel that he’s daft enough to set him back on again,seeing that he’s still under contract.Can you imagine the outcry if he does !


  8. Andy Bentley

    The battle over Redfearn is lost. His position has been untenable since Psycho returned. The war however, has only just begun! A very interesting quote when describing the next potential sacrifice though. “Like me, he is angry and looking for revenge”. Exactly who is Psycho looking for revenge against? The fans? The football league? The sane? He has successfully alienated himself by his actions. Despite inflicting Hockaday and Darko on us, it was largely written off. “I made a lot of mistakes”. He does and there is no sign that those mistakes will not be repeated, over and over! Who will last longer, the new fall guy or Pearson?


  9. I really don’t think that an angry Coach will get very far with modern day footballers, who are very delicate and sensitive creatures, that go into their shells, when voices are raised and anything negative is said to them.
    My only tiny criticism of Redfearn, is that he seems to accept defeats far too easily, particularly when Leeds lost five on the trot and the Blackpool and Rotherham games were both up for grabs and the team did not look motivated enough to win what should have been easy games.
    However, it would be great if Redfearn could stay, but it looks unlikely after what the bullying Cellino has said.


  10. “Lord Charles” formerly the mouth piece for the wonderful Ray Alan is the only guy I can think of who could fully meet the needs of Cellino, then he can talk rubbish and blame his puppet as usual, while kidding himself that we all don’t know who’s talking the bullshit.
    I fear we could get the Darko puppet first though Rob!


  11. Grizzlyslapper

    It’s going to be crazy whoever is appointed so why not go for broke – Paulo Di Canio.


  12. There is a lot of talk about reinstate Darko Milanic, I really do not what to make of this decision if it happens. No matter who ends up being the head coach at leeds, it is very difficult to know how successful they will be . No matter what is their pedigree or qualifications it seems to go out of the window when they arrive at Leeds United.


  13. I hope Redfern goes off to be manager of one of Yorkshire’s tiddler clubs and knocks Leeds out of the cup (again). Contemptible treatment. We’ll be in League One even before QPR next season


  14. this guys as slippery as a snake,slip ups in interviews that hes been involved all along.Play the diamond or take a hike my Italian brothers need to play at cut down cost.Reason Tommo went was he probally told sal that some of the players were,nt up to it and the shape was,nt working.I pick good players at cheapo price you play…..F…..off we,ll get relegated.


  15. I think it will be Darco back with Gary Mac


  16. My 12years working in mental health i defo feel like are new manger will be are old manger darko it just feels right in a crazy massimo way god help us if it is because massimo says we will be going up in 2years which means we will be playing in league one in two years i had great hope this time last year when i thought massimo was a maverick now its plain to see he just a madman 3 spud owners in a row a greedy old man a broke bank and a mad Italian it could only happens to us congrats on nearly hitting the 2 million Mark Rob thats 4 million eyes amazing amount of people MOT


  17. Rob, you have once again caught the mood of the camp – close to despair I think you could call it. When are the fans going to become really angry enough to show it in a tangible manner? This man has absolutely no respect for anyone- staff, fans (take good note of Nobby’s retelling of the tale of Calgari fans), or authority. His lack of respect for general human decency is unfathomable; john Giles was absolutely correct, we must rid our club of this thing. I never thought I’d say this but I can’t wait until the league ban him again and this time for good!


  18. Michael yates

    Hi there guys I’m a life long Leeds fan 40 years plus I thought we had seen it all with Mr riddale. Bates ghf and many others to name a few but this guy tops them all he might have a big fat wallet at the dnd of day money don’t buy you class but we have to take deep breath avoid the garlic and get behind whome ever he brings in I’d like to see Ian Holloway and Ian Hart as a team one Leeds old boy and a proper manager what do you think of them two. Mot


  19. Ilkleywhite

    Rob great article mate, but It’s gone beyond “laughing stock”, Lunatic Asylum springs to mind, because who in their right mind will take this on? but, after the crazy things our chairman has done, for example he was spouting off that Neil Redfern takes the Leeds Salute from 30,000 fans, and that’s a problem to him, because it should be him, and not NR, NR’s job is unattainable, that’s it, we know that, and he knows that, his contract finishes end of June, it will not be renewed, Cellino knows that he doesn’t have to pay any compensation, got to be honest, I wondered why after the length of time NR took to consider and then accept the job, he now finds himself cast “all amongst the others” but don’t be surprised if a complete outsider gets the job, someone who is angry, spouts his mouth off all the time, is intolerant of failure, Donald Duck, take a bow son, take a bow…



  20. Perhaps one of the Venkys has applied for Neil Redfearn’s job. They know a lot about football. Malky Mackay is angry by the way, angry with foreigners!


  21. ‘Angry’ and ‘mad’ are words that can be interchanged yet have different meanings. If Cellino is a certifiable mad man then Leeds has real problems. However, if Cellino is angry, as he states, we could be misjudging him. Certainly, Cellino has reason to be angry at the way he’s been treated by the Football League. And he is justified in being angry at the abuse his family has received… But is he in his right mind when directing his anger towards Redfearn? Is Redfearn the innocent victim we all believe him to be? I have some doubts and suspicions. I doubt Redfearn’s credentials and abilities as a first team coach. I’m suspicious of the role he may have played in ensuring Milanic’s tenure was short-lived, and of his motivations. Could Cellino be angry with Redfearn because Redfearn put his own ambitions before those of Leeds? But if you were Readfearn and saw your club’s owner appoint such a no-hope as Hockaday as head coach, wouldn’t you be emboldened to think you could do better? The real problem is, as ever, that we don’t know what goes on behind closed dorms at Elland Road – maybe whoever installed the hidden cameras does! My support for Cellino stopped when Thompson was suspended (sacked) and until that decision is explained and justified I’ll view Cellino’s anger as little more than howling at the moon.


    • He’s not justified over the “abuse” his family received.

      All that happened was someone in the street shouted “your dads a cunt” as his daughter walked past and she ran off to London.

      Just a simple statement of fact that. The man’s gonna get a whole lot worse if he sacks redfern, closes the academy etc.. well if he grows some bollocks and actually turns up on match day instead of running off to morecambe like a pathetic coward.


    • Typical cellino spin when he talks of family being harassed and abused, if he took that to the police, he would just get laughed at.


  22. I am trying to be positive and that is not easy. I suppose a commitment to keeping our Crown Jewels and continuing financial support for the club is a start but wasn’t buying back ER as soon as he walked into town also a commitment? Only the recruitment of a good calibre angry manager and some quality experienced players will fix this one


  23. Anyone working at the club should be worried with this dictator in charge, when he sacks Redfearn if they had any sense every one no matter what job they do, they should just go on strike and bring the club to stop. It might bring him to his senses or say bollocks to this and cut his losses a sell .This is the first time i will say this the FL were right and i was wrong about Cellino.


  24. Michel Dyson

    Like many others i thought Cellino would save us,not make Leeds a byword for footie jokes world wide. “He’s mad,he’s brown,he makes us Leeds fan frown!”. A free bout of ECT to any poster who can beat that. Great article again,nice one Rob.God help us. Surely no manager worth a damn would work (for a short while) for Cellino?


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