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Thoughts of a Brentford fan on recent events, including the impending loss of their winger Dallas to Leeds United.

The BFC Bees Blog

Yesterday, I started by writing about how we were set to lose not only Andre Gray but Moses Odubajo to Hull City. As the day developed the news turned even more sour with reports of Stuart Dallas being set to complete a move to Leeds Utd. Cue Twitter meltdown from bees fans, myself included.

I received quite a few a few messages from Leeds fans both asking about Stuart Dallas and plenty of commiserations about selling off your top talent. First things first though, nothing is complete and no one has gone anywhere so perhaps the outrage that we all expressed yesterday is a bit preemptory. Certainly though, the Dallas deal appears all but done. It’s a huge surprise to me that we’ve agreed to this sale, not least because of the seemingly low fee involved. Is this another transfer clause that we didn’t know about?

Leeds fans perhaps mistake…

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4 responses to “What a Day

  1. As nothing is happening regarding Leeds new left winger whoever that may be,i’d like to take this opportunity to highlight recent con tricks by this disgusting and evil government/justice system. It appears now that not only is “Truth” a crime but also free speech. A gentleman was yesterday found guilty at Chelmsford magistrates of harrassing a family who don’t exist over a poorly staged theatrical production in south london. Whilst on the subject of false flags can i also ask readers to have a look at what Ukrainian hackers found when they accessed senator John McCains, laptop? Global Research and Zerohedge are just two of the sites where you can find out how and who makes these ridiculous ISIS videos.


  2. Would be happy with dallas dont no much about him but he young and his stats ent to bad all the best to the lad congrats on passing the two million mark a great achievement for all ya hard work look fwd to reading more posts from ya good self in the future MOT


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