Could Leeds Be Looking For FOUR More Big Signings?   –   by Rob Atkinson

Forestieri – is there something in the air, Fernando?

The Yorkshire derby against Sheffield Wendies has almost been relegated to the inside pages today, with the real headlines being made up of fevered late-window transfer speculation surrounding our very own Leeds United. It could simply be a case of adding two plus two and ending up with well over six million – but it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that United could yet add as many as FOUR more major players to what is presently, by common consent, a talented but sketchily thin squad.

Of course, in the nature of these things – and with the transfer window being a two-way street – even if we do see four high-profile additions, we might also be bidding a few farewells of varying fondness. The least palatable of these could yet involve full-back turned winger-of-sorts Sam Byram. This blog is on record as stating that it could stomach the loss of Sam, if the club’s hand is forced by the approaching termination of his deal, if the price would be right and if quality recruits were to arrive on the back of such a sale. So, although it would be sad to lose a talent like Byram, we could hardly bitch about it at Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything Towers. 

Any other departures would most likely be the more peripheral of our fringe players, and most likely we would all have our own ideas of those most likely to be deemed superfluous to Herr Rösler’s plans. 

So, who might yet arrive? The most exciting news of the day is that United have apparently agreed a deal with Watford for Fernando Forestieri, the type of tricky customer who could provide the longed-for link between midfield and attack. This deal is said to have reached the point where it’s down to club and player to agree personal terms, so it must be rated 9/10 on the scale of likelihood. 

Another name being mentioned today is that of speedy NEC Nijmegen winger Anthony Limbombe – of whom his current club have intriguingly said that he’s had his head turned by interest from Elland Road, to the point where it was felt unwise to include him in the team to play Ajax. There’s no smoke without fire – at least 7/10 for this one. 

And still, with these two attacking players thought to be likely recruits, Leeds fans are greedily eyeing further possibilities. Central defender Liam Moore of Leicester City didn’t look the most composed performer for England U-21s this summer – then again, you’re no mug to get as far as pulling that shirt on. With the difficulty Leeds are having forming a secure-looking defence, Moore’s name is still out there, probably as a loan with a view to buy. 5/10 here. 

And, lastly but definitely not leastly, our old friend Joey Barton is still without a club, having recently been spurned by West Ham. The Hammers might just be having second thoughts now, having had the hubris arising out of a win at Arsenal dispersed by two home defeats since. But an unattached Joey is still a fascinating prospect for a sleeping giant of Leeds United proportions – though you suspect that, if it was going to happen, it’d probably have been done and dusted by now. Still – 4.5/10. 

What does seem certain is that, after we were told a couple of weeks ago that our transfer business was all but done, there still seems to be a fair chance that the last week or so of this window could be a very interesting time for Leeds United fans. 

Watch this space…

11 responses to “Could Leeds Be Looking For FOUR More Big Signings?   –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. I would like & feel we need all 4, especially Bartons experience if we are to become upwardly mobile


  2. Reality Cheque

    I appreciate that it is unofficially confirmedl rumour and speculation at this stage but it does appear that Massimo Cellino is adopting a quality rather than quantity approach this season. It also appears that he is willing to pay sizeable yet realistic valuations to secure any quality additions to our squad and is (quite rightly), not prepared to go public on our targets.
    All in all it appears that with Adam Pearson and other managerial & coaching post appointments that our club is being run in a much more stable and professional way compared to the appointment of “Dave” + 15 last minute imports at the start of last season.
    Still find it difficult to totally relax with Massimo at the helm but credit where credit is due Rob, it seriously does look like we have turned a corner and hit the slip road towards the Premiership rather than just another cul-de-sac. MOT


  3. We certainly need something, or some one to break the stasis. Currently, we are undefeated yet sit in the lower half of the League table. Phrases come to mind like: one step forward,one step back; Rosler is an artist, he’s great at drawing; ‘marching on together we’re gonna see you draw’!… It’s early days. We’ve had a difficult schedule etc… Yet we don’t look like winners.


  4. chris moore

    it means that we are bound to see two arrive..that good. as for Byram,let him go.he’s just one player,and we are playing him out of position..we can cover the back with the purchase of Liam Moore and Berardi is settling well there also in right back…so for me,if we can get 6 million,we can get 4 players for Byram,it a deal worth thinking about..absolutely! maybe that what’s already been agreed..


  5. After to days game it was a far better team effort, but still the annoying mis hit passes, and silly trick flicks that baffle even the player doing it! The roll out from goalie a breath of fresh air, instead of kicking up field, where it 50-50 the ball goes back to defending team . Now its 100 percent our ball. Sol Bamba had a exellent game overall. He won everything in the air, and organised everyone. Everyone did well. Why Mowatt were’nt on at start was silly, unless he has a knock ? Murphy starting to look good too. Woods is gonna be lethal if he gets correct feed. Today showed too much rabbit in bright head lights in last quarter. And we are crying out for a gutsy hardman in midfield, yes Mr Barton . We still need few more players of quality.


  6. I believe that Joey Barton would do for us what cantona did for man u. What I am trying to say is that Barton could be the final piece in the jigsaw, boss the midfield.


  7. Agree about Byram and to be honest his recent performances suggest that his mind is elsewhere – very poor yesterday. Forestieri and Limbombe (got to be good for a few new chants those two!) would be excellent additions. Liam Moore is rubbish, don’t need him – rather have some cover down the left-side for Taylor, who was excellent again yesterday. As for Barton, wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole and we’re already very well off in midfield – Murphy will be an important player for us this season. Silvestri still worries me, even when he’s got nothing to do ! However, we are a far, far better side than last season, will be very hard to beat and with some extra attacking flair should have a very decent shout at the top 6.


  8. I was disappointed with yesterdays game. Thought we were pedestrian in our approach and to me the players did not look as if they believed they could win against a poor Windies team. Bamba can’t do it on his own and Byrom looks like he is thinking of pastures new .I also saw Gradel zipping along on MOTD. Oh well.


  9. The central defence is still very shaky, just like last season and Liam Moore would be a very good signing, but it’s the very young central midfield, which needs a leader in it, to drive and influence the team and Joey Barton would definitely be that key signing for Leeds.
    Despite being unbeaten, three out of the four draws, all feel like defeats to me and are definitely lost opportunities, to build a platform for a promotion challenge.
    The thrown away points against Bristol City, could come back to haunt Leeds and so could the laid-back, philosophical attitude, that far too many people at Leeds have now adopted, but only wins matter, for keeping Rosler in a job and sadly there aren’t any, at this moment in time.


  10. I hope we get some wins on the board soon because Cellino isn’t known for a Tantric approach towards coaching careers.
    Still, we remain unbeaten and if we hadn’t blown a 2-0 lead at Bristol we’d now be joint 7th with Cardiff.
    A very tight division where a run can see any team climb the table quickly.


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