If Leeds Secure Limbombe and Campbell, Season is Still Alive – by Rob Atkinson


Fraizer Campbell – loan target for United?

Opinions vary as to exactly what kind of surgery is needed on this Leeds United squad. Football managers, pundits and supporters will always differ on such thorny issues; it’s debates like these which add a lot of interest to football, outside of the actual 90 or so minutes of play. On behalf of Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything, and with only hours of the transfer window remaining, all I can do is offer my own humble take on the matter.

By common consent, someone is needed up front to share the goal-scoring burden with the likes of Wood, Doukara and Antenucci. The most likely candidate for this role could be Fraizer Campbell, a striker who has already been around a bit at the age of 28, and whose star has fallen somewhat since a highly promising start to his career.  That decline, though, has largely coincided with Campbell’s efforts to perform in the Premier League – his displays at Championship level have been much more fruitful, with a goals return bordering on the prolific. He’s also the kind of sinuous player who could complement the more agricultural approach of Wood, for instance. He would certainly be an asset up front for Leeds, adding something we just don’t have to our current options. It’s rumoured that Leeds have already approached his club, Crystal Palace with a loan deal for Campbell the objective.

While many feel that there are also problems in central defence as well as a vacancy for a “number 10” type of creative attacker, I would say that a higher priority is to provide a more reliable winger to balance out the contribution of Stuart Dallas. Young Belgian wide man Anthony Limbombe of NEC in the Dutch Eredivisie was a United target in the summer, and is now significantly nearer the end of his deal at NEC – and unsettled to boot. A move for this lad could paper over the cracks of Jordan Boutaka‘s less than successful spell at Elland Road; Limbombe’s pedigree appears, on the face of it, to be higher-class.

The Leeds defence will steady, I feel, once Sol Bamba shakes off his current poor form – and with the added protection now offered by the likes of Toumani Diagouraga in front of the back line. With the addition of Campbell and/or Limbombe, the attacking options should allow for enough juggling to allow for added creativity and a better scoring record over the remainder of the season.

Failing these moves, or some equivalent transfer activity – and our continued involvement in the FA Cup notwithstanding – I feel this season will taper off into another disappointingly mediocre campaign. But the addition of new blood could spark a late-season surge that might at least keep things interesting.

As ever, I would welcome the views of readers on a matter where any fan will have a heartfelt opinion.

11 responses to “If Leeds Secure Limbombe and Campbell, Season is Still Alive – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Gary Madine given the financial position of Bolton, he would be a useful addition to the squad. Need another specialist left back.
    It be useful to get players in for a promotion drive next season not a lot to play for in the league, but it give time for the squad to gel, rather than signing players on the last day of the summer transfer window


  2. Still not happy with flappy and losing Becchio and Now Dawson to Rotherham is very short sighted.
    Is Evans as good as e thinks he is.
    Jury is still out but still prefer Redfearn and i hope he does really good at Rotherham as he was treated disgracefully by Cellino


  3. Ben Denton

    Although nobody can argue too much with living within our means and learning from our quite recent bleak past. As a supporter it is still a disapointing transfer window. Yes I agree with the sam transfer but its kind of a bit of a bates/uk govenrment of taking more with one hand and giving less with another. The hyperbole is the same in the sense that we say we a looking at the long term. Yet those long term signings (botaka and erwin) havent been given a fair attempt at breaking into the 1st team and more importantly not gone out on loan. Even if they go now thats half of a season they could be playing football. Then we sign a bit of a short term target from brentfor (hes 28). However any signings are better than none and I think he will be a shrewd signing. I wonder though how many of these loan signings will be made permanent come next season?


  4. Although footy is all about opinion, I can’t agree with some of the comments posted here.
    Madine? Complete donkey – agree about BWFC’s financial plight tho’ Zac Clough would be a much better option
    Becchio ? Finished, too injury prone.
    Dawson ? Even Redfearn didn’t pick him when he was at Leeds. Something missing there, too lightweight maybe? Did he play today?
    Redfearn? Yes, treated discracefully, however, where are Rotherham?
    Over 6.5K fans at Bolton today is magnificent, but we are still too impatient for instant success.
    Things are looking up, a bit, so stay positive – MOT


  5. A good call on potential additions – though I thought we got Botaka instead of Limbombe! A cup run may encourage Cellino to bring in another loan player and Campbell would be a reasonable target.


  6. Rob if Leeds sign Limbombe and Campbell my feelings towards Cellino would melt slighty, I would go as far as to say I would buy him a Cornetto


  7. Fraizer Campbell would be a great, much needed signing, to strengthen our strike-force, but why are Leeds wasting valuable time in trying to sign another winger in Anthony Limbombe ?
    The team keep conceding goals, which is coursing far to many drawn matches and I would rather see a right back or central defender signed, just to freshen up the porous defence, but nothing is ever mentioned about those two problem positions in transfer rumours.
    Far too many Leeds fans seem to think that the season is over and Leeds are already safe, but 14 points are still needed to be safe and a new striker and new defender would definitely help this current stuttering Leeds team to get far more wins and get 14 points much quicker.
    Cellino says that Leeds transfer dealings are over, is either an obvious big lie to get back at Sky Sports or a true statement, which will continue Leeds hopeless season of drawn matches, which could have been wins with more signings.


  8. Dirty Deputy Dane

    Hi Rob. Campbell is a god suggestion but I Think it’s too late to do this deal now. Sloth was on the bench Yesterday and he is a natural No. 10. He should take over from Cook in a game or two. With the addition of Diagouraga and Bridcutt we now have a solid crunchy midfield meaning we Can be more attack minded. As other mention at least Sloth. Erwin and Botaka need to go out on loan so they Can toughen up. When Beckford arrived he was out on loan and came back vastly improved. Leeds have good players but not all get a decent chance e.g. Whooton and Murphy play week in week out without impressing! MOT


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