Leeds United Celebrates Victory in ‘Battle of the Lamppost’   –   by Rob Atkinson

Cellino sunshine

Cellino – winner or loser?

As Leeds United, this famous old, formerly successful, football club continues its laboured progress through one of the bleakest periods of its long and illustrious history, owner Massimo Cellino is jubilant today over a notable victory of historic proportions.

Forget promotion, forget League titles and cup final triumphs. Forget rampaging through Europe as the best team around. Cellino has redefined the word “victory” for United and its long-suffering fans. For he has just taken on a small group of those fans and has emerged a big, big winner. Leeds United, under Cellino’s courageous leadership, has accomplished the unprecedented feat of forcing the removal of a poster from a lamppost. These days, for Leeds, it really doesn’t get any bigger or better than that.

Of course, some disaffected malcontents will carp and criticise. Cellino should have ignored the poster, they will say. He should have kept his own counsel and denied the oxygen of publicity to a rabble of ungrateful fans who are  unreasonably demanding that United should be a proper football club again. Cellino, in taking this brave action, has merely drawn attentions to the grievances of a small group of activists, probably no more than 30,000 or so. This is what critics might claim.

But Cellino knows that he has secured a famous victory, and that his literally dozens of faithful acolytes will be thrilled at his success. “They shunt of bothered with that poster”, a pro-Cellino spokesman exulted yesterday. “Its defiantly been a wrong move from people what don’t have a clue how much Massimo has done for Leeds pacifically and football in general”.

The leaders of the Cellino Out campaign were unrepentant, however. “There are other campaigns being planned”, this blog was assured. “Just listen for the voice of the fans and watch for a blizzard of leaflets when we play Middlesbrough on Sky next Monday…”

Readers are cordially invited to submit their own opinion as to who, if anyone, has emerged victorious from The Battle of the Lamppost.

19 responses to “Leeds United Celebrates Victory in ‘Battle of the Lamppost’   –   by Rob Atkinson

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  2. From his family home in Italy, A Comes Millions released the following response to the Leeds supporters’ Cellino Out campaign: “I piss on your lampposts!”


  3. Cellino,starts with F and ends with OFF


  4. A Wilson .

    Give a man enough rope, he will eventually hang himself , lol he will buy ground back in July then he will be a hero then !! When u avin the sex change Rob ?
    Both possibilities be on ya reckon ? Lol MOT😈


  5. Mike wragg

    Was Mussolini hanged from a lamppost, or was that George Formby?


  6. mrbigwheels

    Unfortunately this guy has a self destruct button and tends to blow everyone and everything up when he hits it.
    Heavens know where and when he will really create ‘the big bang’?.


  7. Do you remember MC going abroad at Christmas and leaving instructions not to let Sky in to televise the Derby came? Remember all the fuss and threats we endured until he backed down at the last minute? And he said then that he would not permit any more home games to be on Sky.
    Moving on, we are due to host Middlesbrough and Sky on Monday evening; and where is Cellino? He’s abroad again. My fear is that he will again instruct his staff not to let Sky in. This will inevitably bring the wrath of the Football League down on the club. Will he care if we are relegated as punishment?
    Am I the only one worried about a repeat performance? What do you think Rob?


  8. nigel mchugh

    All haters and creators of hate of Cellino you will be pleased to know he only had the placard removed from the lampost so the light behind it shone brightly for the arrival of Bate’s private jet from Monaco, apparently Rob he is coming back to take his rightful seat at the head of the conference table and wants a face to face chat with you regarding the very fact of why you wrote less stories of hatred against him then you do regarding Mike.
    Secondly !!!! he has decided to give Gfh another 35% share, and worse still is imposing a ban on all the fans that over recent months have actually forgot to support the players and team and club.
    Now Rob lets start to write something poisitive!! Oh i forgot there is nothing to be poistive about.


  9. Hi Rob,
    I really look forward to reading your blogs or whatever it is called when you put somthing on the internet. You have a good sense of humour and are obviously passionate in your following of leeds. However why the bashing of the mad one. He kept all the futrure stars in the summer by paying them more. we only lost sam in january. He said he would invest in more players in jan should we be in contention for promotion , we weren’t.would you have invested your hard earned cash if you owned leeds united on new players inJanuary ? If the answer is yes who would you have bought to get us promotion, i kind of get the feeling you have jumped on cellino out campaign to remain popular. For me the jury is still out.We should all remain UNITED. mot


    • Turning against Cellino hasn’t made me popular – you should see the moronic abuse I get. As for transfers – I’ll be publishing a piece shortly about why January was a massive missed opportunity for Leeds.


  10. nigel mchugh

    Knife Box — Blog writing — Freedom of written words — Rob everything you write is a knife against Cellino’s throat, a month ago you were blaming him him for the last 20 years downfall of Leeds United!!!!
    Go on write something “POSITIVE” and bring the fans back together instead of dividing the Great Marching On Together.
    Are you upset this week because you did not get to fly the PURPLE plane ?


    • From my standpoint, and that of many others, campaigning to get rid of Cellino is very positive. It’s not a matter of converting his supporters – that’s irrelevant to what happens or doesn’t happen.


    • Nigel, I think you wrote recently about Massimo’s irrational fear of the “colour people” and now you write about “flying the purple plane”. I guess you intended neither as euphemisms. Like you, I would love to find that Massimo is a victim of circumstances who was set up by Bates, GFH, and the FL. I believed that right up until the time he sacked Tommo when Leeds was staging an unlikely push towards promotion. I was no supporter of Readfern but at that point I realised that Cellino was working to an agenda all of his own, and certainly not one that had Leeds United’s best interests at heart. Massimo marches to a differs drum. I’d be happy to buy Massimo a pint in the Peacock but not to buy a pie from him!


      • No-one had emerged victorious: not the fans who posted an advert that failed to nail any points, nor Cellino by being made to look petty.


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