FA Rule K – What’s Going On? #lufc

Reblogged from a blogger who has an eye on the timescale for Cellino’s latest appeal…


Dear fellow sufferers,

The purpose of this note is not to speculate on the actual outcome of Cellino’s pending FA  Rule K appeal (and I do not encourage this either) but simply to get an idea as to when Leeds United Fans can expect to hear about (or see movement as a consequence of) a resolution to the appeal. Nothing more.
For this note, I’ll need your patience. Admittedly, it’s pretty dry – that’s the law folk – it ain’t exciting despite what John Grisham led you to believe.

We are all probably frustrated by the apparent lack of progress over Cellino’s FA Rule K appeal, or indeed the lack of communication from the relevant movers in this procedure, not surprising as we are but commodities (see my previous dispatches) and fair play to Liverpool fans at the weekend, demonstrating collective backbone.

As Leeds United fans are aware, the outcome of the…

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3 responses to “FA Rule K – What’s Going On? #lufc

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  2. Here, here Rob, we are stagnating both on and off the pitch. We need to move on


  3. milano whites

    Don’t care how but the idiot needs to go. Would be so ironic if the FL did him but don’t really think they will…Free the SS5/YRA


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