Happy Birthday to The Don: Simply the Best Ever  –   by Rob Atkinson

No need for any flowery prose here. No possible dispute about the sentiment in the title of this brief piece. 

Don Revie was the greatest English manager of all time. He single handedly raised Leeds United from mediocre nonentities, famous only for John Charles in the forty-odd years of their history, to the most feared and respected club side in the world. Leeds United were the last club to emerge from obscurity to attain the status of giants; there have been no additions to those ranks since. Don Revie brought this about, a success story from humble beginnings that no other manager can match. 

On the 88th anniversary of his birth, let all Leeds United fans raise a glass to The Don – The Greatest. Taken far too soon over 26 years ago, but still loved by those who matter, still revered by those who know – never forgotten. 

Don Revie – simply the best English football manager ever. 

8 responses to “Happy Birthday to The Don: Simply the Best Ever  –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. Many happy returns Don!
    We did not realise how lucky we were!!


  2. They were the days


  3. RoystonLUFC

    no disagreement here, Rob. I’m raising a glass of red stuff as I type.

    When he used to walk out at the beginning of each game can you remember we used to sing “Revie, Revie…” to the tune of Amazing Grace? Sends shivers down my spine to even think about it.


  4. oldcomrade

    Nice to hear from you again Rob and well said. Had great pleasure watching the Dons teams in the 60s and still waiting for someone to emulate the great man and get us back where we want to be, love and respect to the greatest manager ever.


  5. Bang on Rob, the Don was and still is the greatest ever, I thank him for the many happy hours he gave my young life back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, it was a privilege for me to be growing up during those times, and to be born a white, which of course I still am and always will be.


  6. I’m raising a pint for you Mr Revie. God bless you.or you can bless god.


  7. Great to have you back Rob. Those certainly were the days and due credit has never gone to the great man for his achievements.


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